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  1. jarred rivers has aged well looks like a really good pick, welcome to club trent
  2. this might have already been answered on this thread, but what if anything would we get in return for frost leaving. also imo, him leaving just does not sit comfortably with me considering our track record with defenders (howe and dunne for example) leaving and becoming really good footballers. anyway, thanks for your service frosty and good luck at hawthorn.
  3. i really hope the giants win next week or else i'll have to leave Victoria, Richmond are my most hated club by far and i don't think i could stand them winning another one. come on giants !
  4. get adam yze and jordan lewis on the coaching staff and we won't be noticing his loss. hopefully all ten of the North fans will appreciate what Rawlings will bring to them. all the best jade
  5. sad to see Dec go, i thought he had some real potential (but then again there aren't many others i would get rid of) thanks for the good times Jeffy. (I still think Jeffy brings more to the table then Spargo)
  6. i see what you mean but at this point, i could not care less. eddie mcguire grinds my gears more than Garry, (P.S. love Garry's morning radio show with Tim Watson, he is quite good on that if you gave it a listen)
  7. I think they will throw Steven May forward, why else would they trade Preuss for him. he was a genuine forward before he got turned into a defender by Gold Coast so he can definitely play in the forward 50. at this point we have nothing to lose so i would expect an odd change like this.
  8. if we can get through either broad or woakes i think we should be fine, oh sorry wrong sport, max tried hard, shining light. I'm hanging in there with the boys, been through a lot worse so not about to give up on them now. also thought JKH looked good, don't no why he has been stuck in the 2's
  9. only getting 3 centre clearances well into Q4 absolutely killed us, that is an area we are usually very strong in but apparently thats gone to shīt as well (max's injury probably did not help), but even when we won the hitout we would still stuff around, over-handball and it would rebound. really scratching my head as to how we can improve? :(
  10. not the reason we lost, but the inter-state bias when it comes to free kicks needs to be fixed, i don't know how but the way inter-state crowds can influence decisions and the lack of consistency applied to visiting teams is infuriating.
  11. love the sound of it, thanks for the suggestion :) thoughts on Gax Mawn?
  12. In your rage about his efforts on Saturday night, many of you forget how good he was in the first couple of rounds last year when lever was around. i'd argue that during that time he was in career best form and was a really good one on one defender. as soon as lever wen't down, omac's form dwindled a bit for the rest of the year. if he keeps underperforming then sure we could have a look at it, but getting rid of Oscar is not a smart move imo.
  13. finally, another optimist, this website can turn into a dark hole of cynicism when things aren't going our way, but the fact is, we bloody won!!!!!!!! time to celebrate
  14. absolutely stoked with the four points, for once we are winning the close ones. I acknowledge that there is still a lot to work on, forward fifty entries especially however there is still lots to like. everyone getting stuck in to certain players, performance, effort etc. give it a break! lets enjoy the win and come back even better next week. love this club, Go Dees!
  15. i always thought that Dunny was a great servant of the club and that he tried really hard. he was probably held back a bit by us when we were at the depths. as many have already said, his ott celebrations in round 23 2017 [censored] me off as the game really did not help them out in any way. i wish him all the best for the future.
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