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  1. Don’t take it to heart @ding. @Lord Nev does this to me and others, too.
  2. Even if you’re taking that ridiculously obtuse angle as your defensive position it’s still 9 more goals than the 6-touch wizard wearing number 26 for the Dees! If you think Weid is going to take the comp by storm next year like Brown did in his third and fourth years at AFL level then I applaud your optimism. Please don’t mortgage your home to bet on it, though. There’s a long waiting list for government housing.
  3. Regardless of what you ‘believe’ he never mentioned age, he said “corresponding season”. Maybe read posts properly and have a second think before you go accusing others of ‘whacking’ another poster and butting into a conversation. You’re being unnecessarily antagonistic. The usual path when someone’s argument is falling flat and their numbers don’t stack up.
  4. Are the Brayshaw brothers from WA?
  5. That might be the case but this is footy not basketball. A bloke with his hips and shoulders has all the tools to knock other blokes into next week using the correct technique. I agree with the OP that he needs to add this dimension to his game. It would seriously help the team and help him become the player we need him to be. Christian Petracca needs to find his inner Robert DiPierdomenico.
  6. Aints are going to be last choice behind Carlton, Essendon, North and possibly even Hawthorn on the coaching merry-go-round. They have the least appealing list of any of them. Aints supporters are going to feel like they got left with the ugly girl at the dance.
  7. Our second round pick (21 - 25) would go very close to getting it done. He is not worth a pick under 20. Good player but he is not Brad Hill.
  8. Excuse me? In his fourth season (2017) Ben Brown kicked 63 goals 30 behinds. In just his second season he booted 32 goals. Third season - 41.
  9. Yeah nah. Roosy's ego is up there with the best of them. Pot a bloke who got drafted and received development under his watch? Fat chance. See his vehement defense of the Tyson/Salem for Pick 2 (Josh Kelly) trade.
  10. Yes. He said that Jesse Hogan's 5 disposal effort for Freo was the best game by an injured player who spent three quarters off the ground he's ever seen.
  11. Thanks both of you for highlighting why I need to post with greater frequency than should be required. A poster made the claim that forwards don’t usually begin to blossom until 23+yo. I refuted that claim by reeling of eight MFC forward line stars of the past 25 years who did exactly that., some even earlier than their fourth season. And that’s just at our club! Dance around it all you like and try to make it all about me. It just makes the silence in which you fail to defend Weideman’s paltry output this season all the more deafening. I’ve one and only one question for you and any other critics of me in this thread - why are you setting the bar so low? I honestly don’t get it.
  12. Ox came third in Bluey in 1992 at 20yo playing as a swingman at both ends. It was only after Neitz hit the scene in 1993/94 that he was moved forward permanently.
  13. Sorry I don’t mean to dig but the more I hear the three words “6 possession game” followed by any kind of passionate defence of it the more I chuckle. It’s pretty funny. That said I do recall Peter Daicos having a pretty good 6 or so touch game way back when. Kicked 6 from six kicks at Vic Park. Or maybe that was just to half time I can’t recall it was that long ago.
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