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  1. Yeah, I dunno about that. In 1996 when I was a working at a school in the south east Paul Hopgood came out to do a clinic with our kids. I didn't know him personally, and he certainly didn't know me from a bar of soap. He quickly ascertained I was a Melbourne fan. The Dees were struggling and talk got around to new recruit David Grant from St Kilda - who apparently was on ok money but doing nothing on field. Hoppy had no problem expressing his displeasure at both the recruitment and performance of Grant and the fact that better credentialled and performed players were on less coin. Now that was more than 20 years ago, but in my experience is fairly representative of the views of most players where self interest still rates pretty highly. Re Tomlinson - the couple of players I know seem pleased to have him on board. He is a decent guy apparently. Neither had an issue with what he is apparently earning.
  2. Ross Lyon really rates him despite his problems at Freo. He is still close with Pert and I'm sure they've had some conversations.
  3. Nearly finished. It's a fantastic read. There's a bit on his time at Melbourne - the roller coaster is better than the merry go round! No spoilers, suffice to say 6 finals series out of 9 completed seasons placed us second only to Essendon in terms of finals appearances from 1998-2006 for Victorian teams. This with a club administration was totally dysfunctional for nearly all of that time. He was a wonderful coach.
  4. Young has always been a midfielder until he went to the Rays. It was a part of trying to teach him other roles and responsibilities as often happens with really talented kids. Having seen the boy play since he was 10, coaching against him and knowing him through junior rep cricket as well as footy, I can guarantee that he is a genuinely multifaceted footballer. His pace is good (not express), he is courageous - going back into packs is not a problem, he's a great mark for his size (can play a bit taller than his 188 cm) and his kicking is elite. He can find his own ball and is also great on the outside. He may play some defence, but I think ultimately he'll work between half back and the midfield, like Whitfield. If we don't take him at 3 then whoever we do take had better be bloody good because they'll be hard pressed to carve out a better career than this bloke will.
  5. It's held so late because of school exams.
  6. He isn't in the top 10 players in this draft. That doesn't mean we won't take him, but I'd be surprised if we did. Then again, I've been surprised before.
  7. Henry will be a star; Weightman might be similar to Jack Higgins. Henry is a top 10 pick; Weightman probably between 14-20.
  8. I could understand passing him up at 3 (although I'd be happy to get him there) but if he is still there at 8 and we don't take him I believe we'll regret it.
  9. No brainer. Young and Kemp are the third and fourth best prospects in this draft. We'll get one of them at three and hopefully the other is around at 8.
  10. I think pre- injury he was a definite top 3 or 4. I'd still take him at 3 although it's possible he'll slip as far as 9. He won't be outside the top 10. He's too good not to take and he's worth waiting 12 months for.
  11. A superstar of the competition and we have had precious few of them over the last 50 years.
  12. Sounds as though Richardson lost a bit of faith in him. Doesn't bode well for a chance at Melbourne.
  13. I think he's a bit like Tom McDonald. An elite runner, not likely to kick as many goals as Tom but a competent KP player who needs some freedom through the middle. Many of TMac's really good games were when he started on the wing and drifted forward. I think Tomlinson can be similar - maybe more effective back than forward. What he will do is present as an option down the line. This season other than Gawn, we had nobody do that consistently. I've watched him for a few seasons and while he's no star, I believe he will make us a better side.
  14. He's a solid citizen who's played in three preliminary finals and a GF in the last 4 years and was the Giants best player (and arguably best afield) in the 2017 prelim. He'll be good for the Demons.
  15. Serong, Young or Brodie Kemp. All will be very good players.
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