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  1. True. Even umpiring in favour of MFC wouldn't have saved this debacle. And as someone said. Losing Getting thrashed by the St Kilda Spuds makes it so much worse.
  2. The AFL really didn't think this one through did they? Come on, how thick can you be? I don't care if they are the best band in the world, the next Beatles, whatever, but guys and girls.Come on! Beats head against wall.
  3. Hear, Hear. They were temporarily punished but got the keep otherwise ill gotten gains. They got to keep the #1 draft pick in 2016 and got to keep whoever turned out alright from their top-ups and rookies. A MacDonald-Tip for one.
  4. If indeed O'Meara signed a back-ended deal to help free up space and the rumours about Tom Mitchell and Chad Wingard doing the same are true, then... 1. The Hawks have space to chase Coniglio, and 2. They are setting themselves up for a bigger than Buddy budget hole when all the back-end pay comes due on players on the age slide.
  5. I think a few of us choked on our cornflakes at the beginning when the Swans gave a 9 year, somewhat back-ended $-wise deal to Buddy. At the time they didn't have salary cap to spare after signing Tippett, so they had to back end. It was a financially risky deal at the time, that after the loss of the COLA now looks like dotcom boom silliness. The Swans set themselves up for the 2020-2022 financial troubles by leaving that $3.9Mil to pay in those years. There was never much doubt that, no matter what a great player Buddy is (was?), that he was never going to be the 'rip a game apart, week in/week out' type in his mid 30's that he was in his mid 20's. There is not a club in the land that would take Buddy for 3 years for those $. Not a chance. The only chance would be if the Swans were to pay a substantial part ($500k+), and even then I'm not convinced anyone would bite at Buddy for 3 years at ~$800k. He is now an impact player who is likely to become even more sporadic in output. No thanks in answer to the original question. And the warning for any clubs thinking of offering 10 year deals to anyone in this risky game is... DON'T. Just as an aside, one of the biggest problems hitting the Swans now is recruitment and retention of mid tier players. Jake Niall saw this coming in 2017 when he wrote 'The combination of no COLA and the Tippett-Franklin deals (which prompted COLA’s removal) means the Swans can’t pick up many mid-range players from other clubs.'
  6. I obviously needed an irony emoticon. Dodgy selection decisions were the preserve of tanking clubs and that is the only game WC did the dodgy selections. Therefore, no tanking. And as for tanking to get Gaff? Makes no sense. Pick 4 was for finishing last, not a priority selection. So as a carp team they were getting pick 4 rather than pick 5 (Brisbane). Are you seriously suggesting that a team would tank, and get the only wooden spoon in the clubs history, for an advance from pick 5 to pick 4? And a mid 20s priority pick? No way! Maybe if the 2009 draft situation was in place where the priority pick was pick 1 and finishing last got picks 1 and 2. Then I might buy it. And as Hillary Bray says, the club had been ripped apart and was a mess both on and off the field. Gardiner, Cousins and Chick had gone though the legacy was still there. Chad Fletcher was not so much off the rails as completely out of the station. And Kerr wasn't far away. Thankfully, he for one, appears to have broken away from that group when the club re-invented itself.
  7. Great effort. Well done. Even just a simple list helps bring it into perspective. Made me reflect, that's for sure. Couldn't help but see the two names at Villers-Bretonneux, France, where I was privileged enough to be a part of the ANZAC day ceremony in 2004.
  8. I think we all accept that Carlton were the master tankers of tankland, and Melbourne had a good run at 'bringing the game into disrepute' *cough *cough, but as to the rest, I'm not so sure. Collingwood and Hawthorn, maybe/maybe not, but West Coast. I don't buy it. The reason is that the only two years they got priority picks were in the compromised GC and GWS drafts. Their reward was pick 26 and then pick 28. No top of the first round rewards, only end of extended R1 picks. Hardly tankorama stuff. We also have to remember that at the time they were basically rubbish. In 2005-7 they had the best midfield (possibly ever) and a good defence, but the forward line was rubbish. Ash Hanson? Q Lynch? And they were best of them. By 2009 even Phil Matera (2005) and Ash Sampi (2006) along with Hanson and Lynch were all long gone. Kennedy had arrived but was yet to fire and there was no midfield left. Judd had gone, Cousins was gone, Kerr was on his last legs, as was Cox. The fallout from Chick (who Hawthorn couldn't have been happier to offload) and Cousins's antics, along with the finished midfield and never-existent forward line meant they were just rubbish. The only game they made questionable selection decisions was the 2005 Grand Final where they left out their two best goal kickers (Lynch, Matera) for questionable reasons. But I don't think that even Carlton would tank in a GF! No need to tank, and no reward if they did. Let's put it another way. If they tanked, they were f****** rubbish at it.
