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  1. True, but that still doesn't change the fact that he really is not that good.
  2. I don't think he is actually any good. I have watched him closely since mid last year when rumours started about him coming to Melbourne. His skills are not flash. Decision making isnt either. What do others see that i dont?
  3. Is he even playing footy anymore?
  4. He would be 33 at the start of next season. It depends on his body i suppose. But if fit i would get him on board for 2 years... I think
  5. Yeah I am not saying that we will or should recruit him, i am just thinking that he is criminally Underrated.
  6. Every time I watch him play, even non dee games, he is an absolute gun. I have no idea why he was dropped for the best part of a season, but he always seems to kill it. Whats the knock on him? Would be a massive upgrade on Oscar. Won't happen I know.
  7. I understand the "engine room" access, but why does it need to in such a moronic, juvenile and dense way. I just dont get it..
  8. Welcome to 2019. Married at First Sight, Kitchen Rules, Fattest Loser etc and now this carp. TV has just morphed to appeal to the lowest common denominator and it is a blight on our country really.
  9. Jones could play the defensive forward pocket role
  10. The question must be asked. Why he played the last quarter of the jlt game obviously injured.. Now that he is out with a long-term injury.
  11. I dont know the guy personally. But I genuinely like him and hope he sorts it out. Then comes home to mfc, Croaf style.
  12. Come on mate. Sort it out. Jesse Hogan of the Dockers won’t face North Melbourne in Round 1.Source: Getty Images Star Fremantle recruit Jesse Hogan has been deemed unavailable for Round 1 selection against North Melbourne as he deals with “clinical anxiety”. Fremantle football boss Peter Bell confirmed Hogan didn’t train on Sunday following some “poor choices” with alcohol consumption the night before.
  13. We have had 3 generations of total schitness. That won't help as the supporters we have are already rusted on. We need a solid decade before we attract 50 percent more financial members.
  14. Early days but he seems a bit unco with his tap work
  15. I am calling it early. Preuss is not really any good.
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