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  1. This is still a thing ? good luck tomorrow @grey wolf @Brownie and others in the northern rivers
  2. RATM Clutch propagandhi tool FF lagwagon tea party (?) henry rollins the mark of Cain nofx pennywise millencolin brescianello vivaldi torelli conversely sadface soundgarden, AIC, blind melon, sublime, stone temple pilots, pearl jam, Jeff Buckley, RHCP (waves at the warped album) etcetc
  3. Sorry point of order PH knows what she’s doing . Follow the money yo
  4. Wait a minute can someone confirm SOS’s nom de plûme is not .... Basil?
  5. I’m no LA apologist (though I do love me some The Move) but a) most of them were on it so, ceterus paribus b) he still killed everyone with training profile
  6. Cyclist here too if by intensity you mean metrics like TSS and look to things like CTL then yes it’s not just volume I know blokes who do 200-400km a week who can still have their bums kicked due to judicious training targeting FTP, w/kg etc etc
  7. Do we have a line into Ray Donovan. Just in cases, of course.
  8. As great grandma nana shanahan says shut the pie hole and walk more wise! #wordfromthewise #wordforthewise
  9. Just delete the Age cookie. No need to delete history/cache
  10. Threaten to forfeit ? Or run a Casey team
  11. This thread has all the hallmarks of the Langdon (hE cA|\|’t k1ck) and Tomlinson (He cANt HAz fooTBaLl good ) supposition leading to a pimple-bursting avalanche of goodwill the bloviating rebarbative naysayers ought commence taking their place upon the nearest ledge for the inevitable ritual Defenestrations and prepare their list of inanities for recitation as they plummet toward doom at 9.8m/s^-2
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