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  1. Within the club they rate him higher than Rowell. Freak
  2. As much as I am no fan of Goodys pretty poor form of Jennings. It hard for Goody to defend himself
  3. Small sample size but you wouldn’t have him in your best bets list based on form. When you take the cash you have to perform he hasn’t. Massive concern he been dropped doesn’t mean it can’t be turned around but very difficult in a COVID year.
  4. Jennings also had a crack at Goodwin a few week ago about the length of pre season training camps. He stated the optimal period was 5 days but Goody ran a camp for 11 days the longest he had experienced. Said it reflected Goodys love of training but left the players disenfranchised due to the length. Goody seem to have a mantra my way or the highway. At least he loses the coaching gig he can say I did it my way
  5. I totally agree with that. It feels manufactured. The Ox shoots from the hip but his observations are accurate. I think our recent recruit are all in it for the money. I look at Gold Coast they have a bunch of youngsters who will build their own cultures. I just don’t see any culture improvement. It probably unfair but does being a Chair of an AFL club open business doors or is it really a passion for the club. I really hope it the second.
  6. Culture you hit the nail on the head. It bigger than individual games; players; coaches and employees. A broken culture will never deliver results. Bartlett got praised for his interview. To me his blind faith in our set ups is delusional. He is the master of corporate speak and flashy undeliverable strategic plans. When we don’t make finals this year who going to own that part of failure. He thinks the more you say excellence the more it is actually achieved. How about instead of saying finals we have a focus on delivering the best culture. Where are the independent culture surveys from the boot studder to the president to tell us where we are at and measure how we are going. The Dees are the masters of spin flashy logos; strategic plans; video. If they were handing out premierships for BS we would be Hawthorn.
  7. I agree with all points bar one no one know what we will get as a performance. We no exactly what we will get and it isn’t pretty.
  8. What is most depressing is the club decision making that saw us burn top draft pick to secure Langdon; Tomlinson; Lever and May. It smack of over estimating where we were at after 2018. Whilst that ride was great it came off the back of a mediocre year and cards severely fell our way.The ruthless dissection of our club by West Coast should have showed we were a long way off. If the club had taken a longer term view we could have targeted young talent and continued to build. Instead we have placed all our chips on B and C grade talent and have gone bust. We now see ourselves with a compromised list. There are two many big heads at Melbourne who got ahead of themselves after one reasonable year. Those who recruited some of the recent duds (don’t even mention Kolodjashnij) need to be held to account. It is just so depressing and Goodwin exemplifies it by refusing to change or realistically ackowledge where we are at. He is either completely clueless or deliberately misleads by stating hard work will fix this it won’t. There are now massive structural issues with this list. Continually saying they are working incredibly hard is a mockery this is an expected so why mention it. Our kicking is terrible so why do we recruit guys who can’t kick. Unreal. In his presser he state we turn the ball over. Hello that was obvious yet we recruit two guys who can’t kick. He says he can’t fault the endeavour of the players yet Langdon is laughing at half time without a care in the world. Watch Brayshaw at break he doesn’t even listen to the coach. He speak platitudes everyone is clueless about how Bennell and Wied are not in this team but try to understand why impossible. Some guys are assured of games he need to identify the protected species and drop them. Oliver’s kick and handballs yesterday were deplorable he should be shown the door to the seconds and others until they learn it unacceptable. If it causes losses so be it at least it send a message. There need to be a circuit breaker we just roll up and do the same thing every week and then get the same crap back as to why it occur. He said our forwards are getting better. Sorry but this is unadulterated BS they are demonstrably worse. He says they havent played much together. Last time I looked MacDonald has been putting out the same crap out for years. He then mention Brown as a saviour. My god an Essendon reject to build around sure he would get a game at Brisbane. He says we haven’t had any continuity why not. Every team is impacted by COVID it just another excuse. The supporter group are being treated as mugs. There are no short term fixes for where we are at. It break your heart to know we have on traded our first round draft pick for next year so even finishing last will not come with a reward. Melbourne says it values are trust; respect, unity and excellence. It says it aim is to play finals every year and win a premiership by 2023. If Melbourne want trust and respect it need to acknowledge it strategic aim are unachievable. Goodwin should see out the year but should be shown the door. There need to be a commitment to surround our core group of elite talent with other elite talent via the draft. A commitment that we would only trade out a top draft pick if we got super star in return al la Lachie Neal or Patrick Dangerfield. The Board should sign off that no top draft pick would ever be traded off for B graders so the current Lever; May; Tomlinson and Langdon debacle never happen again. Unless there is genuine change like that where stuffed and doomed to listen to the perennial drivel trotted out in the weekly presser. Thinking need to be long term strategic not week to week where working hard and it will turn around it won’t.
  9. Outstanding response. Sum it up perfectly and why where all so peeved. It not just about Lever as bad as he is it the lazy decision making.
  10. Agree Lever is hopeless but who was the architect of this disasterous recruiting
  11. Good summary. There is something rotten at this club. There is simply to much talent to be this bad. My personal view is the massive money paid to May and Lever has caused issues multiplied by the fact they are both terrible. I also think the haunting of Jones and Gawn has led to animosity. Gawn is a good bloke but captain I reckon it has destroyed Viney.
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