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  1. How could you possibly know that? Unless you’re taking the [censored] of course.
  2. ^ According to old mate here we didn’t bring in Langdon and Tomlinson to address our outside issues. ”bUt LaNgDoN cAnT kIcK”
  3. @Nuffies on AFL Pages ...oh wait this isn’t facebook
  4. Bottom line is, most if not all of our forwards have been poor this season, so it’s clearly more a cohesion and structural issue alongside personal form. The Weid will improve once the team improves, hopefully ASAP.
  5. Geez, who’s clutching at straws now?
  6. You have to remember that Weideman has played no where near as many games as Curnow has because of the fact that, until this year, Weideman has been kept out of the side by Hogan. You can't keep comparing him to Curnow even though they're from the same draft class as Curnows experience at AFL level is very much above Weideman's. Deliberately having a provocative opinion doesn't make you interesting, "MB".
  7. Anyone got an idea of when the 2019 guernseys are revealed?
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