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  1. Sounds like an episode of Silicon Valley.
  2. Still on traditional Foxtel, flirting with leaving to save money. Like the ease of traditional foxtel and the fact there is no stream delay. But will probably shift sign up for Kayo and Foxtel Now (or Binge) in the coming weeks. Foxtel will probably hold off 4K to Kayo tho which is annoying (but fair enough from a business POV)
  3. "Bennell, Weideman among standouts in practice match" Unleash them then
  4. "Attack wins you games, Defence wins you titles"
  5. Yes and no to this, Liverpool signed 2 key players in Alisson and VVD to cover areas of concern that had let them down, namely GK and CB. These were missing pieces of the puzzle but the club had also invested in other areas on the pitch over the last few years. ie Fowards: Mane, Salah, Firmino and Shaqiri for approximately £130 million combined. Midfield:AOC, Wijnaldum, Keita and Fabinho for approximately £150 million combined. We thought May was the missing piece, but now we have a missing piece up forward.
  6. Sometimes when you're doing a jigsaw you think a piece fits in but in the end it doesn't make the puzzle work. The club adopted a short term view in the hope of winning a flag. It's looking like a miscalculation but time will ultimately tell. Forward 50 entries still need to be addressed - we have players that are capable of scoring goals, just not a superstar. The club has put faith in Wieds development but he needs more game-time. We've won 6 regular season games since the end of 2018, 4 of which by less than a goal. (We've also lost 3 games by less than a goal). We need to improve. Take me back to the glory days of 2018 when we beat Carlton by 109 points.
  7. Will any coach be sacked this year? extenuating circumstances? no one wanting extra finances as well
  8. Strange isn't it, 2018 one game away from the Grand Final - we think we're in the window and sacrifice pick 6 (KING) for May/KK. Fast forward to now and we've won 6/26 games, 4 of which by less than a goal. Looking like a complete rabble most weeks. Where are we as a club? and How do we get out of this mess?
  9. Is the playlist decrease for next year confirmed? Becomes little bit more difficult for fringe players pushing their case this year.
  10. Ta! I'm an MCC member so no rush to get my MFC add on, especially this year so I just paid it recently after paying off some other non-fun bills.
  11. i signed up to my membership late this year, has/will the same discount occur this year? I need new shoes!
  12. This is what Scott Pendlebury had to say "1. Neitz 2.stynes 3 Lyon 4 N. Jones 5 . Gawn 6 Schwarz 7 Yze 8 farmer 9 Bruce 10 white 11 green 12 junior Mcdonald 13 woewodin 14 robbo 15 Oliver 16 tingay 17 T Viney 18 Lovett 19 Febey 20 Nicholson. Prob missed a few but there ya go old mate" Always find player opinions interesting.
  13. Uncertain when the 50% discount coming but the shoes are currently on sale at $120 down from $160.
  14. Tommy Mac ($20) and Jay Lockhart ($20) are already on the cameo website, so is old mate Russell Robertson ($40). This would bypass the club but the club but club have options like reduced merchandise and even raffles for signed stuff etc - better than an auction.
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