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  1. Emotional debut for a Qld draft prospect finally able through fitness to get his long promised and wished for AFL chance. Will fit in at the G in front of the MCC and Club members in the Northern and Members Stands with his dash(speed) and red hair delivering to our forwards and hopefully kicking goals. Could we'll be one if the pieces in the puzzle of our future team adding that "Isaac Smith" style dash we need. Promising debut and as his Dad said in perhaps the most emotional debut speech I have heard just have a go! Oskar did just that and he will already be a fan favourite this week and we'll beyond. Sad I have to wait till Queens Birthday to see but let's keep the form up and nail those opportunities.
  2. Some good points Nos. Have been a Petty fan since his highlight reel and nothing has changed my mind. Even his disastrous debut that was so ill timed (and Coach/selectors) created! Cost us a double chance!!! Harrison is not Lewis replacement'! Hore is on field and Lever is the General to martial the troops. Also Nev and Hibbo may not be lock ins if they are not in top form (Nev needed real to mind small or mid size players) Petty 3rd tall I reckon and prob CHB And he has plenty of upside some tricks that need honing but his base is solid and he has native good skills and a bag of footy smarts in team play and one on one play! Size is fine with some added bulk! Other observations : ANB has to develop his game to not just run but get the ball and tackle without fumbling and excel under pressure resulting in goals not just joe the goose! Billy is a one pace player ( might have reputation as fast but is not) and kicks shallow 49 m in the air and delays momentum when in general play plus not sharp nor adept at footy smarts. Despite his professionalism it does not benefit the AFL team as the VFL. Must be ability but had 23 games to save his career. Oscar and Frost at their best are adequate defenders but any level below that AND under pressure or on an AGrader come up short. Depth would be great with May Lever and Petty plus All our flankers in good form ( take you pick from Nev down to Josh W as top to bottom) Angus is in la la land at present get him back in the middle ASAP Goody. If Husain is to get pace etc on the wing and outside he has not convinced Angus or he has not read the memo (email) Oskar 2 should be fine once he settles in to the frenetic activity and realised that running fast is not the only skill required fir AFL. Will be good on the G in front of the Northern and Members Stands as we have our own Isaac Smith it Brad Hill albeit with red flash!! Hopefully for nearly a decade!! We need to recruit 2 small forwards like Ryan and Rioli (Chandler May be one ) but X factor players with 8 possessions and 3 match winning goals are priceless and modern footy demand these in your team. Also we need to recruit skilled ball movers by hand and foot ( virtually outside mids or wingers and flankers) as we have enough contested beasts on our list. (Ie inside mids) wr have under utilised Pruess who like Trac won't be best used by us if his fitness level does not elevate dramatically! Our fitness and High Performance staff are underwhelming and sad to say maybe underperforming this season at least. Ditto our Coaches (Assistants mainly the forward Mid and Defence all need moving on and fresh ideas to support Goody) Goody has to be more flexible While logic suggests he has reviewed the Prelim Final disaster with the coaches and maybe not the players ALL LOGIC says you must learn from defeat no matter how not US it was. I can honestly say spread from the packs and a confidence level plus West Coast were super slick turned on and match ready like an AFL side should be! Also I dont believe the Coachiing panel have read or discussed the new rules for 2019 at least till about Round 6!! Have not seen us take advantage of the full back run and carry options with slow and careful 30 m kickers like Salem and Lewy still kicking out. Mix it up with Hunty running and a torp occasionally.Be daring and 666 May as well be a tennis score!! A full review no matter where we finish ( unless we win flag!!!!') like at Geelong in 2006 at seasons end is necessary. Other than that and the fact that we ahave introduced some new players from Casey into the team (needed in some spots ) and injury has killed any momentum in 2019 2020 should be business as usual back in the top 4/6 or as predicted for this season. Hore Petty Baker And Lockhart are good finds and Jordan and Chandler with more VFL and pre season plus Stephen May fitter wool enormously assist our depth next season. Not writing off 2019 as last Friday night showed with ball use and goal kicking skills up 10/20% on the day/night 2028 is not such a distant memory. Go Dees
  3. That is about the level of this comment Stormy. Give Jake your support you have obviously forgotten his ability and team ethos in defence and will be back bigger and better than ever ASAP.
  4. Hit the nail on the head DV8 Reckon we are getting only 80% of the real Trac. (Contrast with Clarry 100%) He is/has such talent he has been able to be good without that extra 20% that is needed to star consistently (or be a superstar) in the AFL. He needs to build his tank (to be an elite midfielder ) and change his ball drop when kicking set shots for (to make the most of forward chances). Get those things right and his confidence is sky high and he will lose his nervous occasional dropping of mark/s and fumbling. Ie not so much pressure on him as he is more relaxed. Melnourne coach/Ed need to demand and expedite this get Trac on board via another player with fitness and the other faults with the forward coach ( who needs changing BTW). Happy Trac days and he will be the star we all can see but don't get the value of watching and performing. He also does not handle criticism well and is hard on himself but AFL is the hardest of gigs so he needs every little advantage to get that 20% extra to take us to the next level and be the best version of ourselves!
