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  1. Very helpful, thanks. does that mean every club goes up on the draft (I.e club with pick 41 gets pick 40) ?
  2. Would be much appreciated but can someone explain to me what it means when people say ‘GWS can match bid & they get Green’ ? I presume they get leverage because he’s from their academy but how do they match the bid ?
  3. I’d be really happy too see us pick up Green & Kemp.
  4. If we don’t take this bloke at 3 we’re just downright stupid. Our kicking & decision making were our major problems this season, this guy helps solve both those issues.
  5. I’d replace AVB with Jones & if Hibberd doesn’t perform at the start of the season replace him with Hore.
  6. Surely we’d be in prime position if we gave up pick 3 ?
  7. Papley yes, Daniher no. But if I’m being honest I don’t think both player warrant the same value as 2 top 10 picks.
  8. has the club considered giving up pick 3 for Hill ?
  9. Richmond Tigers - 2 premierships in 3 years. Wests Tigers - Longest current finals drought out of every NRL team. Guess which Tiger I bloody picked ....
  10. This is going to get ugly ... like 2007 grand final ugly With the emergence of Pickett & returns of Rance, Stak & Higgins all to come back into their side next year we could be seeing another Hawthorn-like dominance from the Tigers over the next couple of years unfortunately.
  11. Along with Greene coming back I’d really like to see both Coniglio & Whitfield back next week to make it really interesting. I don’t think Collingwood would’ve stood a chance against Richmond, but bring back those 3 players for GWS & this GF becomes a lot more intriguing.
  12. Or you just draft well ... (I.e Carlton)
  13. God Bruce is unbearable to listen too lol
  14. Heard he’s sick of tennis & looking at a change. Anyone know any good tennis players currently at the club ? See if the ATP’s up for any trades from our club so we can aquire Roger.
  15. Excited for Petty considering he’s only 19 & already taking strong, contested marks.
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