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  1. Thanks for enlightening me Bing. I didn't know that.
  2. I had to look this one up online to discover the link DJ. Some great miming on Top of the Pops back in the day.
  3. Media reports that said calf injury is not as bad as that reported by media. I'm glad we cleared that up.
  4. Fort William, a football team in the Highland League in Scotland didn't win a game for 840 days recently. And they play for ten months of the year. Don't know if they'll be on this show that starts on Netflix on 01 March though. Can't say if we'll be featured either. I started following the Packers because they were so bad at the time (pre Brett Favre) that their fans started wearing paper grocery bags over their heads at their games in embarrassment. Straight away I thought, that's the team for me!
  5. The things you learn on DL eh? It does surprise me a little though considering that Dhaka sees the water that has already travelled all the way through India.
  6. The equivalent of playing water polo in the Ganges I'd say. It must be horrible for athletes to train in the current conditions we have.
  7. Ah, I see what you mean now PM. Not sure. Perhaps it's an agreement to repay the favour at some point. As Hawthorn also play 'home' games in Launceston that would make sense. To counteract that theory however we've recently played Carlton at the G in this game who have no need to compensate their own fans so it's an interesting question. The Blues seem keen to move home games from Docklands to Jolimont where possible so perhaps the AFL got involved and said you can play Melbourne there as your home game as long as MFC fans gain free entry. Overall it might still be a better deal for them financially all things considered.
  8. Only one club can indisputably be called successful whilst for seventeen others success is measured in degrees and can be whatever suits their (or our) own narrative. Right now I'd call getting enough tridents seats together for my friends and I on level 2 of the northern stand a success. Whether it's a good or bad season I just want to be able to experience it with them. Call it emotional fortification.
  9. Other than home ground advantage I don't think we'd be giving anything up nor the competing team gaining anything. To the best of my knowledge we've only ever played WA or SA sides there so they are travelling anyway and get to play on a dry ground in warm conditions instead of Melbourne in the middle of winter. They (and we) also get featured in a prime time free to air game.
  10. For anyone with a home and away game digital membership that is interested, I spoke to the club this week and they have advised that all of the away matches we play in Melbourne will be uploaded to the app at a later date. Probably by the end of January. The compensation home game (for playing up in the Alice) has yet to be negotiated and there are three or four clubs we are currently still in discussions with about this. Once confirmed this will also be added to the digital membership along with those away games. Same goes for the pre season game at Casey Fields.
  11. Ah yes. I remember that. Perhaps should've just gone as his doppelganger Mr Bean.
  12. I saw him and his girlfriend walking up Bosisto St in Richmond where I was living at the time (very close to Bernie Vince) and him taking a call on his mobile. He looked pretty upbeat but it was the same morning he was called into the club and advised he would be released. I remember reading later that he thought he was going to get a contract extension so was really disappointed.
  13. It's currently a moot point really. Whether positioned on a wing or not Tomlinson is the only one likely to play a consistent part in our 2020 campaign.
  14. Hi there HB. After reading this thread I've just this minute gone onto the club app on my phone and activated my tridents membership ticket. When tapping on each home game it says "ticket will be ready in xx days" and has a countdown to the day of that match so I'm assuming that the "ticket" will only appear on the day of that game. Curiously however the compensation game against Hawthorn in round 11 (for playing in Alice Springs) says there is no ticket available. Likewise there is no mention of any away games in Melbourne which my ticket should include. Hopefully the club or ticketmaster haven't ballsed this up but I'll have to wait until after the new year before I can contact the club about it.
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