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  1. I suspect Lockhart will be part of Melbourne's future defence with breaknet speed and drive from half back/pocket. Similar to Andy McGrath of Bombers or Chris Johnson of the 3 peat flag winning Lions.
  2. Surely the weekend is better than the Friday
  3. Not sure wher he played mostly in 2018 but both FF orcCHF are suitable
  4. Sorry RJ it was linear with 2019 the exception. 2020 will determine how successful our build and 2018/19 draft and trade "top up" is to our long term future. Mytip is that we have greater depth potentially than 2018 and if 3 or 4 of our "top ups" rise to C/B graders and/or an A such as Fritta Lever Langdon Or May possibly then We will be in even better shape. (Dare to dream about Harley).
  5. OD technically 3 years 18,19 and now 20 BUT ONLY ONE here at the Dees with 2020 as a possible seasonal problem. Fully agree that it's not looking good but is it an injury or a major concussion issue?
  6. Sorry OD I believe Fritta will star and be nearly a full A grader and opposition teams will have trouble minding our new and improved fitter forward line with some finishing skills.
  7. OD He nearly hit That total (21) from 7/ 8 games forward Why wouldn't he be at least as successful over a full season esp with an improving forward line and team?
  8. Fritsch is not a robust player Flower also not but didn't make any difference to him. Bayley needs to play his role Yes But it's up to other forwards Tom Mac Weide Milkshake Trac plus Kossy and others to be more physical and allow his considerable skills to shine and kick 40/50 goals this Season.
  9. Jacko Will play at least 10 games IMO. Too competitive, classy and smart at getting the ball to not play forward or even in tuck or midfield. FWIW Kossy similar no To LJ and Rivers betw 5 and 15 Depending upon Hibbo and Lord Nev form and fitness Plus his development. sounds desperate I know and I also think Sparrow And Jordon Especially will get 8/10 games and Chandler/Bedford a small no of opportunities but more if injuries or form to our crumbing players. Devrlopmental all of these young guns but I believe they will prosper from fitness prep pre season and blend of youth and more experienced players in team developing as season goes by!!
  10. Sorry BAMF I meant disregard Dazxles KK assessment as you indicated.
  11. Disregard Bamf's assessment of KK. A 2 game sample is not relevant snd IMO he is the one that has played overall the best football in his career of the two. In fact KK would play a traditional wingman's role better then Tommo and Zi still can't believe That Tommo has the pace. Expect him to be at Half Beck at some stage or 3rd talking in the Forward line for versatility. Upbeat about both if both are fit and well.
  12. Really MS does that add anything to the post? Old news Irrelevant really Are we going to recover? Yes but it needs all parts of the Club on the same page and little bit of fortune. At worst 8 wins best 15 and dare to dream!!
  13. Ridiculous call You need at least 3/4 years like Maxand Clarry. Here is a great opp for all our players bar Jonesy Hibbo and prob AVB yo get The next decade honours Maybe even a top 20 if we win a flag or two.
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