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  1. Nice contradiction there. If you say something is fact and then say it is an opinion and refuse to elaborate further then what's the point in bringing it up? Either provide info about this or why say anything?
  2. If the difference between us finishing top 4 and bottom 4 lies with whether or not Gawn is made captain then we have serious issues. (I also don’t like dual captains btw)
  3. I know this’ll come across as straw-clutching but I remember seeing your post which did paint a different story: https://demonland.com/forums/topic/46882-hayden-young-drafted-by-fremantle/?do=findComment&comment=1772824
  4. Geez mate. Not need to pot the bloke just because he disagreed with you. Try playing the ball and not the man next time.
  5. Nah you guys have it the other way around. Talent alone does not win premierships. It’s how the club is run and set up off the field that influences performances on the field in the long term IMV. We’ve had a lot of talent over the years whose development we’ve squandered over and over again due to [censored]-poor management running the club from the board down. Just look at Richmond. For decades they were poorly run with shithouse facilities and successive incompetent administrations and thus they sucked on field with a poor culture. But they got it right eventually at administration level and they’re now reaping the benefits. I believe we have had good people running the club ever since PJ came on board. This year seemed unavoidable due to circumstances told time and time again. It’s like any business or organisation. Get the right people in at the top who know what they’re doing and the results will flow eventually.
  6. I know we sucked this year, but... how the hell did we post a profit in 2014 when we sucked that year as well?
  7. Yeah nah, it was just the large use of caps which I found funny, I don’t fully disagree with what picket said
  8. Honestly keen for us to draft Cahill just cause he is a mate of mine hahaha
  9. Most people on here keep confusing drafting/recruiting with player development. I honestly don’t think it was our drafting that was the problem during the last decade, because most of the players we drafted were highly rated in their draft years, so they would have been drafted at a similar pick by other clubs if we didn’t take them (e.g. watts, trengove, Morton etc). It’s just that the MFC’s development of these players was horrible (due to very poor senior management) to the point where every player went backwards before Roos came onboard. I refuse to believe that we missed that many picks, because that would surely be impossible.
  10. How could you possibly know that? Unless you’re taking the [censored] of course.
  11. ^ According to old mate here we didn’t bring in Langdon and Tomlinson to address our outside issues. ”bUt LaNgDoN cAnT kIcK”
  12. @Nuffies on AFL Pages ...oh wait this isn’t facebook
  13. Bottom line is, most if not all of our forwards have been poor this season, so it’s clearly more a cohesion and structural issue alongside personal form. The Weid will improve once the team improves, hopefully ASAP.
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