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  2. Posts like this are making me optimistic about 2020 which is funny given how 2019 played out
  3. Todd Viney, not sure if Tingay ever wore one. Reckon Nate should wear one this season
  4. I like Preuss as a forward option but needs to work on a few things, if the price is right don't see an issue with bringing in Brown as squad depth
  5. I've changed my mind numerous times on who to take, and whether we should split etc. constantly second guessing myself, at least i'm not a list manager. Don't think Jackson makes much sense but could just be a smokescreen?
  6. A fan of any Melbourne player that wears a headband. But feel he could play wing, D or up front. That versatility can be handy but also note as commented above that Fritta excelled when just left to the one spot. Will comment once our list is confirmed and we see how magic Burgess really is.
  7. He's ranked our forward line the 14th best in the world, not too shabby.
  8. Wonder how similar the terms are for the extension. But good to know that jaguar (even if facing some issues themselves) see the benefit in sponsoring us in 2020.
  9. Jaguar Australia signs on for 2020
  10. Sorry if it's been mentioned in here but how much of a salary do you think he'd be commanding all things considered.
  11. Cornes staggered by Dees Decision. Can simplify this.... Cornes staggered by Dees Decision.
  12. "Just spoke to Harley Bennell after his medical with the Dees. Says he’s been given no guarantees they will recruit him. His manager has spoken to the Saints but not him personally. “I’d do anything to have one last shot at it.” " Brett Thomas (Ch10) https://twitter.com/Sports_Brett/status/1189385124393046016?s=20
  13. Just say Burgess/Brukner heal everyone up, do we need another tall or would it just be a depth signing?
  14. Sorry if it's been mentioned but when do they drop the entire fixture
  15. at least they wont have spent weeks doing pre-season in the rain, but you never know with Melbourne aha
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