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  1. Quick, running defender, this guy can play. We need pace. take him, no brainer.
  2. Lweis kicked a goal, handy, very handy indeed
  3. You guys are a joke. The reason we never have success and players like Hogsn leave. NEGATIVE tossers
  4. Get off Weideman's bac. You are the same people who complained about Hogan and then whinged when he left. He is 21 year old
  5. Why am i a rookie demon? I want master
  6. Hogan yet to score a goal. He is not the player we thought he was. Would he make a difference this season, i suggest not.He has also received a fine for a unprofessional bump against saints.
  7. Where can I get a copy? Herald Sun trying to charge me
  8. Pruess ruck gawn full forward, use gawn as long option, fixes forward woes
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