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  1. There an idea bleeding obvious don’t expect any change Goodwin has no adaptability what so ever
  2. Yep was alway going to happen. Can the commentators shut up how well where doing they must be watching a different game
  3. 7 to 1 inside 50 yet zilch scores sum up why where no good. Same week in week out. No doubt freo will go down and get a goal!
  4. Once endeavor puff out Freo are going to bury us. Putting aside individual players who have no skill our forward structure is completely non functional. Compare Freo entries loose players our alway cluttered with no avenues to goal. This has to be a coaching issue it happen every week. Our side is just so poor how the hell did this happen as no one at the club will ever put there hand up. melbourne need to load the cheque book and get a decent coach
  5. While Melbourne has players like Wagner just forget about it. Seriously appalling skill errors. Man the commentators are so talking Melbourne up. Our endeavor is ok but system woeful
  6. Simply no system Freo look dangerous. Entries into forward line dreadful.
  7. Thought the same thing no way should we be favorite for this game.
  8. Yet kicked the goal that took us into the finals for the first time since 2006. Don’t disagree he was injury prone but they were physical contact injuries mostly rather than a body that couldn’t sustain the workload. Offered an X factor (which our forward line clearly lack) that other club clearly rated hence his three year contract offer. Instead we keep signing JKH; ANB, Garlett etc none of who would rate any significant offer from other clubs.
  9. Agree but why didn’t we match it. Good club rarely let required players go.
  10. A game a half average team should win. Playing an interstate team at home after a week rest. However unless it Carlton or Suns I have zero confidence particularly as Freo unlike us has the making of a pretty good team. They knocked off Collingwood so cant see them to worried about Melbourne. Whilst you always want to win in some way it will take more losses to wake this club out of it complacency and accept major change is needed. For the long term winning more game like this will just assign this year as unlucky and once luck return we will be competitive. Essendon have fallen for this trap and with our player and coach set up irrespective of winning a few game now how can you be confident of the future.
  11. Absolutely trading Kent a bad mistake a potential game winner who was undervalued due to injury. A typically bad Melbourne decision. Had no issue with the Tyson trade and resigning ANB is nothing to celebrate. Yes he is a depth player but would not get on a top team list so assume we just accept mediocrity because we need to fill 40 spot. The problem with Melbourne is our depth players are average at best and we have way to many of them. Next we will be celebrating the resigning of Gartlett another player who will ensure we remain at the depth of the ladder. At least trading out these depth players and bringing in new blood give you some hope for the future. Resigning players you don’t rate just reenforcers that we will never aspire to be any good.
  12. Lever the latest MFC disaster. Will it ever change.
  13. Totally agree you have been sold a dud. Trust is hard earned but easily lost. How much will this cost the club next year.
  14. I don’t know about others but I really feel I have been in this spot over and over again following Melbourne. I at least respect Bartlett for coming out and speaking but all you get are motherhood statements. If I hear Goodwin; Bartlett; Jones etc tell me how hard there all working one more time I will hit the wall. That shouldn’t even be in the discussion it a given. Also the continued reference to our poor pre season but no genuine reflection on how this occurred; why it occurred, who accountable and what is being done to ensure it doesn’t happen again. After round two Goodwin stated there were no excuses and they were all accountable but since then there has been nothing but excuses. The club seem to be in a comfortable place with a she will be right attitude and luck will turn our way and everything will be apples. They simply misread the supporter base who have had a gut full of platitudes and excuses. This season has been a catastrophe for hope and it reflect in crowd numbers. Head should roll and people held to account where not talking about a poor season but one that disastrous. People forget we have been through years of pain and a seven year rebuild so being nearly last is just so f***ed and unacceptable. This is beyond being patient if thing are just allowed to roll expect more mediocrity. I think we have been sold a house of cards and there is absolutely zero confidence that the return of some injured players can turn it around.
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