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  1. 2 hours ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    14 day Perth forecast showing a high of 33 degrees for our game.

    Not ideal to say the least.

    No excuse.  If we aren’t fitter than them now we never will be.  Some of their key defenders have had poor preseasons.  Just run them into the ground.  And I’ll back Langdon and Tomlinson to outrun their opponents.  Burgess loves heat training, so we would have done our fair share of extreme weather training over summer.

  2. WC have had an interrupted preseason with their key backs (McGovern, Barrass), and a new midfield with Kelly in there that may take time to gel. Last year we flew to the Gold Coast then to Perth on a 6 day turnaround and should have beaten them despite our injuries and poor form.  This year we have no excuses. We won’t get a better chance to win over there than round 1.

  3. 2 hours ago, sue said:

    I'm not able to get to all but one match a year, so my views on game plans are based on ignorance.  But was it not the case that we were the highest scoring team in 2018?  We still managed to lose a lot of games, so presumably the defense wasn't up to it.  With a new solid backline and wings in 2020 maybe whatever forward game plan worked in 2018 might look a lot better this year?

    I don't buy the line that it was easy to beat the aging cats and hawks in the finals and met reality against WCE (who we did beat a few weeks earlier, albeit not in a final.)  While we may not have beaten them in any case, I suspect we were buggered physically and after a few minutes, mentally.

    During the last 10 weeks of 2018 we became the number one defensive team in the AFL.   Not hard to win games when you restrict teams to 46 points like Geelong were in the EF.  There are some signs of the same in preseason.  I think that’s what Goodwin is working on.  

    In 2018 though we found it hard to score against the top teams.  We still need to improve that.

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  4. On 9/9/2019 at 7:43 PM, DeeSpencer said:

    Unlikely to be a popular opinion but I'm very skeptical on these concussions. Innocuous head knocks suddenly leading to symptoms months later in otherwise healthy individuals? Obviously multiple concussions as well as sub-concussive hits to the head like boxers and NFL players take I can understand, but one head knock and all of a sudden you're done for months, the body has to be more resilient than that. 

     I think it's a poorly understood mental health issue as much as an neurological one. You start to lose confidence and belief and all of a sudden your brain is creating symptoms to avoid having to go back out there. I'm not saying it's all made up, I just think the treatment has to be holistic.

    One thing I'd say for sure with Kade is we better not pick him for the senior side until he's fit, strong, relishing the contests and showing he's absolutely ready and safe to play AFL footy again. Even if he flies through preseason he might do well to spend a month at Casey.

    Swedish concussion specialist below disagrees with the bolded bit above.  No offence, but this is a sensitive issue and uninformed opinions are best kept to yourself. 

    Concussion test: Tau

    Professor Henrik Zetterberg, a neurochemist from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, has been looking at indicators of axon damage that might meet the criteria of a marker for more subtle brain damage. He says that, so far, research has singled out two key candidates. The first, the protein tau, is already making a name for itself as a biological villain of other conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

    Research has shown that amateur boxers have higher levels of tau in the blood stream the week or so after a bout, even if they’re not knocked out. These levels then slowly return to normal around eight to 10 weeks after the impact, as long as the boxer doesn’t have any more head impacts during that time.

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  5. 4 hours ago, Pates said:

    This is the really damaging and potentially dangerous thing about those footy journalists proclaiming what they had heard from the cousin of the best mate of the Freo boot studder. Whether or not there is truth to it we are dealing with a young man who is struggling with mental health issues and has recognised he needs to take time out to get himself right. 

    As I said earlier, broadcasting these claims (whether they happened or not) to the world before Jesse and his family have had the chance to sit down and discuss it with the club does nothing but bad things for his mental health. It's disgusting disregard from Hagdon to not consider the person before starting down this path.

    He might well have played his last game of footy, and you know what I would completely understand that decision after this latest garbage from the media.

    It would also be equally despicable if Freo had the discussions that they have now refuted. The report is damaging to Hogan but also to Freo. Bell is a lawyer. If he is 100% in the clear he should follow the example our President set in response to gutter WA journalism and start defamation proceedings if for no other reason than to get a public apology from Hagdorn along the lines of “his source was unreliable and the story was incorrect”.

    If Freo don’t follow that path the damaging speculation, which is not helping Hogan’s mental health, will continue.  

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  6. 1 hour ago, bandicoot said:

    The real question is what did the niners do over the last 4 years to get them into this position? 

    what were the coaching appointments? who was in charge of the front office? what list changes did they make and who did they recruit in the draft???

    Back to the AFL I’m still in awe of Richmond. The club under hardwick was a basket case for the first 4 years and then they become unstoppable... who led this change? 


    They did a rebuild via the draft mainly and focussed on defenders first.  Shanahan has led the rebuild and had a good assistant coach record, but as an offensive assistant.  But every team at the bottom has tried rebuilding so doing it is not easy.  The 49ers used most of their high draft picks on defence which goes against the grain a bit.  This year it has really clicked and paid dividends and their defence is unbelievable.

