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  1. We really need a black fella or two
  2. If he leaves he’s a total idiot. What can you do though.
  3. Hopefully we’re selling him at the right time with he foot issues. Better still hopefully the foot issues prevent him from reaching his potential.
  4. Just asking the question, you seem to keep coming back here.
  5. @Wolfturdo honestly what’s going on?
  6. Yeah we need an aboriginal for sure.
  7. Don’t know. Hate those freaks after Saturday but Eddie is such a dick head as well.
  8. He’s useless now. Too slow and may as well have gift wrapped those goals.
  9. He seemed ok yesterday. He’d want to be a lot better than the St Kilda game.
  10. We better get some good games. Will be [censored] off if not.
  11. No thankyou. I prefer to watch football. They shouldn't even be out there.
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