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  1. It’s pretty sad for KK. Does anyone who attends training know when and how KK got concussed? Last I heard he hurt an elbow at training in November and then hasn’t been seen again.
  2. My key take away was the players were eating properly which allowed them to attack fitness and strength training.
  3. At the forum, they had all the GPS stats up and only 2 players did more than 50% of the loads required last preseason. Max was the highest, at 80% from memory. The issue was only mental to the extent that players quickly had no confidence in anything due to their poor conditioning.
  4. https://www.afl.com.au/video/364601/shifter-s-best-ever-pick-no-12-cyril-burgoyne-or-wanganeen?videoId=364601&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1577473200001 Hope Kozzie can add to the legendary indigenous talent taken at pick 12.
  5. For me it’s all about fitness and Burgo. We were terrible last year. In fact, unlike 2018 where our 3rd quarters were our best, in 2019 our best qtrs were our 1st, and every quarter after got worse with our 4th the worst in the league. Get 22 fit players on the ground with the training loads done, and the difference will be massive. There will likely be 1 or 2 teams that create a gap on the rest. I don’t expect us to be one of them as I think we may take a month or so to click after our 2019. But I also think there will be 10 teams from 3 to 13 that are close and with a bit of luck we could be up there, but a few injuries to key players and we could be struggling. We really can’t afford TMac, Clarry, Max, or May to have injuries.
  6. Of course if they have a horror injury run and slip down the ladder the Scott haters will be demanding he be sacked for destroying the players confidence by making them relive the dire 3rd quarter.
  7. He was better than average in 2017 too Wiseblood. If he, like 90% of the team, is fit and gets his confidence back he will do his role as he brings something different and runs hard both ways. He has his limitations but if he gets back to 16-18 possessions, 5-6 score involvements, and ~5 tackles, then I’ll hope he reduces his turnovers from 4 a game but I accept he has flaws but still brings more than he costs. His role in doing the job on half back running machines seems unrecognised. Think the round 22 game against GWS in 2018 where he cut Whitfield out of the game. Whitfields 2018 Stats
  8. Good grief. You’ve only compared 2019. ANB would have been selected in round 1 2019. ANB v Castagna 2018
  9. If ANB was at Richmond, he would be in front of Castagna by a mile, who is picked every week. Same kind of half forward role. Castagna is picked for his pressure. His best tackling season was this year at 3.1 average per game. ANB has averaged 4-5 a game for 3 years. Tackling is one of the main reasons why he is picked.
  10. Is anyone thinking he is the messiah? I’m not sure anyone would think he could do anything other than play a role. But hey, wouldn’t it be great if we had a forward 6 who all knew what their role was and played it. There are a few articles written around the draft combine time by Cal Twomey and others that said Jackson would be ready to play round 1. And if he plays forward it will be to play a role which hopefully includes bringing the ball to ground, competing for ground balls so it isn’t waltzed up the other end for a goal like last year, and improving our forward 50 stoppages. His recovery, ground balls, and clearance work seem to be a strength. He is an athlete though. Very quick, good leap, and really good endurance. But whether he can read the play well enough to play forward in his first year and do a role remains to be seen. It will be a bonus if he can.
  11. https://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-11-27/who-would-you-have-taken-at-pick-no3-we-ask-the-recruiters Sorry if this has already been posted, but this is what 4/12 other clubs recruiters said about who they would take at 3. “I'd be taking Luke Jackson every day. And I'd be taking him at pick No.2, too, behind Rowell.” “He (Jackson) just might be so good that you have to take him at that pick, even if he's not exactly what you need right now. I like that he gets involved around the ground, he averaged nearly 20 touches in the colts this year. The Brodie Grundy comparisons are right." “We would take Luke Jackson. We think it's just so hard to find a player like him and with his qualities.” “Luke Jackson in a heartbeat. He's a rare player.” “I would definitely be tempted to pick Luke Jackson, but it would take a lot of courage to do it. He intrigues me and it's rare what he can do at his size." 6 would have taken Young. 2 are definite but maybe 4 are qualified and the rest because of his elite kicking.
  12. The article is not saying the real science is flaky. The real science is sound, but the problem is real scientists didn’t get involved in sports and so stuff that was published and used was flawed. If you read the article, real scientists are getting involved and pointing out the problems. The organisation’s that started following real science got a leg up. Boston Red Sox say hello. It’s also kind of indicative that sports nuts who didn’t have the science background got into data analyst roles and came up with the fads probably to justify their jobs. I’d not be confident that they know what they are doing and use data to confirm their biases. Clubs like Liverpool FC employed real scientists that knew nothing about soccer, and the data they come up with is unbiased and valuable. It played an important part in their champions league win.
  13. https://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-11-07/get-set-for-draft-night-drama-why-clubs-are-holding-fire-on-pick-swaps Did the memo go out after the above article?
  14. We nominate Green. GWS trade pick 6 to say GC for 15 and 20. GWS get Green at pick 3 using points from pick 15 plus other picks. We now effectively have pick 4 and 9.
  15. We obviously are not doing enough. Alice Springs (our zone) has not been a good zone lately. It’s probably similar to the Kimberley in WA, lots of talent. The Kimberley zone has seen lots of talent drafted recently. Alice none.
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