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  1. That’s great but it’s one example. I love it how one example always gets used as the be all and end all to an argument. Critical mass is what I want. How many list changes did the last 10 premiership teams have?
  2. That's fine but you have to admit this is a massive turnover for a team that finished in the last 4. This line makes perfect sense if we were a bottom 4 or even an outside the 8 team but a bit unprecedented for a young side on the rise. If it gets to 10 spots to fill that is quite a lot to be topping up with draft and guys off the street. What do you propose we do to fill these spots left by people who were considered project players? Draft new? Look for mature age guys in the VFL?
  3. Not on YouTube yet but hopefully tomorrow.
  4. He did slam the MCC for the number of spare seats on Fri night. Was it really that bad?
  5. I'm not following. 1 minute you're saying we're not soft and the next saying that we gave up before the ball was bounced?
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