    Their offensive team is good without being great.  They run more than pass which is safer (less turnovers), whereas Kansas will pass more than run.  The 49ers really rely on getting the ball back in good positions on the field and have done it really well.  The turnaround has been faster than expected.  Most preseason pundits had them at 10 Wins best case, 4 worst, and 6-8 likely. Then they got off to a flying start and the confidence just grew.

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  7. I’m not sure if many follow American football, but I’m a 49ers fan and the last 5 seasons before this one have been shockers, pretty much sitting last or close to it.  

    Last year, out of 32 teams they had the equal 2nd worst win-loss record, the second worst defence, and a bottom 25% offence.  Their turnaround this year has been staggering, especially the defence which are now feared. Here’s hoping for a good result tomorrow, and a good omen for the AFL team that finished second last in 2019.



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  8. 4 hours ago, Rodney (Balls) Grinter said:

    Interested in your thoughts on Harmes switch to the backline in particular Spencer.

    I must admit I've been a bit perplexed by the reports of Harmes training with the backline.  He adds so much grunt and line breaking ability in the midfield that my first reaction is why would you want to take him out of there.  But I'm guessing that we have plenty of other grunt midfielders that with the benefits of a decient preseason could fill that void (your full post seemed to alude to that as well).  I'm also guessing that line breaking ability of Harmes could be used to good effect to launch attacks from the back half (he probably has better accuracy, vision and ball placement with his disposals than Hibbard) and that they could also still inject him into the midfield in bursts if the need arrises to exert a bit more dominance in there.

    What attributes of Harmes in particular do you see that have driven this move to the backline?

    I think we have a lot of lock down defenders, but aside from 2017 and Hibbard we have not had anyone that can play the Houli or Laird type role, where they pick up 25 to 30+ possessions and are damaging.  My guess is that’s what they want Harmes to be and he is more than capable of it.  He’s a great stopper while also getting the ball himself.

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  9. 7 hours ago, Pennant St Dee said:

    The great Reverend spoke to the boys in 2017 or 18 and coined the phrase I'm not interested in what you say, "When all is said and done, more is said than done."

    He followed up with why not us, and they lifted for a period. 

    Now is the time for this team to progress to consistent effort week in week out, quarter by quarter and in a couple of years genuine flag tilt

    The why not us speech was before the Queens birthday game in 2018 wasn’t it?  I’d argue we dropped off for 4-5 weeks, not because of lack of effort but from a worsening of structures due to an overhyped all in to get the ball mentality.

     It surprises me that supporters continually harp on about players not putting in consistent effort.  That is 100% not the problem on game day.  Every player has a GPS measuring every heartbeat, metres covered, accelerations etc etc. How to you think they hide their lack of effort from the fitness staff and coaches?  I’ll answer for you they don’t.  The staff know how well they prepare preseason - cue members forum and only 2 players doing more than 50% of preseason loads.

    Last year it was clear, especially in hindsight to supporters who attended the forum, the team was overall not fit, probably had diets that were detrimental to their endurance, and to my eye looked like they lost strength.  We will see how the 4 qtr efforts are this year, but I would expect a return to 2018 where we were one of the best second half teams in the league, rather than the 2019 version where we were the worst.


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  10. It’s pretty sad for KK. Does anyone who attends training know when and how KK got concussed?  Last I heard he hurt an elbow at training in November and then hasn’t been seen again.

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  11. 23 hours ago, chookrat said:

    In seriousness I'm super pleased we have Richo onboard and feel really positive about 2020. 

    My key takeaways were that the players are fit, have got a good conditioning block in and  will focus alot on footy and how we play when back from the break, and that Richo's focus is that the players understand it instinctively.

    My key take away was the players were eating properly which allowed them to attack fitness and strength training.

  12. 4 hours ago, Satyriconhome said:

    I hardly missed a pre season session, most of the ops were upper body, so the running, aerobic fitness didn't lack

    Towards the end of pre season most were back in the main group and looking good

    My opinion, the lack of a 'proper' preseason became an excuse that got repeated so often, it became fact, and an out for a non.performing player

    Other 'reporters' would have reported exactly the same thing,  apart from the occasional skill error to give Demonland something to hang their hat on

    My opinion the issue was mental and too many voices and messages trying to right the ship

    At the forum, they had all the GPS stats up and only 2 players did more than 50% of the loads required last preseason. Max was the highest, at 80% from memory.  The issue was only mental to the extent that players quickly had no confidence in anything due to their poor conditioning.

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  13. For me it’s all about fitness and Burgo.  We were terrible last year.  In fact, unlike 2018 where our 3rd quarters were our best, in 2019 our best qtrs were our 1st, and every quarter after got worse with our 4th the worst in the league.  Get 22 fit players on the ground with the training loads done, and the difference will be massive.

    There will likely be 1 or 2 teams that create a gap on the rest.  I don’t expect us to be one of them as I think we may take a month or so to click after our 2019. But I also think there will be 10 teams from 3 to 13 that are close and with a bit of luck we could be up there, but a few injuries to key players and we could be struggling.  We really can’t afford TMac, Clarry, Max, or May to have injuries.

