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  1. I just don’t know about Hunt. A few may disagree with me but at the moment he reminds me a little of Sam Blease. Super fast, bobs up every game or so with an eye catching run for the highlight reel but not a heap more than that. Frost is capable of this. Hunt a replacement for Lewis either. Lewis more level headed (bar his prelim). Looks for options, shapes the play. Lever or Salem more his type in my opinion.
  2. Funny, on game day I actually thought he showed up with some errant kicking. Watching the relay I didn’t realise how many scores he was involved in. Awesome hands under pressure I thought.
  3. Just want to give a shout out to O Mac's kick 40 seconds into this weekend's game. I know in the past you've had to cover our eyes when he's got the ball but that one straight down the centre absolutely tore through the defences. Resulted in a goal to his brother. As good as anything Melksham or Salem could dish up.
  4. Didn’t fade either, strong last quarter
  5. Hi all, first time poster here. Something that has impressed me this year has been our development of what I assumed to be mid to lower level players. I’m talking about guys like Melksham, O Mac, Harmes etc. who I felt were ‘filler’ and wouldn’t become much at all. It seems to me that we have created a better environment for players to thrive in. I have to hand it to the coaching staff for believing in these guys and giving them the chance to take the next step. I’ll be the first to admit I had no faith in any of them. Excited to see who else is going to step up! Go Dees!
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