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  1. Frost clearly should have been playing that game rather than a first year key defender. In a two point loss you can easily argue that selection had a major impact in us losing the game.
  2. I feel like I'm in the minority here but I'd definitely go from pick 3 to 6 to pick up an early 20s pick next year. There's not much difference in quality within the top 10 this year, and picks in the 20s are actually reasonably valuable. In an average year about 3 of the 10 players selected in the 20s turn into a good player.
  3. Let's say we finish 9th next year, which is where the betting agencies have us approximately finishing. Then we'd start off with pick 10 in the draft. There will probably be about 4 father son and academy picks before then leaving us with about pick 14. For me picks 14 + 26 + 50 is a lot better than pick 8 this year, which will actually be pick 9 after the Greene bid.
  4. I think we've overpaid big time. Looking at the draft value index this trade only evens out if our first round pick is pick #34 next year, which is obviously impossible. Now the draft value index doesn't tell you anything about the individuals available or the overall draft quality, but it just feels like a desperation move. Take out the pick 50 and I'd feel like the trade is fairer.
  5. Looking at the pick values and expected ladder positions we are getting about pick 50 for Frosty. Personally I would much rather have Frost, but considering that we are pushing him out the door that's really all we could expect.
  6. I pray that our shithouse tactics are mostly from Jennings and not from Goodwin. We will not win a flag unless we dramatically change our gamestyle. I said it at the time and I say it now, Goodwin had not proven enough to be given a three year deal.
  7. I think a lot of people are undervaluing King. He was taken at pick #6 in a draft with a very strong top 7/8. Most other drafts he would have been closer to pick 3. Then he has far exceeded the expectations of a lanky key forward in his first year. This reasonably gives him a value closer to pick 1 or even more. I think the only possible way that a trade could work is if GC aren't confident on keeping King long term, and they aren't given a start of first round priority pick. In that case I think they'd accept a straight swap for pick two so that they can pair up Anderson and Rowell.
  8. Gawn looked a bit flat at the end but so did Grundy. I think both of them were exhausted after battling each other all day. Clearly they are a step above the other rucks in the league.
  9. $260k sounds pretty fair to me. Not sure what clubs would offer an old and slow midfielder more money. Gold Coast are the only club that I think could find some extra value in him.
  10. People being way too harsh on TMac. He hasn't had a proper preseason and is clearly not fully fit, then he injured himself more at the start of the match. Also it's not like we have anyone in the reserves that can be a better key forward right now. Weid struggled too, Keilty is still young and learning to be a forward, and Preuss is not fit enough right now.
  11. Every year since Roos left our structures have been getting worse. I don't care that we made a prelim last year, our coaches are holding this group back.
  12. 1. Neville Jetta vs 5. Jake Melksham 6. Tom McDonald vs 4. James Harmes 3. Clayton Oliver vs Jack Viney 2. Max Gawn vs 8. Angus Brayshaw
  13. Oscar McDonald v Alex Neal-Bullen Bayley Fritsch vs Aaron vandenBerg Sam Weideman vs 7. Angus Brayshaw
  14. First year for me on here. Finished 3337 in 2016 and 7708 last year. Team name is GreendaleFC
  15. Jack Viney vs Nathan Jones Sam Frost vs Charlie Spargo Jake Lever vs James Harmes Joel Smith vs Christian Salem
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