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  1. In actual fact I believe young Weide is starting to resemble father Murray with the weight snd growth leaving his teens and early 20's behind. Good signs as he really looks more like a key position player and not to be taken lightly by defenders any more. 2020 will produce some surprising development in the careers of Weide Trac Angus Lever Fritsch plus Sparrow Jordan Lockhart and Dunkley and Pruess. Add all our seniors inc. May being much fitter and able to play out a full game and the newbies Langdon Tomlinson Bennell (last half) plus Picks 3 and 8 snd 2 PSD pick give a much stronger list than 2019 would appear to produce. 2020 could be a surprise to us all if Half glass full eventuates in fitness and development and attitude.
  2. A touch of the Petraccas about Hibbo!! also a real Trac smile
  3. Far too many assumptions by wrecker45 in his non preferred foot analysis. In an ideal world (theory) yes most options could be done but I estimate about 40/50% cannot kick on their non preferred foot reasonably and as for turning back into trouble as an outlet it is happening less and less especially in heavy traffic. Think of Melbourne as an example and we are not blessed with genuine players who are adequate. What I will say is I believe that Left footers are more likely to succeed without a reasonable right foot than their opposite numbers are with a left. Perhaps this Left foot surplus at the Dees does give some small advantage. Hawks always appeared to have it in those 2007/2016 years with their kicking game.
  4. Why no Melbourne St Kilda and Hawthorn or do they have the Casey Demons BH Hawks and Sandy Dragons?
  5. Callum Twomey And Riley Beveridge just made mention of Pickett in their Draft post on the AFL.com.au website and he has been invited on the 27 th to attend and is the 16 th so far. (May be our interest working here). Hiw you get the other names not sure but I reckon the top 15 others would not be too difficult to guess or speculate.
  6. Excellent appointment and continues an off and pre-season full of hope and genuine promise that 2019 was the year we had to have to reset on top of our build of the previous Roos/Goody/Jackson era. I think the message is abundantly clear that all the errors and misfortune and frustration of 2019 is not going to define us as in crisis or a basket case nor will we go back to the 07/13 rabble. Bring On 2020 which seems to be evolving much better than most fans even thought possible. Of course Ws and Ls are the criteria but our preparation has started by all Board Coaches and FD most impressively.
  7. Totally agree LG with you about winning and ability but the average AFL fan ( and many Demon fans) are yet to be convinced about our culture (and ability to handle expectation) plus the tough/ difficult issues and the chance being taken by our Club will in my opinion change for the better the landscape due to the "potential bad boy " existence putting us on notice internally and externally. My hope and expectation is that this will bring the maturity necessary at this stage of our development and blend with our undoubted talent to transform into wins. As you indicated LG that is ultimately the judge of an AFL team and many factors make this mix towards successful outcomes.
  8. While I respect Goody's No D.......s policy I believe the push for trials for Harley and Murray potentially are exactly the self checking and discipline defining acts that might also assist our Club to grow from slight immaturity to much stronger organisation. This stance in effect could be the one if the reasons our football and attitudes have to stand up big time for us to become a real team to challenge in the toughest of environments AFL. it could go one way or the other but we will never know without giving it a go.! And the upside is that we need the skills both these talented players possess for our team to progress and prosper. Strap in for an exciting ride.
  9. Will be interesting to see what effect ( hopefully improvement in competitiveness and ball contesting due to a stronger body) that Charlie brings to the table. One taking is sure is that if ha can get 20 possessions a game forward if Centre a bid spike in creativity and goal assists and goals will result. One thing young Charlie has is a football brain Di I hope he ups the ante and is able to use it much more in our hopefully dangerous forward line on 2020.
  10. As usual a left foot kick will always be better looking (and therefore easier to see trajectory and flight ) so he can still work on disposal etc. as all our players should to improve. Sometimes he should be between wing and half forward which is a bonus on some forays out of the backline which are either slowly deliberate (necessary when we change gears in a game) or just poor disposals and panic handball to another defender and have turnover written all over the footy. Pace is our bugbear and movement also so let's let him loose and see if they can chase him down! A mini Frosty playing Muzza Ball sometimes but exciting also in our defence team.
  11. Why waste him as Half forward or winger has on baller/goal kicker all over hi. Just what we need on those highlights breaks lines has speed and challenges defenders and opponents alike. Yes if there was a horse fir a course this guy stands out Hopefully No 8 he is still available
  12. Only One priblem there are 18 teams NOT 16!!!
  13. The Burgess/Bruckner factor looms large as the key to a successful season with getting 95% of our players on the park. A fit and full list will give depth and run and class plus versatility to the flanks wings and midfield. The following are ABSOLUTELY musts in this regard viz. Hunt Vberg KK Bennell!! Langdon Tomlinson Petracca Salem Baker Lockhart Harmes Hibberd Jetta Sparrow Jordan Nitschke Wagner boys even Joel Smith Hannan Spargo new boy Haydn Young Jonesy Milkshake oh and Tommy MAC for a Wing burst at the start of the game!! Roll on 2020 the land of the super fit and brave Demons with resurrection on our minds!
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