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  1. Port have been a joke and underachieving footy club ever since Hinkley let Cornes get to 300 games and then retire mid 2015 season to become a fireman! Clueless commentator.
  2. I hope the players get social media training and are told to stay a long way away from demonland. If any of them naively come here looking for ego boosts they'll end up on the psychologists couch. I'm in the no way trade Hogan camp unless he wants out. 100kg power forwards, who can run at 34km/hr and do a 2km time trial in 6mins, along with his natural skills are unique. His lower output against the better teams has been largely due to us butchering the ball going inside 50. We are improving our inside 50 delivery and he'll be a superstar for us.
  3. I understand us supporters getting frustrated and venting, but I do find it annoying when supporters go scapegoat hunting as if sacking a coach or player is the answer to any of the issues that have been a long time in the making. As Roos said last night during "on the couch", Melbourne had a veil of negativity associated with it, which we supporters contribute to. Goodwin understands why, never complains about it, is owning it and is proudly sending every hoodoo into the rubbish one by one, which I'm confident will end in a premiership. We are lucky to have him. And as he has been saying for a while, we are so close. Since the St Kilda game he has fixed a lot of things, and its still not perfect but is getting closer. Hopefully this year if everything clicks and we pinch one early, but if not I'm convinced 2019-2025 is the best time to be a Demons supporter in 50 years.
  4. As Jimmy Bartel states best 3rd qtr team in the the league points to coaching team fixing issues during games. Great coaching.
  5. I'd like Harmes to go to Ablett. He'd nullify him and slaughter him when we win the ball.
  6. DV8 might have been making a pointed statement about the stupidity of this topic.....
  7. Garlett isn't coming back after 0 tackles against Sydney.
  8. To nullify a superstar like Josh Kelly and impact the way he did was just insane. He shaded Max for BOG imo.
  9. Adelaide may be looking for a coach if they have another bad season. Goody, Riccuito best mates. Let’s lock Goody up for an extra 2. Roos knows a thing or two more than the posters on the other thread about what makes a good afl coach.
  10. Oldest and greatest football club in Australia instrumental in inventing the game that has an amazing history. Only club to win 5 flags in 6 years. Only club to win three in a row twice. We’ve just had 5 bad decades that’s all.
  11. Doesn't say much except for Neil Craig rates Simon Goodwin as the best captain Adelaide had and the player who would move on to be the best coach. Craig was at Adelaide from 1997 to 2011 I think. A little bit about the pre-season camp debacle and how that can be forgotten now.
  12. He's one of the quickest on our list according to champion data. We don't use his strengths at FF. We don't use him enough on the lead. If we hit him up on the lead, he'd be less vulnerable to having to beat 2 gorilla's on the long balls when he stayed back.
  13. Exactly. The balance just needs to be right and we don't always get it right at the moment. The most repeat maximum effort sprints in a game is shared by Sculley and Robertson at 36, which is only 9 per quarter and that is the elite level. We spend too many of our maximum efforts spreading. Hence we are the highest scoring team but we leak goals at times, and need to learn to balance the effort and slow it down when needed. As supporters we all want every player to put in 60 repeat maximum effort sprints per game but it will never happen, and we call them lazy when we see them running defensively at 85% effort. The lazy tag is used far too loosely.
  14. In hindsight a gutsy call by the pres. Backed the players and coach. It’s obvious from Jonesy the players have been feeling the pressure and weight of expectations. Great week for everyone involved in the club and the complete opposite of a mentally weak group.
  15. How tough is he? And still only 22 and had a broken hand just a few weeks ago. Geez our midfield is exciting. Should be together for next 7 or more years.
  16. I’d love Hawthorn to lose to Sydney. Then we’d need to beat Geelong, Sydney, WC to make GF if all other games go with favourites. But first things first. GWS. Win that at the G and I’ll be optimistic we can cause some damage.
  17. Noone can say that yet 🙂 Would love the win next week against gws and therefore get Geelong first week.
  18. For all the flak our forward system gets its the first time the eagles have conceded 90 points since round 1. Go dees!
  19. Don’t think so. Cyril retired and the articles were all about how much salary cap freed up.
  20. Other clubs have been through this issue re game plan with younger coaches. Port and Williams in 2003. Geelong and bomber Thompson in 2006. Richmond and Hardwick in 2016. Collingwood and Buckley in 2017. All bright but stubborn younger coaches. I see some similarities.
  21. Maybe make some tough decisions. Jones and Lewis to coaching roles. Frees up salary cap. Offer $1.2m a season if that is needed.
  22. Our best players are 21 to 26, but it is more than just experience and I rate our list as good as any. The players try their guys out and have nowhere to hide if they don’t as every kick, disposal, step and heartbeat is measured. So it is not lack of effort. If we don’t make finals we need a full review as per Geelong in 2006, Richmond 2016, Collingwood last year to work out why the club under-delivered and learn from it. What we don’t need is to sack the coach (note none of the three reviews above sacked the coach). If we do win 1 of the last 2 though but lose the first final should the club still do the review, because I think we still would have underdelivered if we don’t win a final or two.
  23. I'll be happy this week if we see some manic chasing, pressuring, and running when we don't have the ball, ala Tigers, Pies, and Hawks at the moment.
  24. Everyone we play knows the stats and they put a spare back. We don’t want 7 on 7 in our forward line so end up with 6 on 7 with our defence basically 6 on 5. Result is crowded Melbourne forward line and open backline. Harder for us to score and harder to defend.
  25. He's a talent but don't think he can impact now. Needs another 6 or 7kg over summer, and a bigger tank but he is a good grab, has a bit of mongrel, good kick. If he can do that over the next year or two then he'll be the same weight and height as Josh Kennedy and Tom Hawkins who really only started impacting when they were around 23.
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