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  1. I don’t agree with George. The centre setup probably plays out 20-40 times a game. All of the tactics mentioned to limit centre clearances were already tried in 2018 plus putting an extra or two in defence plus extras on the square. I don’t have last years stats but from a year or two ago there were scores from 23% of centre bounces. With 6-6-6 this will definitely increase this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if this went up to 30% or 35%. Compare this to scoring chains from kick ins. We were the number 1 team at scoring chains from kickins last year at around 13%. The average was single figures. We probably only had to defend an average of maybe 12 or 13 behinds last year. Even doubling the best teams scoring chain efficiency is less than a goal per game.
  2. Do you think the 12.8% other for Richmond was 7-7-4 or 9-6-3?
  3. I’ll be interested to see how Richmond go with 6-6-6. They were pretty much the worst centre clearance team in the league last year, and started with at least one spare in defence something like 96% of the time. Unless they change their centre clearance work I can’t see them being top 4. I’m sure they are working hard to rectify it, but Nankervis is just not that great a ruckman, and their best mid doesn’t like to tackle.
  4. Any player who can nullify the above 2 plus Josh Kelly, Sloane, Selwood, Lachie Neale, and Mitchell while also being damaging is no flash in the pan. If it was a one off, then maybe. But all those players are champions that no other teams could stop. We have a gun.
  5. By comparison Hogan took 3 contested marks total in the 6 games against top 8 teams. For those thinking I’m bagging Hogan I’m not. I am on the record as saying Hogan could have kicked 100 goals last season if we used his once in a generation talents properly, which for a 100kg power forward is his speed and strength. He kicked very few goals after taking marks at full speed on the lead and none that I can remember in the big games. Hogan has no vertical jump and will never take many contested pack marks. Weids does have a leap, and already takes pack marks. So for our game style we are already better off. I would however like to see us lower the eyes a lot more in 2019, and bomb it long as a last resort. If we can do that we will be far more dangerous.
  6. I bet he wished he did miss the Sydney game. But the vision of Isaac Heeney’s mark of the year in Q4 says he didn’t.
  7. A 2018 record of 0 out of 6 against top 8 teams with Hogan versus 4 out of 5 when Weid replaced him tells me we might not be fooling ourselves.... Can’t wait to see what Weid does when he and TMac are the options against Carlton etc
  8. https://www.teamedgeathletics.com/blog/the-next-big-thing-in-sports-data-predicting-and-avoiding-injuries.aspx Is it wishful thinking to hope the conservative management is related to MFC adopting the latest technology (developed by an Australian company mind you).
  9. The umpires notice kicking more than handballing. When Clarry starts to do more damage on the outside and kick more he will get more Brownlow votes. So many demonlanders harp on about us having no outside pace, but it could be staring everyone in the face. Clarry was one of the quickest at his draft combine, and if he can get more outside ball (maybe mix up inside and outside if Viney plays a full season), then he will be seen as a true superstar and win a Brownlow. Think how Brayshaw, Martin etc kick a lot more and attract the umpires attention.
  10. If 10+ minutes goal kicking practice 3 times a week is all they do then I am with Dr D on this, but only comfortable in the knowledge that the entire AFL industry is pathetic on this issue. It really is waiting for a club to put some proper work into goal-kicking. Someone is going to win a premiership off it soon and then the entire industry will follow and we'll see players doing goal kicking practice for a couple of hours a day. Would be great for us to be the first. Saty, maybe you can ask Max Rooke at training if he has any ambitions to see our forwards improve accuracy the way the true professionals have in the NFL. Back in the old days (60's), accuracy stats were around the same as the AFL at the time (~50%). Every decade the NFL has improved and now if you are not around 85% you don't have a job for long. The best career record is Justin Tucker of the Ravens at 90.1% over the last 6-7 years. The average field goal distance is around 38 yards (so 34m) so probably not that different to AFL. They don't have a ball drop but there is a bit of variation in the placement and their posts are about 1m closer together. Compare this to the AFL where accuracy has not really improved over the past 50 years. A professional golfer would not be professional for long if he did putting practice for 10-15 minutes 3x a week. On the bright side, for players that had more than 30 shots at goal in a season, Tracc sits at 13th on the all time list for his 2017 season. And for career stats TMac sits 9th on the all time list for those that have had >50 shots at goal.
