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  1. From what I've read on this particular thread we're really making a distinction between members who might ask for a refund because their personal circumstances have suddenly become desperate as opposed to those that are getting no value for their spend. It's not unreasonable to think that the former are very much aware of the knock on effect this may have on the club and that they wouldn't be making that call unless their own situation wasn't equally as bad. It's also a dilemma that we should all be able to empathise with. On that basis then surely all of the contention should centre on the members that fall into the latter camp and to discuss whether their views really align with what many of us feel is a financial and emotional investment in something much greater than the sum of it's parts.
  2. LOL Just watched the clip and it sounded to me that he crossed over to Eddie at the end of what might have been a very long hard day for him. Given the time again he might have articulated his answer a little differently.
  3. I'm a little surprised you could understand what they were saying. Up where I'm from we speak a dialect called Doric which is very distinct and anything south of Aberdeen just sounded English to me to be honest. Weegies (Glaswegians) however can have a really rough sounding tongue (the same as Rab) and even I have to concentrate to make out everything he's saying. If you've ever read any of the tartan noir novels by Ian Rankin, the main character DI John Rebus always calls Aberdeen furry boot town because we're always saying 'farraboots' which just means whereabouts?
  4. That’s a fair point Dr G. We can’t keep rolling out the fact we play at the G (who doesn’t these days) and we’re named after our city and hope that’ll save us. Money in the bank, a solid membership base and a successful football structure will go a long way to securing our long term future. Training on a paddock also gives an impression of impermanence so the sooner we can address that the better.
  5. I feel a little sorry for North Melbourne always being the team first to be discussed when it comes to talk of relocations. Sure it's frustrating always being beaten by them but that's our fault not theirs. Aside from two relatively brief periods in their history when they bossed the competition they've been trying to punch above their weight and have been pretty good at it for fifty years now so it surprises me that they haven't been able to build a bigger fan base over the course. That said with them already giving up four home games to play in Hobart each year they aren't far from a tipping point where they could almost be considered a side representing Tasmania and not North Melbourne so in that respect they can't be too surprised that their name is in the mix each time mergers or relocations are mentioned.
  6. Wilcard rounds? Best of 3 GF's? This from a governing body that wanted to do away with GF replays? I think someone needs to call for a time out before this three ring circus starts to grow legs.
  7. I think they are missing a trick by including hairdressers and barbers as essential services. Close that loophole and anyone in dire need of a hairdo, trim or dye job that has had to resort to a really bad home made alternative is far more likely to stay indoors and self isolate. It's fine for authorities to appeal to our moral conscience in this time of crisis but it's our soft underbelly of vanity that they really should be targeting to help flatten this curve.
  8. Whilst I don't think private ownership is anything more than a media driven rabbit hole at this stage in a world of privately owned clubs I'd still like to think we'd be the Green Bay Packers of the competition. Supporter owned and not the latest plaything of some oligarch or middle east state that's big on oil but poor on human rights. Would we end up with a competition that's dominated by the rich or would it be like the A League where owners are disgruntled and frustrated by salary caps and a lack of a say in it's running?
  9. I for one would be lost to the game if we ever folded or merged. I could never mine the same depths of disappointment or reach the same fleeting heights following any other side.
  10. Ha! I wasn’t sure if anyone on here would have heard of Govan’s finest waster. Never used a chip fryer myself as I’d be terrified of burning the house down. As long as I have access to good quality coffee, beer and craic during this break in proceedings I’m sure I’ll come out the other end with my sanity intact.
  11. Fair point Wellsy. Hopefully though it has all been documented on film to be edited and released at an appropriate time. It might be the last footage we get to see if the media dept has been stood down.
  12. I work as part of a team that puts together bespoke safaris in Africa and we were told that we'll be going down to a four day week. With the world in lockdown nobody will be booking anything for quite some time unfortunately so that four days could end up being much less if things don't turn around relatively soon. I had made plans to go for an early morning swim each day off but now that the local pool has been shut indefinitely I'll be out on the bike riding the capital city trail to keep the serotonin levels up. If anyone happens to be out on the track early doors I'll be donning a mint green helmet with the little Dees bumper sticker placed discreetly on the back. Happy to stop for a coffee and chat (at arms length of course) in one of my favourite hole in the wall cafes along the route if you flag me down.
  13. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the recent preseason footage but it would have been good to have documented those 13 days as another video instead of a write up I think.
  14. Rhino - Russell Richards Bobby - Mark Withers Circum - Greg Sizer Franken - Jim Stynes (supporters called him this and he hated it) Sticky Fingers - Steven Icke Sugar - Greg Healy
  15. Hollywood - David Cordner. Given to him because he smoked Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes which supposedly all the film stars did at the time.
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