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  1. No CHB is Mays spot and he will attack from there with results. We will have heart issues probably with Oscar on King but as a goalkeeper he knows his job and so I also hope he takes the game on. Look for Lever to shine also now that 3 talls are there and Smith won't get in the road of everyone!
  2. Well AF we haven't hit a great deal of time. The Coach must admit his Plan is not working and be flexible. He must swallow his pride and admit it and change. Right now he appears to be unchallenged and limes it BUT look at our system and plan and results. In addition we look horrible on the field no one will watch us if we play like against the Cats. Jennings was a master tactician and would get credit from our 2018 form and success. I would back him in and if Simon doesn't change and results don't come it will be too late as our young players will want to leave. Yhe fact is I believe EVERY Dees fan knows we are not 17th on ability but are bring destabilised by a selfish and stubborn Coach who should be given 2020 to solve the problem Or resign. And please take Alan Richardson with him, as he is a yes man I suspect and failed at the Saints with his plan which our plan also resembles with forward line shambles and accuracy.
  3. Unfortunately Josh epitomises the Melb mediocrity Is Willing sort of hard at it but not greatly skilled and very average disposal. Has been lucky to survive this long on our list . Grest trier at best but not to build the future on.
  4. It's the same old story for Goody ! He is over valuing competitive beasts with doubtful skills under pressure and resisting skilled finishers that may not be top pressure players. Consequently we end up being all one style and no flair and danger to the opposition. Opposition Players know that Kosi or Harley can kick goals with half a chance but our other players don't have such a skill especially on the run or even kicking from a mark. Refer Jack Watts. A team needs all different style of players to develop and bea CB part of a team. Goody USA one trick pony Coach and will never be successful if he can't change ! Where are the opinions of Richo and other Selectors?? Uts sending our Club backward also Simons lack of creativity for match day movementsIf the role is nit being played well then give another player the opportunity. Don't put every player in a box and be over patient about results. Be flexible agile and positive!
  5. Agree but also please Make changes when we are down. Prob needed at half time last Sat or even late in 2nd quarter.
  6. Funny about that ODee the AFL are not sharing your get rid of the Dees quick quit scheme. Your negativity is no doubt based upon years of disappointment but your life is full of events that don't Go The way you like. We are at rock bottom the way we are playing and our players and Coach and game plan are not in symmetry but It can get better or we make big changes to ensure that things change. Forecasting the finish is foolish inaccurate and a waste of time. Our task from this week is to Improve and get together and solve the form and skills disaster. There are some good footballers on our list and it's up to them to start playing up to their ability and fir the game plan and selection to be more realistic. 2020 is nowhere near lost yet and anything can happen in this strange world we are in at the present. Show that you have learned from life and look positively not dismissively on our situation please. Us oldies look silly not learning life's lessons and having a half empty approach as it is not going to happen in the AFL much and all as you keep wishing it to eventuate.
  7. Very good summary Poita especially the Goodwin summary.
  8. Sorry it is a lack of confidence that leads to bad decisions as doubts creep in the more we fail. Of course intensity and concentration and physical presence create this lack of confidence coincidentally!!
  9. Both are not school age But more pre school I think !!!
  10. That's not true In dome States hold surfing cafe and coffee ing are ok
  11. Rubbish He was not just for the money and the team played fine on many occasions in 2016 and 2015. He had no choice to develop defenders and competitiveness but what had happened NO FINISHING and PACE have really been recruited to add to the base he laid. 3 years was never going to complete the team and although 2017 and of course 2018 provided a lineal development path game changes and style of recruits have held our progress up to finish the team. Javk Watts is a finisher as is Hsrvey Bennell also Kossie but Goody is so one dimensional and confused his lack of clarity simple game plan and devrlopment of our players has stalled any progress. NOW we are back to about 2015 with some potential on our list to improve no doubt BUT we need a strong Team oriented coach and a tough one to harness our young bulls who think they can play but really not running AFL footy in 2020.
  12. Didn't they have a map ? Ridiculous reason if a bye!! That's a weak pathetic comment with no base or truth and you know it!
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