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  14. Just now, Demonland said:

    Different circumstances to our 2018 Preliminary Final exit but Geelong forced their players to rewatch their 2019 Preliminary Final loss in particular how they gave up a 21 point half time lead and lost by 19 points.


    Of course if they have a horror injury run and slip down the ladder the Scott haters will be demanding he be sacked for destroying the players confidence by making them relive the dire 3rd quarter.

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  15. 14 hours ago, Wiseblood said:

    2020 will tell us which season was the anomaly - 2018 or 2019.  My money is on the latter.

    He was better than average in 2017 too Wiseblood. If he, like 90% of the team, is fit and gets his confidence back he will do his role as he brings something different and runs hard both ways.  He has his limitations but if he gets back to 16-18 possessions, 5-6 score involvements, and ~5 tackles, then I’ll hope he reduces his turnovers from 4 a game but I accept he has flaws but still brings more than he costs. His role in doing the job on half back running machines seems unrecognised.  Think the round 22 game against GWS in 2018 where he cut Whitfield out of the game.

    Whitfields 2018 Stats

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  16. 6 hours ago, dee-tox said:

    Not sure its as black and white as this Saty! Posters here are not necessarily fanboys but observers. His running capacity is superb and he does continue to get in the right positions. However, his ability to tackle and/or kick (perhaps when fatigued) is very poor. No Melb player misses more shots from 15-20 metres out on the run, and no Melb. player currently on the list has so many missed tackles. These are the areas, if he gets right, could mean he is a very dangerous player and great asset to the team.

    If ANB was at Richmond, he would be in front of Castagna by a mile, who is picked every week.  Same kind of half forward role. Castagna is picked for his pressure.  His best tackling season was this year at 3.1 average per game.  ANB has averaged 4-5 a game for 3 years. Tackling is one of the main reasons why he is picked.

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  17. 9 minutes ago, old dee said:

    We all have our opinions dd. 

    I just don't believe Jackson is the Messiah. He is a ruckman who we all hope can make it as good forward. But I rail against talk that he should be playing round 2. He is a kid who will be learning the game at senior level the next couple of years. To expect him to haul the forward line up to finals in 2020 is folly.

    Is anyone thinking he is the messiah? I’m not sure anyone would think he could do anything other than play a role.  But hey, wouldn’t it be great if we had a forward 6 who all knew what their role was and played it.

    There are a few articles written around the draft combine time by Cal Twomey and others that said Jackson would be ready to play round 1. And if he plays forward it will be to play a role which hopefully includes bringing the ball to ground, competing for ground balls so it isn’t waltzed up the other end for a goal like last year, and improving our forward 50 stoppages.  His recovery, ground balls, and clearance work seem to be a strength.

    He is an athlete though. Very quick, good leap, and really good endurance. But whether he can read the play well enough to play forward in his first year and do a role remains to be seen.  It will be a bonus if he can.

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  18. https://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-11-27/who-would-you-have-taken-at-pick-no3-we-ask-the-recruiters
    Sorry if this has already been posted, but this is what 4/12 other clubs recruiters said about who they would take at 3.

    “I'd be taking Luke Jackson every day. And I'd be taking him at pick No.2, too, behind Rowell.”

    “He (Jackson) just might be so good that you have to take him at that pick, even if he's not exactly what you need right now. I like that he gets involved around the ground, he averaged nearly 20 touches in the colts this year. The Brodie Grundy comparisons are right."

    We would take Luke Jackson. We think it's just so hard to find a player like him and with his qualities.”

    Luke Jackson in a heartbeat. He's a rare player.”

    I would definitely be tempted to pick Luke Jackson, but it would take a lot of courage to do it. He intrigues me and it's rare what he can do at his size."

    6 would have taken Young.  2 are definite but maybe 4 are qualified and the rest because of his elite kicking.


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  19. 16 hours ago, rjay said:

    That article starts out with a very poor example.

    There isn't enough real science to back up the cold water/ice bath theory.

    In fact many are moving away from it.

    Unfortunately a lot of sport science is based on fads and the real science is often very flaky...

    Altitude training anyone?

    The article is not saying the real science is flaky.  The real science is sound, but the problem is real scientists didn’t get involved in sports and so stuff that was published and used was flawed.  If you read the article, real scientists are getting involved and pointing out the problems.  The organisation’s that started following real science got a leg up.  Boston Red Sox say hello.  

    It’s also kind of indicative that sports nuts who didn’t have the science background got into data analyst roles and came up with the fads probably to justify their jobs.  I’d not be confident that they know what they are doing and use data to confirm their biases.  Clubs like Liverpool FC employed real scientists that knew nothing about soccer, and the data they come up with is unbiased and valuable. It played an important part in their champions league win.

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  20. 16 minutes ago, Moonshadow said:

    So can you or anyone confirm that this year clubs can use the 5 mins after academy bids to swap picks? Someone got a recent link to this?

    I thought I read the AFL sent out a memo to clubs saying this would not longer be permitted. Can no longer find where.

    That was my original enquiry. 


    Did the memo go out after the above article?

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