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  1. Brisbane, Collingwood & Essendon. I feel like people predict Geelong's demise every year too with the bulk of their good players getting on in age.
  2. ANB looks like an Olympic long distance runner who has converted to footy at age 24. Does nothing but run around chasing the ball. A player who runs that much that’s actually good at footy or had decent IQ should average 46 possessions a game. He’s tricking you all!
  3. Norf will trade it for some B grade squid anyway, nothing to worry about
  4. This will be one of the best changes to footy ever made
  5. The fluidity of the his movement is nuts from a bloke his size. Looks to have good decision making and composure to. A genuine tall midfielder as well as a ruckman judging by those highlights.
  6. 4D chess by Goody to recruit another inside mid is to simply label him a ruckman?
  7. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/melbourne-targeting-small-forward-kysaiah-pickett-with-pick-10-in-afl-draft/news-story/d1751a358f9ec7552f1f76ab01c71609
  8. Jay Clark reporting we’re right into Pickett at 10. He says ‘lock it in’.
  9. Don’t mind it if it resulted in getting Weightman & Pickett with those picks.
  10. adonski


    Dallas will be a championship team in the next few seasons if they can find their third piece
  11. adonski

    Jack Martin

    He doesn’t have to have a change of mind though, we can just take him prior to Carlton can’t we. Assuming it wouldn’t completely stuff up the salary cap for one year, I’d take him and sit him out if he didn’t want to play then trade him
  12. adonski

    Jack Martin

    I don't know why his preference is relevant
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