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  1. 2020 will be a write off let’s get him to 300
  2. Which worked out really funny at the final siren
  3. Does football track things like CTL and ATL and TSS to target macro meso and micro peaks like cycling does ?
  4. IIRC a few posters bought up 2-way running as a gap last year also
  5. Gooey chewy and not hot and Spicey wombats
  6. It’s instructive to compare other club captains and their performances esp when in the p00hs
  7. Who are the players who are impediments to a flag? Go! i kind of think frost and omac
  8. I do have yakety sax at hand shall I post
  9. As frustrating as that was all credit to efc
  10. I mean yeah 0-3 but least our kids aren’t starving in syria there is that
  11. Am I alone in thinking hunt has been good tonight ?
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