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  1. I'm gonna be up in 527, only seats we could get where we could all sit together. But I've sat in similar seats before and they are still quite good, pretty hard to get a bad seat at the new stadium
  2. Hahaha thank you all for the help! DanielE288 has got me sorted 👌 I was a rent a pie last week thanks to a work colleague This week I'm a rent a dee 😂 But must say I have a definite soft spot for your mob unlike collingwood 😂 You guys clearly don't need hogan so please feel free to send him home to freo ASAP 😂 Question I have for you guys is, do Victorians hate the eagles? I obviously can't stand them... they are a bunch of chardonnay sipping arrogant wankers... But I'm wondering if you guys hate them over in the east and why? Was having this discussion with my feral eagle mates and we couldn't decide if the whole competition hates west coast or if it's mainly just Freo fans?
  3. Awesome, would you be able to shoot me a text on 0488 906 207?
  4. Hi All, I'm a one eyed docker who will be going to the game on Saturday with my filthy eagles mates. We need to add some more red and blue to the stadium so I'm on the lookout for a Melbourne guernsey I can borrow for the day, will pick it up and drop it off to you in the perth metro area. I'm a mens size L let's raise hell!
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