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  1. Interesting toured the Lions facilities. That say it all not having comparable facilities is a major impediment to enticing players. It indictment on the AFL that the club is so disadvantaged in this area. Yes the club has a responsibility but Queensland clubs got there through handouts. Level playing field is a myth.
  2. Putting aside the technicalities if you win two premierships in three years there is no way you should get a first round draft pick under any circumstances. The whole free agency process debases salary cap and the draft. The rich get richer and you know the rest. The Tigers getting Lynch was beyond a joke. Good luck to them but once you reach the peak there should be restrictions to bring you back to the pack. Other than Tigers who built from nothing it is why we see team like Cats; Pies; Eagles; Hawks just rotate grand finals and premierships decade after decade. You finish top 4 say two years in a row there need to be some handicapping to even the playing field.
  3. I totally agree with your sentiment. What a litany of disasters those recruits have been. No wonder we are so putrid. The Dees have traded to get players but the jury is out on Lever and May. Our progression is heavily linked to these two. Let hope they fire because if they don’t the club has been set back years. Brisbane traded to get Cameron and Neale and look at their impact. Richmond have plundered the Suns and got Lynch and Prestia these two were instrumental in getting to the grand final. Just how Richmond got Lynch is still a mystery. Just show the impact of top end talent and why Lyon reckon Dees should stop recruiting mid level players and go after A grade talent like Whitfield. Let develop a strategy to trade our top draft pick for a gun as I have no confidence in untried talent.
  4. 76 stick in the throat we were on a serious role. More heartbreak.
  5. I watched the merge documentary on Bears and Lions. As bad as it is for the Dees we at least have our own footy club to follow. Watching the Roy’s supporters seeing their club become extinct was pretty sad. Is it better to follow a basket case of a club or no club. I keep reminding myself of that when we lose.
  6. Yes agree a bit like Toby Greene not getting rubbed out after Dogs game. The AFL did bank roll ROOS & Jackson but that only happened after we embarrassed their brand.
  7. I was lucky enough that my ability to understand footy crystallised in the mid 60s just after 64. The team from mid 65 through 69 was as bad as anything in the following decades. Finishes were 7th; second last; 7th; 8th; last. Think yourself lucky you missed this embarrassment.
  8. Geelong are an ageing team. They have eight key players over 30 next season including stars like Dangerfield; Ablett; Taylor; Hawkins and Selwood. They will also lose Kelly. They have not had a top draft pick for a generation. If Melbourne don’t go past them next year with a number two draft pick and a soft draw for being the second worse team this year what hope do we have. It would be an absolute indictment after years of rebuild if Dads army are better than us.
  9. Your making me cranky cranky. May kick a few out the back against soft team but absolutely no future with this guy. Certain delist IMO.
  10. I don’t disagree with that but in the absence of any other tall options he is our only alternative. Just give him a simple instruction see ball and bring it to ground. Other players do not compete against him for mark focus on crumbing and locking ball in.
  11. At the risk of sounding in anyway positive the team on paper doesn’t look to bad. Clearly CHF is an issue but Preuss at full forward structurally look so much better. If he can just compete the like of Melksham; Fritsch; Petracca could kick a winning score. Just why we haven’t used Preuss in this role with the absence of key forwards defies any comprehension. He showed against the Swans early in the season a rare win the impact he can have. I do try to be positive but then I see Wagner and JKH and tell myself to get a grip on reality.
  12. Liam Ryan OMG what we would do for a dynamite small forward like him. Absolute super star.
  13. If a team can beat West Coast they will win the premiership. Are strong all over the ground. Seem to just pick guns at will decade after decade. How do they do it? Evenness in the comp is a myth.
  14. Totally miss the point. Our list is abysmal and injuries are a pathetic excuse for 50 years of failure.
  15. In term of being a basket case Dees leave suns for dead. No premiership since 64; one finals campaign since 2006; multiple bottom four finishes over 50 years and no genuine home. That said we would butcher pick two or trade it for another injury prone player.
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