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  1. Excited for Petty considering he’s only 19 & already taking strong, contested marks.
  2. I know we’re second last but you’d think 2 clubs who play at the MCG regardless of position would at least get over 50,000 regardless of a weather forecast.
  3. So what can we give up to get him here ? Is it better than the Saints or Hawks offers ?
  4. God Oscar is absolutely useless. Jack Riewoldt isn’t even that quick & Oscars making him look like Usain Bolt. He literally needs to velcro himself to his opponents to have any impact on a game. I’m praying this is the last game we ever see him play for this club.
  5. Judging off your last 2 responses don’t you think that’s a little bit hypocritical?
  6. I can’t believe a few people here are considering dropping Pruess 🤦‍♂️ Was one of our best against Carlton & while didn’t have a great game today showed some signs that he could do well for us forward. The seasons done for us, give him a solid 3 weeks as a Forward/Ruck. If it doesn’t work out then we should drop him but to drop him after his first game as the main tall forward is just ridiculous. McDonald was playing rubbish for the first half of the season but he wasn’t dropped so why should Pruess ?
  7. Do you guys think this is our best backline we can produce ? When all fit would Marty Hore gets a spot in their with how good he’s playing ? I could see him only replacing Salem or Hibberd with one of them going on to a wing. Thoughts ?
  8. Spargo TMac Wagner Garlett out Pruess Lockhart KK CWagner in
  9. These commentators aren’t a smart bunch are they. Gawn showing he’s the better ruckman but they’re picking Grundy because he’s on the ‘winning’ team lol ? I mean wouldn’t that make Gawn more impressive that he’s putting up those numbers on a crap team ?
  10. Pruess in for TMac next game.
  11. Can we convince GWS to trade Josh Kelly in exchange for this spud ? lol
  12. OMac might be the worst player in the comp but Walker is the most overrated.
  13. I honestly think OMac is the worst player in the AFL. Seriously, what does he offer besides making Jenkins look like a star ?
  14. Oscar makes me physically angry, just shows how slow he is physically & psychologically when he’s losing contests to Jenkins of all players. Seriously can’t wait till May comes back & we can send Oscar where he belongs.
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