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  1. Wonder what ramifications Burgess will have for perma-crocked players given his reputation. Some may see what DB could do first before I pulled the plug.
  2. Power Coach? So we do want Hinkley 😎
  3. I follow Brad Green on twitter and he RT'd Ricky Nixon onto my timelime. Ricky tweeted the following after the Freo Coach/CEO sacking; "Imagine if you saved one of your best players from walking by offering his Dad the CEO role - hhhmmm I’m pretty Bray Shaw you get where I’m coming from #ChickenGoesBANG" If this is the case I can imagine some serious sniffing for Angus coming up
  4. Estimate 2 bit hard to estimate as we aren't privy to the contract and all its clauses. 2019 financials will be interesting, gates should be down a bit given our form and also we didn't host Anzac Day Eve or Queens Birthday
  5. whoever it is, they need to help break this statistic i just saw on twitter The last Rising Star nomination for MELB was Oscar McDonald in 2016 (their 4th nom that year) Every other club has had at least one nomination since the start of the 2018 season
  6. less time watching the game at least
  7. I'm a MCC member too, at a minimum i'll get the basic Dual add on but still see myself getting the premium add on. Also Raise Hell was a great slogan, unfortunately we've raised nothing this year.
  8. A lot of players mentioned in this thread are squad depth options, lists do need some players like these.
  9. MCG Predicting 25,000 tonight
  10. Enjoy the New Balance products, some of the sizing a little odd but enjoy the mad discount we get
  11. coming out defending now https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-08-15/its-become-a-bit-archaic-demon-concerns-over-priority-pick-system
  12. Hunt with the assist for OMacs first goal. What can't he do?
  13. Is Hunt injured or being dropped? Was curious who'd win this race Petracca 22 Hunt 20
  14. There's always a whipping boy on a sporting team, social media amplifies this. There seem to be quite a lot of 'targets' this season (Frost, Omac, ANB, Stretch, Preuss, JKH, Wagners, Lewis, Spargo, Weideman, garlett etc ). Is this more of an indictment on our list or our expectations? Or is it just an online pile-on due to frustrations at our season
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