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  1. Sorry but the Elections should go ahead postal votes Are fine and strict policing of social policies has been undertaken at the early open Booths. If we delay Any more this Spendthrift LNP Lord Mayor Will bankrupt the City with his spending and outrageous promises. He today ONLY ONE day prior Yo the election has promised free parking in the City in Council run meters ! Also free transport on Council buses! How long will this go fir till Monday? No he has had nearly 12 mths of rorting taxpayers funds and deserves to go as rates WILL go up no doubt fund for eg.$9 million to "green" Brisbane.
  2. Congratulations Karen rich reward for another stellar season. A great Dee.
  3. Indeed did exceed expectations and can't believe his and Toby's goal did not rate in the Goal of the Year. Toby promising -and not our worst by any means. Brown too fumbly and couldn't catch a cold Not strong enough in contest. Langdon Great runner but really needs to uplift decision making to forwards as do most of Dees mids. Tomlinson Often got caught between The West Coast Speedsters. Let's see over longer period as great vs Hawks in Marsh 2.
  4. Existing personnel And/or Coaches??? Agree but plenty of work to bridge gap on top teams. minimised damage after a wasteful start as always !!!
  5. No neither are half backs Both are on ballers and need to run defensively more.
  6. Thought Angus was very timid in the first half (fumbled and hand passed one goal) but his second half Looked like the 2018 version Was neatly back in town.
  7. Crown gaming has been dismantled according to reports!!
  8. Why is Werridees post allowed to be put on this forum? Where is the censorship or do you have to name names to be removed or refused of a port like that?
  9. Need another forward to let Tommy be second forward think.
  10. Yes I agree Petty forward but u have Tommy back. Think Jonesy better at half forward but still like to keep Bedford in team
  11. Where was the video of the team cheering the AFLW team to victory then ? No excuse really just not ready to play at full pressure. Mids and forwards outmuscled and fumbled nervously. Jetta and Hibbo in strife Oscar ok but Rivers and Salem give chance to thrive. Also Petty might be better forward or back. Brayshaw was timid in first half but improved after. Some good signs But Goody in dream land at times. Not good enough. Jack Viney sensational. Plenty to work on in 2 months.
  12. If we had an offer before the game to limit WCoast to 18 shots I would take it. But our mid field and forward line were uncompetitive Kozzy and Jack and Trac excepted.
  13. At 2.50c per month who cares !!!! Please !!
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