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  1. Few (if any) of us get to see what actually goes on under the bonnet of the MFC from day to day which makes what we're told and how it is conveyed particularly important. I would make a point of only having our most articulate and expressive players front the media next year. People like T-Mac and Max are perfect examples and possibly Jakie Lever too although there may well be others. The interview in The Age with Maysie certainly helped me put his move to us in better perspective and has made me more empathetic as a result I think. This sort of stuff really helps a fan base when we're doing it tough. Onfield form aside I think that our two skippers are probably two of the last people I'd nominate for this role. Cliché central. It's hard to believe that Jack Viney was privately educated as he struggles to form coherent sentences.
  2. Yes, definitely. Including the GF guarantee. I'll be looking towards season 2020 with hope. Hope that my friends and I can finally get seats together in the same row of level 2 of the Northern Stand if enough Tridents members don't renew. Having lived overseas for much of the last 20 years I only returned 4 years ago so have missed a lot of the bad years, including the Neeld era so am not as jaded or disillusioned as some DL's. These days we try to make the day about more than the game itself so go for brunch together before an early game or search out a new craft brewery for lunch if we have a later start. The craic will usually be about anything other than football. This means the day isn't at risk of being sabotaged by what the MFC serve up each week and a win just tops off a great day. It works really well, usually, but I have to admit that from QB on this year I've felt little enthusiasm in going to watch our team play. This side gave up weeks ago and we all know it so I don't blame any fans for deciding to 'take a spell' and do something else with their time. Mental health experts might even recommend it.
  3. If our recent body of work is anything to go by I think we're looking at a loss of similar proportions to the one that saw out Roosy's tenure as coach. Having been in damage limitation mode for much of the season the stress is finally starting to show and it wouldn't surprise me at all if the dam wall finally gives way against North. I'll be concentrating on where I can find the best dark ales and good coffee to drink in town. The game itself will be incidental.
  4. We placed season 2019 in the too hard basket and filed it away under lost causes a few weeks ago. If modern day AFL football is all about having a recognisable brand then the last five weeks have been caustic for ours. If rusted on Dees fans are feeling disillusioned about what they're seeing then we have no hope of attracting any millennials in our quest for 70k+ members.
  5. Stevie G stopping the tims from making it nine in a row.
  6. I was living in a house share in Kew, Surrey back in the late nineties / early noughties. One time we had a fancy dress halloween party when the next door neighbour turned up in our kitchen at around 1am. Turns out it was Strawbs' brother and we had a nice old chat about our run to the finals in back '87 and him missing the '88 GF. His young son came around to clear away all the empty bottles the next morning for a tenner.
  7. Bela Lugosi, the 1930's actor that played Dracula and our very own Sammy Weideman.
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