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  1. Not from me, he is the right colours. When is he a free agent please? Won't be able to play at Marvel but I don't mean to be a downer but I feel there is a concerning lack of animated gifs showing unsuspecting players entering the dark confines of Viney's pain cave
  2. How do you quantify its quantum in relation to pokies. Interested to know
  3. Didn’t we draft a big weapon from , was it North, to park up at Ff and chop out max ? hows he tracking? Anyone got some dead horse
  4. What a dope Should have made him play for the MFC for the rest of the year Total humiliation
  5. The only thing remaining that convinces me MFC watchers are trying to foment peak panic is "MFC should trade Gawn and Oliver"
  6. past performance is no indication of future returns
  7. Hardy har - no, my property contains paddocks upon which time permitting practice may be undertaken
  8. Exactly this. My golf routine is the same even when I am smashing balls down the paddock.
  9. Oh boy https://www.theage.com.au/podcast/the-age-real-footy-podcast/how-much-of-an-x-factor-is-jesse-hogan-20190617-p51yhf.html
  10. As long as he's not just your BSA (Bog-Standard Accumulator)
  11. I said it last week we’ll lead north by 10 goals going into the last brown will kick 10 in the last then max will snap hook from 3m out only needing to kick a point but will kick it at right angles out on the full and we’ll miss the 8 by 0.01 in my original prognostication I had us up by 300 points at half time but I then realised how ridiculous that was as we couldn’t kick 300 points in 5 games let alone 1
  12. Port Douglas in August (the same weekend we play the pies - wife and in laws pies :( and they’ll be with us ) leishmann or day to win the auld claret tour de france and yibbida yibbida that’s all
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