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  1. Yes indeed. I lived in Canterbury, Kent for a while until moving back here five years ago and the Shepherd Neame brewery was just up the road in Faversham. They did a lovely room temperature Late Red each autumn. We should try and corner Perty at the next AGM about this.
  2. I seem to remember there was a club called the Blacktown Demons in the old days of the NSL (predecessor of the A League). Anyway, that's my useless fact of the day.
  3. LOL. I see what you did there but I'm not taking the bait JD.
  4. If we're going to do this Rusty we need to go all the way with it. Micro Brewery and tap room. Lots of snugs and maybe a separate whisky room.
  5. That's great detective work TC. My guess as the culprit would have been the USA and it's sports codes. However quite a few words that we consider to have been misspelt, mispronounced or bastardised by our american friends have actually been traced back to old english so I shouldn't be surprised really.
  6. Hi John. As far as I'm aware the word learning is a single noun and can't be used in a plural sense. To me it sounds as silly as someone offering their thinkings on a subject instead of their thoughts.
  7. He had me until he dropped the non word 'learnings' just now. It's lessons !!
  8. Just had a listen to Glenn Bartlett's radio interview today. I have no problem with him taking the quiet approach on things, at least publicly. A welcome change from people like Koch, McGuire and Kennett. I also like the 'we'll play anywhere, no excuses' mantra from the top of the organisation that will hopefully filter through to the playing group.
  9. Just the idea that we're rightfully called frustrating should at least be acknowledgement that we have many of the ingredients required to be a successful side. Not ideal I know but right now I'll take that over everything that came immediately before the Roos / Goodwin era.
  10. Hi W4tA. I hear what you're saying and I might feel the same in a few weeks. Right now I'm more optimistic of there being a peace settlement in the Middle East than us fixing our forward 50 entry issues. That said I've felt far worse after a loss than today and am prepared to give everyone concerned a little more time before I start burning effigies of Goody.
  11. A little frustrating with our forward 50 entries and failure to stick a tackle when it counted being the difference in the end I think. Without Jonesy and Nev in the 22 we now have a pretty young side. I thought Max, Hunty and Vines were our best today with Melky now being the most likely of our senior players to face being dropped. With so few clean entries inside 50 I thought our forwards were outmuscled when forced into a contest. Lockhard got caught a couple of times being a little slow to dispose of the ball but that's only to be expected in someone playing their second or third game at this level. If we can cobble together enough wins to make finals I think we could take Geelong when it counts most. Disappointed today but not disheartened.
  12. As is almost always the case it'll be about which Melbourne decides to turn up. Not the opposition. We're the AFL version of the little girl with a little curl.
  13. I was thinking more about where one has roast beef and another stays at home etc 🤔
  14. Interesting. I wonder where that little piggy goes.
  15. On each foot or in total ? If he falls over a lot it’s probably the latter.
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