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  1. As much as umpiring is frustrating good team overcome it. The fact are this is just another wasted season by a mediocre team. Last year was an outlier but umpires are not responsible for the pain this club inflict upon it supporters! Just different season same old crap.
  2. Yes clear tunnel play on u just know we get nothing from maggots
  3. Boys gave it all I am just over watching Eagles get critical goals from free kicks. You just know where going to get pineapple. I don’t know about other posters but Eagles are the most arrogant pile of manure and have been since early 90s. That pay out on Gawn show up their mentality. I just live for the day we whip there [censored].
  4. Tough call on Hore kick the winning goal yet he not good enough. Thought he showed plenty and coolness to convert magic.
  5. I had a kick after siren it was slippery so from my perspective comment by Goody and co were accurate. Sometime when I read post you would recon we lost. We actually dominated the game but our defence due to lack of ball carrier pressure let in to many goals. Suns had only six fifty entries in last but kicked four goals. The difference in this game at the end was Max Gawn. Whilst our season maybe toast Max last two clearances out of the center were fantastic. He is the best ruck in the comp (and he ours). While he plays we are alway a chance and when I am down having the big man alway give me a lift. Finally big shout out to Tarax. Alway love meeting random Dees supporters and how many times do they show up as Demonlanders. The guy a legend hasn’t missed a game (any game) since Flower power. True commitment when you consider it includes 187. Great to chat and relive our common misery over 50 years. There are games, wins losses but there alway the club and May there forever be misery and all! Go Dees
  6. A horrible game to watch live but crowd got fired up in the last five. Hard to get enthused but a win a win. There were positives first time I have seen Lockhart and Hore they really are very good. I also thought T Mac was good and Salem is a class act. Beyond that this was a shocker of a game. The Dees will improve as season moves on and we get players back as seriously we can’t get much worse. The last two week were must win but we are going to be hammered in next four week Eagles; GWS; Crows and Pies. Will turn at the bye 3 and 9 with a % south of 70%. If we had not won the last two it would have been 1 and 11 so will take these win even though they have been ordinary. Clarkson a xxxx but he assessed us accurately. It going to be a long season I am afraid.
  7. For once the umpiring gods fell our way. That Frost throw was as blatant a free as you will see. Can only imagine the blow up at Dork land make it all the sweeter. The ultimate in bad losing is to call your conqueror average. Clarkson you maybe a great coach but that poor losing. How about restricting your comment to your own team. Would be plastering that on the wall for the boys to see before the rematch.
  8. Get the context he said he loved Melbourne and his comment were not meant to be disrespectful. The 10 years Dunny spent at the Dees coincided when we were simply deplorable. AFL players give a hell of a lot so you can understand why he doesn’t rate his time at the Dees as highly as the Pies. My only knock on Dunn was his over the top celebrations when the Pies knocked the Dees out of the finals race in 2017. Other than that good luck Dunny and hope you get to play more AFL
  9. I will reserve judgement for after the next two week when we play Hawks/Suns. If we perform poorly in those two then yes we have gone backwards but I was at the Port Adelaide game and we were seriously bad then. I wouldn’t compare practice matches. The only positive and there aren’t many is the team we have lost to are the some of the most in form in the league. The one really poor team we played was the Swans and we knocked them off. The next two game are winnable so let wait and see.
  10. Our options are not great but I would definitely have Spargo ahead of Garlett. Spargo at least places some offensive pressure whereas Garlett applies zero.
  11. The next two round will confirm whether we are spoon bound. Up to the bye we play Hawks; Suns; Eagles; Giants; Crows; Pies. The nightmare scenario is 1/11 as I cant see us beating the four big guns before the bye. Even if we lose the one thing I want to see is better transition and forward pressure which has been non existent. Garlett cannot be part of a team that want to exert forward pressure. He must go.
  12. It just goes to show Melbourne can make average team look good. Adelaide exposed the Saints today as a bottom eight side. Crows have killed them.
  13. As depressed as I am about the Dees after watching GC am sure where better than them. Boy if we lose that one in two week we really will be at rock bottom!
  14. Totally agree. He not Colin Sylvia. If you want to rip further fabric out of the joint then trade one of our best potential players. Really send a great message to the other young players. Petracca maybe a bust there are no certainties but to trade him is not smart.
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