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  1. Those suggesting that Oliver has had an ordinary season - the AFL coaches would disagree. He has polled votes in 10 games this year, which is more than Max. Given we have only won 5 games, that is a pretty impressive effort. His season hasn't been as good as his previous two, but that is quite possibly more due to the form of those around him. I'd imagine he'd be embarrassed by the optics of Friday night but I don't think he's a selfish player - just a young man who needs to grow up a bit.
  2. Given how the season's gone, I'm predicting Gawn gets up and then does the same hammy injury he did in 2017, thus ruining his preseason. I think put the big guy on ice and give Preuss a chance against his old mob. As for other changes, I'm beyond caring.
  3. Well deserved result for Max. Has been a shining light in a horrible season.
  4. He's a young man with a great deal to learn. He is an outstanding talent though, and if our coaches can harness that he'll become what we all believe he can be. At the moment it's all about Clayton, and that's a shame because he's the second best player on our list, but well down the list of team player's. He perhaps needs to take a leaf out of Max's book - who is our best player and also our best team player - he helps everyone around him look better.
  5. I'll have a go: 6. Melksham - should have had 5 or 6 but at least was a target and did kick most of our score. 5. Brayshaw - worked harder than most and ran both ways 4. Oliver - he lets himself down on a number on fronts but finds the ball like few others 3. Lewis - can still use the ball well even though the game has passed him by 2. Gawn - gave our midfield opportunity for first use and despite Allir's first quarter was better than the Swans rucks for most of the game. A shame that his season is probably now over. 1. Viney - it was one of Jack's softer games but he was better than the other 16 in red and blue.
  6. He's injured. Saw him grab his hammy (left from memory) earlyish in the second quarter. I think he's been carrying something for a couple of weeks. I doubt he plays next week.
  7. Where does Josh Mahoney sit with all this? This guy has been at the club since 2008 when he came over with Dean Bailey as an assistant coach. He has managed to survive just about the worst period in the clubs history and has outlasted everyone to rise to senior leadership. Just wondering if anyone knows how it is that he has survived so long? I heard Roos once describe him as a potentially great footy administrator (that was about 2014). Any ideas?
  8. How could he not? The precedent was set last year. Gawn is in front on the head to head ledger and according to the coaches votes they have had similar seasons. Both will make the team but in reverse order this year.
  9. Gerard Healy said that Jones would give the captaincy away at the end of the season "On the Couch". There was some discussion about alternatives but seemed to be a consensus that Viney would keep it most likely with someone else (read Gawn). Interestingly Roos said nothing at all. I think we are all out of left field leadership options. Gawn stands out as the obvious choice, I just hope that it doesn't limit his impact as a player. He's been our only shining light this season.
  10. Campbell Brown is Joffa in disguise!! He sets a low bar does this fella. 38% disposal efficiency - that's 6 out of 16 possies getting where they were meant to!! Love your work Joffa!!
  11. Gawn is in the top 15 in the AFLCA award (only 8 votes behind Grundy and having played 1 game less. He's also just outside the top 10 in the Age player of the year, again only 7 votes behind Grundy. So he is a chance to actually finish ahead of him by seasons end. Given he sits comfortably inside the top 10 of the league (and Luke Darcy has often referred to him as the best big man in the comp - and he's an AA selector), he'll make it on the bench. The precedent was set last year.
  12. No he hasn't. When has Grundy beaten Gawn this year? I hope you aren't counting Grundy's 38% disposal efficiency game against Gawn on Saturday as "win". Grundy was also obliterated by Soldo when they played the Tigers a couple of weeks ago.
  13. Looks a fair reflection of our disappointing season. Gawn has been a standout, Oliver has been fairly consistent but not outstanding, Salem has slowed after a strong first two-thirds of the season and Trac and Fritsch look to be finishing strongly.
  14. As David Morrison put it - "The standard you walk past is the standard you accept". Our club walked straight past the preliminary final last year. There was no review of the game which basically was saying to the team "It's ok boys, we overachieved but we'll be back next year." If that is the standard the coaching group are prepared to accept, then a losers culture is still permeating the club. I can't help but think of the way Sheedy handled Essendon's 1983 GF thrashing. We need to set and hold a professional standard and we need to coach a ruthless mentality. Ian Chappell once said of Rod Marsh - I've known plenty of players who'd die for the baggy green, but only one who'd kill for it. Who would kill for the Demons? This season Goodwin has clearly been out of his depth. Roos isn't the answer but a decent mentor is required. Macca clearly wasn't the man. I'm not sure who is but I doubt it's Bolton or Richardson.
  15. Notwithstanding further injury problems, this trade will be a huge win for the Demons. Lever was a star in 2017, and was playing into some good form last year before injury. He is one of the more courageous aerial players in the league and a decent preseason will set him up for a great 2020.
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