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  1. Spargo TMac Wagner Garlett out Pruess Lockhart KK CWagner in
  2. These commentators aren’t a smart bunch are they. Gawn showing he’s the better ruckman but they’re picking Grundy because he’s on the ‘winning’ team lol ? I mean wouldn’t that make Gawn more impressive that he’s putting up those numbers on a crap team ?
  3. Pruess in for TMac next game.
  4. Can we convince GWS to trade Josh Kelly in exchange for this spud ? lol
  5. OMac might be the worst player in the comp but Walker is the most overrated.
  6. I honestly think OMac is the worst player in the AFL. Seriously, what does he offer besides making Jenkins look like a star ?
  7. Oscar makes me physically angry, just shows how slow he is physically & psychologically when he’s losing contests to Jenkins of all players. Seriously can’t wait till May comes back & we can send Oscar where he belongs.
  8. OMac is too slow, Frost has no idea what he’s doing out their. Time to drop them & bring Kielty & Petty in.
  9. We have the worst fullback/centre half back combo in the league
  10. Am i watching the Demons or the Suns ? wait scratch that, at least the Suns are showing effort ...
  11. How the hell does this team go from one game away from the grand final to this ? 🤦‍♂️
  12. If nothing changes in the next couple of weeks we’re looking at bottom 4 this year. We look lost out their.
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