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  1. We obviously are not doing enough. Alice Springs (our zone) has not been a good zone lately. It’s probably similar to the Kimberley in WA, lots of talent. The Kimberley zone has seen lots of talent drafted recently. Alice none.
  2. I’d love to see him play 22+ games in 2020. He has really good leading patterns imo, which is what our mids need to see more of when going inside 50. If he can improve on the 1.5 goals per game average he had in 2018 is definitely best 22 and with no injury issues I would expect he could improve on 2018.
  3. They’ll still do the pre trade stuff. I suspect why MFC were so happy to trade out next years first for this years pick 8 is we are stocking up on 2nd and 3rds next year knowing it will be easy to trade back down to a 1st rounder next year with all the trading that will go on with nga players. I bet we end up with a decent first round pick next year in a diluted draft.
  4. They need to not allow live trades on NGA bids. If GWS have pick 6 and green is worth that or better, they should not have 5 minutes to trade that for picks 14 and 17 or whatever. They should be forced to use pick 6. The AFL are allowing the draft to be rorted. If it is allowed next year with 15 if the top 40 NGA picks it will be a complete farce
  5. SANFL is not open. They are generally a slog fest. 6 goals each is not uncommon! A couple of 4 goals each last season. Open games are the exception.
  6. If we don’t draft from states where we had previously drafted duds then all we can draft is 6’11” ex kiwis?
  7. I don’t believe we have put a lot of time into him, which is probably because we don’t think he is pick 3 but expect him to go to Sydney, Crows or Freo who all need outside speed.
  8. FWIW, the SA U18 coach, Gould and Stephens all rate Pickett as the most talented player from SA in this years draft. Apparently in school footy he was on a different level. https://amp.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/brenton-phillips-labels-kysaiah-pickett-as-the-most-talented-sa-player-in-the-draft/news-story/9fbfdf650e1a6d6fd2963137ab1d4846 I wanted Young and Stephens, but if Stephens is gone at 8 a split to have a go at Picket and Weightman would be worth a go. You wouldn’t think either would go in the top 15.
  9. In Adelaide and went to the gym next to Adelaide Oval. Will Gould was training and doing weights. He’s tall, but if he put some weight on post season he has obviously put his head down recently and now looks in ripping nick. If our squad were training as hard as he is in the off season I’d be pretty comfortable about next season.
  10. Apparently every club except Richmond has spoken to him. Collingwood, West Coast, St Kilda, and Essendon are being a bit optimistic. Crows his preferred choice but went to school in Melbourne for a few years and moving to Melbourne wouldn’t phase him. I suspect he’ll end up at Crows at pick 4 or Freo at pick 7. They need a couple of new wingers.
  11. Josh Kelly is behind Jade Gresham, who’s only elite stat is clearances which ranked him 50th in the afl last year!
  12. Oliver is an A grader. I think he needs to bulk up to do what you hope and really dominate games so he take more tacklers when he wins contested ball. Also to use his pace out of stoppages more when he can. He’d go from A grader to multiple Brownlow medalist if improved a few things like that but he is already more impactful than all the A grader mids listed bar 2 or 3. Some of the A graders listed in other teams are baffling. Maybe I don’t watch other teams enough, but is he serious that St Kilda have 3 A graders.
  13. Peter Bruckner, who was also the doctor at Liverpool FC and Darren Burgess would have the final say. If we take him I think they would be backing themselves to fix the chronic issues he has had. They seem to have some form. https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/48/11/929
  14. Surely the Jackson talk is more about getting Freo to take him at pick 7 instead of someone we want because no way are we taking him at 3.
  15. That pretty much follows the entire team. There were issues that caused it that hopefully have been addressed by Burgess. I don’t think it was preseason surgeries.
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