  11. Any updates Saty? For the small minority of posters who seem to take exception at your opinions, there are a lot more mostly silent readers who really appreciate the training updates you provide and don't take exception to your views.
  12. Possibly Bartlett’s idea. He would know a thing or two about employment law and incentive schemes. Both party’s would need to sign the contract so Goody would have to be happy. Surely it would be more like a CEO type contract with a decent termination payout. But if Goody is an optimist he’ll be ok with an open ended contract, as he would be better rewarded if we have success. If he’s a pessimist he would want a longer fixed term contract that pays him regardless of performance. I’ll put my money on Goody being totally happy with an open ended contract and backing himself to be remunerated as a premiership coach sooner rather than later.
  13. I would imagine it’s not easy to get any company to invest $1m+ per annum in a sponsorship these days. Well done to MFC. Hope it turns into a longer term deal.
  14. Indian. Owned by Tata Motors. Aren't Range Rover in the Jaguar group?
  15. Happy to have signed up and to support Andy. Also happy that when my wife looks over my shoulder at what I'm doing she doesn't see those annoying Dating site ads targeted at old people!
  16. I encourage everyone to click on it as many times as possible. They can pollute our screens for free, but as soon as anyone clicks on it they pay money. I’m sure we can ensure they make a loss in 2019
  17. Apparently it’s going to be Monday. Maybe the sponsor knows no one is interested in aflx and are interested in any footy related news
  18. Why didn't you do a global word replace, Brisbane<-Melbourne, Hodge<-Lewis, Fages<-Goody, Neale<-May, Lyons<-KK...
  19. Prodee's analysis is excellent. For round 1 though I think we may see at least three changes to the lineup Prodee has. Hunt out for Lewis. Hore out for Frost. KK out for Preuss. Preuss will definitely be in, unless we want Ryder and Lycett to run Max into the ground in round 1. KK will be a great player, but after his last 2 seasons it doesn't hurt for him to show some form in Casey first. Didn't hurt Brayshaw last year. Hunt needs to get the credits back through some good Casey form as well. I'm bullish on his season overall. But you would have to imagine Lewis will play round 1. Hore is only 189cm, and Port will probably have 3 giants in their forward 50. Dixon (200cm), Westoff (199cm), sometimes Lycett or Ryder, and probably Marshall (198cm). Frost is a better matchup for us. Back onto Hunt. Interesting article on afl.com (http://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-02-07/the-need-for-speed-lions-set-to-go-small-onball). Speed on the wings will be crucial this year. I think and hope Hunt will get a good run, and I suspect it may be on the wing. His speed will be really valuable with the extra space. He can probably dob them on the run from 50-65m as well which is a better use of the part of his kicking which is strong. Hoping he is lining up along side Charlie Cameron on the wing by the time we play Brisbane in June.
  20. I love your posts hemingway. I would imagine this is tongue in cheek. I can't edit it for you, but replace the highlighted line with And of course that fans sometime have better different insights than they do !
  21. If I was a new sponsor, I would be telling the club to wait until prime time before announcing it for maximum media coverage. Not sure when that is but it isn’t December or January, and probably not February.
  22. Port in 2013 to 2014 were in a similar situation to us now. A brilliant season in 2014 getting to the prelim with a very young list and a 5 year premiership window. Then Hinkley decided to be a big softy and let that %$^* Kane Cornes play games at the start of 2015 just to get to 300 and Port has been [censored] ever since, including 2015. So Watts is just a sign of the ongoing cultural problems at Port. Just shows never take stuff for granted, including where we are now. It can unravel easily through bad player management. We seem to have the right people in place not to let that happen though.
  23. We were the number one third quarter team in 2018. Number 4 in 2017. Sign of a good coach is one that can analyse the game and make adjustments at half time. He inherited an OK list with some great young talent, but has turned over 20 players (50% of the list) since he started. The improvement of the other 20 has mostly been really significant. The list now is his list built for the style that he wants, and rid of the dead wood and culture killers. He deserves to own it. He's done the hard work building the culture by making the tough calls, even more so than Roos. In my opinion he deserves a 4 or 5 year extension. Injuries and murphy's law mean there are no guarantees, but if Goody can't deliver a premiership then no one can. I'm confident he'll do it.
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