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  1. It's time for every supporter to now get behind Oscar and help build his confidence. We will need either he or Frost as 3rd tall at some stage and the better the form the stronger the backline and team. Lets move on positively please.
  2. Yes but speed is only good if you have the ball or get it 30 occasions in a match and unfortunately (much as I would like Billy to) he just keeps coming up short. as also he stops play and doesn't have he footy smarts to switch or a short kick Could someone please do s check on his handball/kick ratio. Very low I imagine .
  3. Same here from Bris Vegas after seeing the 10 goal mauling of the Lions by the off the leash Pies.They would have only had 5/10 mins in the first quarter of any doubt and they were in total control of the situation throughout really. Nearly every line had skill and pace and the belief looks so real it is going to carry them to mountain top or very very near again. i will be at the G on Sat (taking the road of nearly 30 years ago and done over the preceding 28 mostly cold and unsuccessful winters of the well worn Punt Rd and parking in Yarra Park) due to the South and Eastern train hiatus. And of course the highlight of the brilliant combination of sport and national history on Anzac Eve for the third successive time looms large as season shaping as we strive to claw back our tardy 2019 start. i suspect we have not given the Club, coaches and players (minus the dozen potential injured stars and soldiers albeit) the faith or benefit of doubt many manically resorting to the Same Old Melbourne tag. How dare we do this hopefully at our eternal peril as Peter Jackson has said many times our journey will have road blocks and we will have to learn to negotiate these. i believe we are still a work in progress young with too many VFL soldiers doing their Level best and we will be much better near seasons end than now as about a dozen stars and valuable B graders get us back to the potential shown in 2018. GO Dees (61 years on!)
  4. Fir a game then all our betterbplayers would leave him at Casey
  5. Well done Demons FWIW wonder if it was Gary Pert's ' idea.? just saying for the restless ones on Perty's case!
  6. Better than being in Legless condition !
  7. Also That means thst members go to all home games ( or have paid for it) and don't cherry pick greatly.
  8. Better Lewy out there than not Having said that I also reckon keep him for Anzac Eve.
  9. 58er


    DJ 5 years of Buddy ended in 2018 left after 2013 flag over Dockers.
  10. Tis big and if we win Anzac Eve becomes monstrous
  11. 58er


    It's not just the big beasts that can monster our defence but often we have the alternative that the THIRD tall kills us ie our 3rd tall (do we have one without May or Lever playing?) Membrey is this and Westhoff also.Who will be his opponent on Saturday.? Again team defence I suggest.
  12. Well said Demonia We are still evolving from the worst decade of our modern era (Say 60's onward) and many roots have been planted for future long termed and sustained success. Yes lack of a permanent home is a hang up but it's been strongly identified and plenty of work in planning etc. is underway under Perry's leadership to solve this much desired facility. Again to mention membership but over 50,000 this year is going to be about 7,000 more than 2018. Trending UP. About 15% not too shabby and on field and brand success is crucial in this category. Lastly and not least it's winning Footy matches and that's the big result the W vs the L. No givens here but save for the 2018 Prelim Final disaster many of our best wins and indeed our interstate record would be the best in the AFL. And that's not playing Freo Lions or Suns nearly as often as Crows Port or Eagles at their fortresses! Oh and I think if you can remember when we last scored 16 wins in a season it would be a generation it two in our past. So the BB wipeoff of virtual irrelevancy is not quite nor near the mark as all OUR indicators are trending a growth and development pattern on an upwards spiral. BB you are entitled to your opinion but please don't denigrate or rubbish the half glass full devotees who are enjoying the ride from the Neeld days to now where we are on the brink of modern success and development in the toughest National comp in this country and possibly the world.
  13. Exalted company no doubt A champion and we are so lucky to have Clarry and not a Parishioner!!
  14. Sorry BB understand to a point but Hawthorn is the best example. They are the best model as they have developed their membership from small to larger an powerful. Your realism is based on years of negativity ( or lack of faith or vision) and our poor record over a period of years. We need to embrace the probable 7,000 increase this year we don't know what the season holds and a flag or sustained success will garner more fans. Sure as hell if you gave your view if you were Gary Pert the members or fans there would be no way you would get any increase. A goal gives an aim and it was never stated this year would be that year. Jim Stynes wanted 40,000 around 2011/12 and look now probably 10,000/14,000 more. We need faith and optism and not sorry (negativity) and in our Society there will always be both but the half glass full approach wins every time. We have the opportunity to start making the MCG a fortress let's do all in our power to make that happen.
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