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  1. That's the problem Dr we LOST BY 8 POINTS no cigar !! Us vs Eagles Crows Pies and Dogs these errors and disposals and other minor errors have cost us these games The coaches have not improved us one iota really this year Name other than Salem who really is playing better footy this year than last ?
  2. I love Trac but to ignore his woeful set shot record for goal from about 40 metres out or closer is unacceptable. The opinion is spot on and the Coaches and Trac are in delegation of duty on this one. After Maroochydore I asked ( very wrongly) after training when Trac was high fiving and signing autographs how his kicking for goal was going. He abruptly said "how do you think it's going" so clearly he has a phobia or is well aware. But the fact is it has not improved this season so when is it going to?
  3. He cannot turn The Queen Mary turns in less arc than Frosty and we already have enough wasteful players in the mids and forwards at goal kicking! Petty to go forward please and May a possibility in desperation. 13 goals wins this game !!
  4. IF no injuries and the game went as it was till 3 mins before 3/4 time it would have been a 10 goal thrashing!! Then this result would have all of us inc. Glen Bartlett lauding our players mid season review and potential for 2020. BUT let's remember C.Curnow Cripps and McKay (Docherty) were out of Blues and we had Gawn Melksham and Lever (Jetta) so Maybe 5/6 goal margin more realistic!
  5. Really what you are saying SPC has great merit. Its all about intensity and physical aggression to make himself the best footballer mentally as well. Once all these skills kick in he will as you say go to another level. Really impressive game last Sat and he didn't make the errors of pre bye rounds.Looked confident mature and kicked that goal fully in control of his task. Along with the re set of the team, very necessary tweaks to our game plan the team looked more assured and performed at times accordingly. Any one who says that the Final 9 rounds do not matter and that the season is over does not know anything about competitive sport. 2019 will not be a wasted year if we can salvage say an 11/11 result and get more games into Baker Lockhart Petty Hore Dunkley Lever May Preuss Maynard Weideman And Tim Smith. Sparrow won't get time due to injury disappointingly. One last observation Take a look at Frosty's last quarter especially Remind you of any one ? You bet Jeremy McGovern! Before you laugh look at his mark and play on through the centre which resulted in Tommy Macs last goal and line it up in style with the Eagles match winning style in the GF. Not that much difference eh? Well the recruitment of Stephen May and fitness of Jake Lever will enable a freed up Frost to play that gunshot style which will break lines and get our forwards moving with daring moves. Ill be very surprised if our defence (which since the Richmond game has been pretty frugal but still brittle won't be a significant factor in our long term revival over 2019 and beyond. Watch this space!!!
  6. Ring the Club Membership Dept. There are often 2 or 3 areas in the ground that visiting fans sit. Mostly it is at the Vulture St end ground level or in the top section at that end of the ground.
  7. Criminal No doubt that decision framed Joel's season. And you can understand his father being upset. Does not look like anyone has paid a price yet!
  8. Fourth tall defender Harry Petty
  9. No you shifted the goal posts Dockett!
  10. Just because you are lacking spirit don't deprive kry players a chance of playing snd contributing to a possible win in a marquee match!
  11. And repeat the Jack Watts performance!!! Ridiculous suggestion
  12. Thanks a lot Rusty seems a fair sort of ranking with the results you gave pretty realistic. My question re the Defensive Coach was tongue and cheek but the last 5 games since Richmond the defence has been pretty good considering injuries with today 5 first choice not available. Agree that other parts of our game ( and the game plan also) are well below par. Mids and forwards have no connection and most players are well behind 2018in form due to pre season ops fitness or feeling the pressure of expectation maybe. Hopefully the injured will mostly return so the last 10 games should be much improved. Much appreciated your kind response Rusty and Go Dees.
  13. Correction seems as though he is focusing on handball! We have enough of that already who overuse it and complicate a simple game plan!
  14. Prey Rusty can you tell us all what Oscar's 2018 and 2019 rankings are? Also our Defensive Coach how's he been going the last 2 years!!!
  15. Looks like NO expectations McQueen!!
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