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  1. OMac is too slow, Frost has no idea what he’s doing out their. Time to drop them & bring Kielty & Petty in.
  2. We have the worst fullback/centre half back combo in the league
  3. Am i watching the Demons or the Suns ? wait scratch that, at least the Suns are showing effort ...
  4. How the hell does this team go from one game away from the grand final to this ? 🤦‍♂️
  5. If nothing changes in the next couple of weeks we’re looking at bottom 4 this year. We look lost out their.
  6. I’ve asked before but didn’t get an answer lol Does anyone know who #47 is for us playing for Casey ? Got mistaken for Pruess in a clip of the reserves game at half time. Big bloke with a bit of ink if that helps.
  7. Pre season mate, calm down. If were 5 weeks in & we’re still playing like this then we can really worry. I have no doubt you’ll be laughing at how worried you got from these results.
  8. I’m not worried about this performance & Brisbane at all considering they played like it was a grand final today. Their a developing team who want to prove themselves, they’ll play like their life depends on it which will lead to success in the first half of the season until they run out of gas half way through the season. Pre season results don’t matter, top team like us are only focusing one thing & that’s round 1. Look at the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, copping a few losses at the moment but that’s just because their looking forward to the playoffs. Their still heavy favourites to win it all regardless.
  9. I don’t know if you guys follow the NBA, but as Boston fan, Jetta reminds me so much of Marcus Smart.
  10. I wish every player on this team had the same attitude & effort as Neville Jetta.
  11. Anyone watching the Casey game know who #47 was ? They mistaken him for Pruess in a clip at half time. Looks huge & had a fair bit of ink if that helps lol
  12. Anyone know who #47 was for Casey that they were mistaking with Pruess ?
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