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  1. From the outside it appears that both Hardwick and Buckley took some time to transition from the ruthless mindsets they had as players to the renaissance men they have become as coaches. Both were given the required time to do this (but only just) and their respective clubs are now better for it as a result. Personally, I think Goody was a little further down this road at the time he joined us which gives me hope that we won't have to wait quite as long to see the benefits.
  2. Afternoon, McQ. I've deleted almost all of the supporter FB pages from my news feed. The toxic comments being one reason but more so because they are just downright bland. On DL you might have to mine a lot of ore to get to the gold but it beats wading through a thousand reposts of the latest club announcement, pictures of the $5 Demons beer mug someone bought at Coles or their pet wearing a red & blue scarf.
  3. Very happy with this. He's the consummate professional and a born winner. It would be nice to turn the appointment into a more expansive role at some later stage.
  4. I come in peace Dieter. It's just a little observational humour. My background is no less humble I can assure you.
  5. I'm concerned about the effect on our players. This could end up a pyorrhic victory.
  6. The poor lad should have a meeting with an orthodontist first. He has a smile like a row of condemned houses.
  7. It's not unreasonable to guess that he wasn't on much coin on his current deal and there's nothing to suggest that his new one is on really high numbers either. What we can say with some certainty however is that should a rival come sniffing in the short term they will now pay a high price to prise him away. It also provides us with a little more clarity on our cap space in the short to medium term. Much ado about nothing methinks.
  8. “I just think I’ve still got a lot more in the tank. I’ve come this far and I’m not going to give up, just because of my latest injury. I’m not a person who will just chuck the towel in and give up. “I love training and I love football. Without football, who knows where I’ll be? “Getting a third opportunity at the highest level would be life-changing for myself and my partner and my family – it would be the luckiest thing. It would mean a lot to me and my family.” Sounds like a man that still has the white line fever. Oh, ...wait a second...........
  9. He's giving serious consideration to signing with a club that just finished 17th.
  10. A few less Sundays aside I don't see too much to complain about here. We're a mid size boutique club in a finite market. The Partick Thistle of AFL football if you like and we've been handed a draw that befits our current standing on the footballing landscape. Let's just try and be the best we can be with the resources we have available to us. If we can punch a little above our weight , surprise a few doubters, bloody a few noses and carry a little luck then then we'll find ourselves rubbing shoulders with the big boys come spring time.
  11. Hi Monoccular. The game itself is a distant blur so I couldn't say for sure. I do however remember they sold jugs of beer in the outer throughout the day.
  12. It's like getting Galatasaray away in the Champions League then Millwall away in the cup.
  13. My only trip to the west was the round one game where we kicked 2 goals 8. If this is to be our only visit to the House of Boooooo next year then I'll take it.
  14. So, one game in the [censored] end of nowhere and the other a Friday night blockbuster in Launceston. Could've been worse I guess.
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