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  1. Has anyone jumped on him for the brownlow ladbrokes paying $51 when I jumped on Saturday arvo I think I read he started at 500s!?!
  2. Kossie running rampant jacko kicking 30.4 in his debut season, including one from 50m to beat Geelong by 1 pt rivers spear passes leading to endless Rivers of goals (hey! See what I did there) AVB return and total domination and the related “AVB made me cry” thread Tmac domination across ground trac Brownlow and 60+ goals plus AA then signing a 10 year deal (lolz at carringbush and GFC) really brutal tackling no big losses bridgette McKenzie and Angus Taylor sackings
  3. Fact-check on this please RMIT in other news air quality Northern Rivers all ok I think sunny coast clear too. Come train in Ballina boys!
  4. +1 for the great training reports down from the northern rivers 22-26th. Any chance of rustling up some training on Boxing Day
  5. Here I was thinking you’re running an EOS1D with 600mm f/4 L lens.
  6. What do you expect from a town with no pub! Say hi to Big Dee-Eye-Cee-Kay he who owns the old Duck Holes
  7. What a terrible problem to have
  8. Assuming the model is sound and without bias.... then The whinging is akin to those anti science AGW skeptics claiming conspiracy “because teh hockey stick graph “ or somesuch Facts don’t care about feelings
  9. A thread like this needs template I predict leishman will come close to a major again so will scott some unknown yank or obscure scando to win pga and us open . Or koepka both isn’t this golf predictions? trac Brownlow
  10. A few notes tracs quads should be registered as military grade weapons of mass destruction. They’re Tony Martinesque if there’s one thing I’ve never been surer of it’s that weid could parachute into a hot warzone surviving a barrage of anti aircraft munitions land offshore then frogman into shore and take out a platoon of enemy positioned on higher ground thereafter removing his helmet to reveal a perfectly coiffured head of hair. The man should register whatever he uses as military grade head protection Rad photos . Any observers - can you comment on how at home the new draftees looked ?
  11. What’s his dad up to looks lean and mean good role modelling
  12. He looks like he's going to be a total weapon Him and Kozzie in the F50. Backmen are literally going to have to wear man nappies. Go long adult nappy stocks
  13. BIG BAD GARRY! (Say in Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Big Bad Barry voice. Gaz might have eaten a few of Mr Elf's boats)
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