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  1. People who sit in their basement playing Call of Duty don’t count.
  2. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Or any hierarchical organisation. The military example is a good one. Have you served? I would imagine that the energy brought in by officers and other top brass would be felt very quickly down through the ranks. It’s an intangible factor, yet easily and quickly picked up on by others ... be it good, bad or neutral.
  4. Not a hard concept is it Smokey.
  5. Always weak to hurl petty insults when defeated in argument. No Zen spirit there. More like Minimum Bob.
  6. I disagree DeeMan. Have watched every game and there has been some marginal improvement in recent weeks. Starting after quarter time of the Swans game perhaps a small lift in intensity. We were lamentable against Port and Geelong in the opening two rounds. But it’s splitting hairs really. Virtually every aspect of club performance is in the doldrums, including game day coaching and even team selection. I cannot recall an implosion of this speed and magnitude in my 35 years watching the Demons. And we’ve served up some rippers. Something is not right and it’s not just the questionable fitness of a few players.
  7. The ructions over Pert’s appointment started back in June 2018 during and after the hiring process.
  8. Kind of fitting coz I rip my hair out watching the Weid.
  9. Pick 1-4 off limits if we finish bottom 4 (which we will). Petracca for a pick in the 10-15 range I would definitely consider on trading for Brown. Doubt North would go for it though. Still if he’s gettable we should be discussing him. Very good player. Proven goalkicker over multiple seasons.
  10. Maximum Bob. The spirit of Zen is infinitely malleable. There is a time for combativeness when the right circumstances present themselves. Masters on occasion will deploy the ‘keisaku’ - flat wooden stick - over the shoulders of sleepy monks during periods of meditation. THWACK!! This is never done with malice, but with a sense of compassion for those who lack concentration. And let’s not get started on the warrior heart of the samurai. I hope you enjoyed your time in Japan.
  11. As I keep repeating ad nauseum to this type of criticism, the Pert appointment is ONE factor to be considered among a host of on and off field reasons for the implosion. Game plan, personnel, yes yes I get all that. Read the Caroline Wilson piece from June 29. Pulls no punches. A lot of very high up people at the MFC majorly cheesed off behind the scenes. Like it or not she’s got serious contacts and sources throughout the industry.
  12. Good forwards should still be able to take half chances and manufacture goals ‘Bub. If Weid can only perform under ‘silver service’ conditions that won’t cut it at this level. Need more tricks than that.
  13. Here here boss. Great call!
  14. Wrong again amigo. Got zero time for partisan political hackery of any persuasion. Small minded stuff.
  15. The worry is four years in he still floats around inconsequentially and lacks physical presence. Runs under the flight of the ball, takes very few clean contested grabs and doesn’t hit the scoreboard enough. Poses no threat to AFL defenders at this stage. Needs to play at Casey until he can really dominate at that level. Get his hands on the footy and enjoy the game for a while.
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