  5. Bit tough naming the Casey boys when it was Jeffy Tommy and Trac who didn't nail the GOALS. Yes out field kicking needs work also I admit but a bit unfair.
  6. I think he is older played with Aspley in Qld and I suspect from memory Oskar was a older recruit. Potential though and good to work on for future!
  7. Thanks TGR sorry I missed your post (quoted just know that U hadn't seen any examples) Stephen May came back after half time vs Cats at Geelong not when the game was dusted ie late 3rd Quarter. And (only my opinion ) Jack bullied the Coach and selectors and prob doctors and was allowed like last week to make his mind up how his body (foot) was.I agree this was a debacle and was surprised when it seemed to reoccur again last Sat so far with a good result. JV was great in the last 49 secs !! I believe Joel is the only recent case but maybe Jack Trengove could have "slipped" through the net in the last 5 years. Agree I think new medicos and a review of this at end no matter what eventuates in 2019 is necessary. Aldo U believe the line coaches should also be nervous about 2020on!
  8. I'd be very happy if Jon Patton could do the same for us ie 60 games 50 goals and BOG in the Granny. Actually let's use Pruessy as the equivalent on about 4/10 of the money!!!
  9. Agreed Smokey I asked TGR and haven't seen any and I volunteered Joel Smith. I was looking for from say Goody era not 2013 on. Agree we weren't on the money with Jack Trengove but I have no doubt at all ( my own opinion only) that Jack Viney declared himself available for us in late 2017 vs Port and it was not Club Officials who forced him. Yes it was like last week and I reckon Goody took his word (Prob too scared to argue ) Are we looking at Gawny R1 this year or when ? Other than that I can't recall any others. in 1998 we were the same going to Perth plenty injured and Robbo came up trumps and other DLanders and myself have referred to This game that got us going again to a Prelim. a great challenge but hero's are born in these circs. TMac May need to kick 4/5!
  10. DV that may be so but it seems to have taken a long time fir the OP to be diagnosed and now is the injury Joel is fighting. I think we may have to wait fir the book by Misso or Todd or Maxie to find out. Surely a Medici in Oz somewhere can enlighten us with some knowledge of the risk of deteriorating or worsening an injury with exertion or no rest afterwards. To be fair our medicos have done well in the Roos early Goody era but think they have suffered this year and are under extreme pressure now due to some suspect times of recovery and a couple of shockers that gave string out indeterminedly plus the programs for all the surgical 15 and limited pre season training sessions due to late 2018 and extra leave under AFL tules around Christmas. I reckon we are about up with all other teams fitness now and our last 2 fourth quarters has enabled to get the points. Dont forget we had a handful of more scoring shots and plenty I50 entries to assist. I still await TGR's response! Thanks for your comment DV maybe the jury can sto brig out on this matter.
  11. My Goodness The Stats are so damning.We should not be surprised as sadly the mid field are chocking up good stats but the real efficiency of their efforts is wasted. Time for Plapp Chaplain and the defence coach to save their collective jobs. Get those figures to say 33/34 and the results will take care of themselves EVEN with a truckload if injuries. Maybe this week will see this "don't care approach" of slamming the ball on our boots and flaying a handpass in the general direction of a teammate to cease. we will be surprised if our connection improves and wrapped with the results! Coaches start coaching a real plan with detail care and skill and 2018 will no longer be a memory.
  12. Seeing Jake running and about to play at long last around would surely add a spring and extra heart beats to all the Group. Just the thought of him, Mitch Hannan and JKH ready (rven allowing for the dreadfully unlucky Hibbo and Milkshake ) should out real purpose in the minds of the group, Of course that has to be followed up by a steely resolve and positive outlook to take on the game and combine effectively in scoring. Remember Robbo's game in 1998 when we started long odds off about a 100 pt thrashing from the Cats and he kicked 7 Goals I think we need Tommy Mac to do the same as he did in 2017 to get us over the line. Go Dees and good luck Jake L plus Mitch and JKH in their comebacks. Guys we need you !
  13. TGR you have some credence in your argument but please list at least "6/8 overt examples" otherwise you are grossly exaggerating. l will start off and name Joel Smith JLT 2 now it's over to you....... PS No and spate of injuries and sending back on the field threatening an existing one are 2 different issues! And of course the elephant/s in the room are the 15 players who had pre-season surgeries!
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