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  1. Would not complain if we had a cleanse, Hannan, Hunt, ANB, vanders, 2x Wagners, OMac, Jones, Baker, KK (inj), Smith should be allowed to move on Target a Key Forward and play TMac at CHB, dont remember the last mark he took.
  2. + obviously our 3 draftees on the standard 2yr deals
  3. Mitch Brown former Cat and Bomber signed as a rookie on a 1yr deal
  4. I'm going to go extremely early and say its make or break for: Hannan, Smith, OMac, Jagner, Cagner, also could spell the end for Jones, Hibbo (v unlikely) and Vanders. Quoting this in 12 months
  5. isnt it picks 3 & 8?? also can you update the gamessss ❤️
  6. and Age at EOC is wrong for some inc. baker and ANB
  7. can we get the games updated to end of 2019 plz ? ❤️
  8. guy walker retired due to injuries, a pretty obvious one we all saw coming i guess however it does leave us very thin on talls again with keilty and tsmith going too and frost looking shaky... makes me wonder why we let pedo go
  9. so currently three senior spots and one A rookie available Retired: Maynard Lewis Delisted: Keilty Garlett
  10. id have a cheeky sneak look at ballantyne we need goals and pressure also i went to school with noz and rowelly theyre guns professionals and we need to get either of them in at any cost. rowelly is one nandos is two both can play and win games off their own boots have done at all levels for years already
  11. Well maynard is doing his part to help with next years list cleanouut
  12. looking at that list i'd say its the end of the line for maynard, lewis, JKH, kielty, jagner, garlett, cagner one year deals for jones, walker, chandler, stretch, brandtke, tsmith and two years for frost, baker, dunkley, lockhart, jsmith
  13. pretty spot on, Stretch would be ahead of Jagner to get a new deal due to competion for third tall with lever back and hore performing down back too
  14. i played with rowell and anderson two of the top prospects at school and they are seriously talented. easily will go 1 and 2
  15. JKH gonna go one of two ways either hes already been crossed off the list for next year or he gets the extra 1yr out of guilt what r we guessing here
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