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  1. Because he can only get his ticket on his barcode, not one for me
  2. I don't think anyone is suggesting WA non-members get priority but it's likely that some Vic based fans are unable to make it across to the game. Surely you'd rather an extra Dees fan at the game than more Eagles supporters?
  3. OR gift your barcode to fans in Perth that actually want to be there! I'd HATE to miss out just because people were buying seats and leaving them empty!
  4. Problem with that is how am I meant to sit next to my mate?
  5. The idea is so that I can see the Dees play in my home town! That is all. @Mogwai sent me his and I am eternally grateful!
  6. Understand trepidation with handing over Barcodes but there's no chance I could get to a GF. Just wanting to see the Dees play!
  7. Well in my case there's no chance I can make it to the Grand Final. Based in Perth it'll cost me like $5k or so to get across for it. As much as I'd love to, I just couldn't! And as you said, you'd hope no-one here is trying to scam people out of Grand Final tickets!
  8. Hey all, Perth based Dees fan here. Want to make sure we have a full quota and make some noise at the game at Optus. If anyone has barcodes that they won't be using please let me know as I'd love to be at the game getting around the lads and worry that I'll miss out. Feel free to direct message me and if anyone else is on the search for barcodes post below!
  9. That would be INCREDIBLE! I’m searching for two to go with my best mate and his old man who are life long Dees fans too! DM me if you can’t find flights! Thanks so much mate!
  10. Perth based Dees fan and could not be more excited!! If anyone has a barcode they won’t be using for the game PLEASE let me know! Would hate to miss the biggest game in years!
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