  9. Two other game plans. Freo - Death by flood. Flood the back half (very 2010-2015 idea), kill the ball at every opportunity and hope the opposition and their supporters all die of boredom. Then, when everyone has given up the will to live, meander the ball forward and hopefully score. Essendon - Get 'em on the counter. Pressure in the back half and hit hard with run on the counter. When it works can be devastating. Watch the mid 2018 match where they totally destroyed WC to see how it can work. The Chaos vs. Precision games can be absorbing to watch. Does Precision cut apart the Chaos? Or does Chaos overwhelm and crack the Precision? If WC or Collingwood make very few mistakes they can beat Richmond 75%+ of the time. If Richmond can start to force mistakes they can crack the game plan and win 75%+ of the time. And TitanU, I think WC just made too many mistakes in the forward half more than anything else. JK and Darling dropped far too many marks you would expect them to take. The running and marking patterns were off with 2, sometimes 3 talls flying for the same mark. Freo just weren't good enough to take advantage.
  10. Come on Dees. Get your s*** in a pile. Playing like Freo did the year year after they first played finals. Not so much a Premiership hangover as a played finals one.
  11. They didn't tank. They already had one of the worst forward lines in the competition. In 2005-7 they had the best midfield of a generation (if not ever) and a great backline. That midfield covered a lot of forward line weakness. If you are getting twice as many I50s in most games and have Cox, Judd, Cousins, Kerr ++ feeding you, even a rubbish forward line will win almost all games. When the midfield imploded at the end of 2007 WC suddenly lost forward supply and the crappy forward line was found wanting. Remember, after 2008 they followed it up with an 11th then their only wooden spoon. A look at the playing list absolutely suggests this was where they deserved to finish. If there was any tanking done in 2008 it was by someone else. Who had the chance to take Nic Nat, but didn't. WC had just had their captain walk out, their best player become a recreational drug addict and their best remaining player miss 1/2 the season due injury. In 2009 someone lost 6 of the last 7 to not only get pick 1 (again), but also a priority pick, netting both Scully and Trengove. In 2010 there was no point in tanking as GCS had that draft tied up. Yet WC won the spoon. This period (2008-10) was a time where WC was rudderless, leaderless, internally riven, Ben Cousins scarred and absolutely directionless. The players were demotivated and disinterested. The supporters were angry, in despair and dispirited. No tanking, just a club that had totally lost its way. Morale was totally gone, at all levels. If you want to know how bad things were, hunt out the Josh Kennedy interview where he talks about what it was like when he joined the club as part of the Judd deal. No-one would talk to him, no-one would look for him on the lead and he was ignored at training. His nickname at the time was even 'steak knives', the bonus thrown in by Carlton to get the deal done. That's the mood at the club at the time and the reason they finished where they did.
  12. No, as tanking you're thinking of Carlton. WC became rubbish after the loss of Judd, Cousins, Kerr, and Phil Matera along with a few decent defenders. The forward line was already rubbish, consisting of Hansen and Q Lynch. If that was tanking, they chose the worst possible time to do it. Just at the time when GCS and GWS are entering the competition and ravishing the draft. Even Carlton wasn't that dumb.
  13. Hawthorn have been ruthless in trading out to get guys in to refresh the list, but they are reaching an age profile crunch. Sydney have for years received concessions to help out from the AFL (COLA, exclusive NSW and Riverina zones etc) that have been reduced lately, but their academy zones are still a big advantage that the only the other 3 northern teams match. The NGA zones the rest of us get are very much a second rate effort. Geelong are the ones who have taken the most advantage of free agency. They take the p***. Enough said. Adelaide and West Coast have received nothing from the AFL as far as concessions. If they are successful it is because they recruit better and as a whole are more professional as a club. Compare WC to Fremantle and Adelaide to Port. But you are wrong in your statement re WC needing to take its turn propping up the ladder. Since 2008 WC have 1 x Premiership, 1 x wooden spoon, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 2nd bottom, 6 x finals appearances, 5 x missed out. That is equalisation and taking their turn.
  14. Didn't want him. Had a lock on Cameron who is similar. Adding both would have been a waste.
  15. Not sure why. I think it will be best available that is also useful. Hill is a mirror of Cameron who WC get as a NGA. Don't need two, especially with Rioli, Ryan and Cripps already. My guess is Valente. Midfield is still weaker than some others (Eddiewood, MFC, Hawks) and WC have a good record of recruiting Vic Country and SA boys and keeping them. Valente looks like a good lad with good leadership and as a guy and player very much in the Luke Shuey mould. They may make an offer for Will Kelly as a developing KPD and he goes west or Eddiewood have to match. Never know, might do the same for Rhylee West or the GWS academy lad.
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