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  1. He not only kicked 2, but even with a messed up shoulder another 2 in the last qtr came directly from stoppages where he just monstered Reid and then Aliir out of ruck contests. His worth 2 or 3 goals a game even if he doesn’t kick any.
  2. Even with one arm our last two goals came from stoppages where Preuss monstered Alliir and Reid.
  3. That’s not what Freo did. They just flooded back and setup in the defensive half. Rolling flood is more like the high press Melbourne and Richmond play which has been picked apart by WC and Collingwood. 666 is overhyped. There are more scores from centre clearances this year, but it is still a small percentage of overall scores.
  4. Yes and Freo totally blunted it. Last night, after WCE the first 5 goals from 13 inside 50s they scored 5 more from 38. In the first 6 minutes of the 2nd qtr WCE had 30 uncontested marks in the back half. They just didn’t know what to do, and the dockers didn’t allow the eagles to play how they wanted. Freo should have won but for poor kicking for goal. Yet the eagles had almost 80% disposal efficiency versus freo 65%.
  5. Thought it was worth bumping this after last night Freo v WC game. I thought Lyon showed how to beat the control and possession game plan after qtr time. After the first qtr Freo seemed to allow WC uncontested possessions in the back half when they lost the ball. They played something resembling the old flood. They did not press or waste energy trying to shut down WC forward of centre. If they had better skills the Dockers would have won. WC won uncontested possessions by 72, marks by 54, stoppage clearances by 13, but didn’t look like they knew what to do once they got it forward of centre because the flood of Freo players cut all of WCs space. Dockets were +13 in intercepts, probably mostly in defensive half and were effective in getting the ball back forward. Is this what we’ll start seeing to counter the WC type game plan.
  6. You’re a bit hard to read Beezle. I seem to recall you were rather upset after we kicked 18 goals against Essendon, yet we’re ecstatic after our 10 goal effort against Geelong last September.
  7. The reality is if we get the ball inside 50 60 times, and score 20 goals which is a great conversion rate, we still need to defend 40 times. No point kicking 18 goals if we leak 20 goals 10 the other way
  8. In fairness to Prodee his argument was pretty prophetic, in that he argued we need to apply really good forward 50 pressure. It’s been our biggest problem for 3.5 games, but who would have thought the problem was worse without Preuss.
  9. 4. Our forward 50 stoppages work and we can score from them or if we don’t score can defend them. Preuss, just because of his size, seems to be as good or better than Gawn at stoppages. Small sample so far, but in the Pies practice game and Thursday he has kicked a goal in each game from a boundary throw in. I don’t recall us kicking a goal in the first 3 games from a stoppage, but I recall plenty where opposition easily ran it out down the other end for a goal.
  10. Sorry but don’t agree and think it’s structural. If we apply intense pressure in the forward 50 then we force turnovers and the opposition uncontested numbers are down. Second half was good. First half was like first 3 games. Forward 6 need more time to gel defensively.
  11. Nor does three losses a winter footy season make. Despite our terrible form, I’m still having us up there in contention in Sep. I’ll panic when we have 9 losses for the season. Second half showed how important the forward 6 are to our defence. I’d like to see Goody settle on Tracc, Weid, Preuss, Melk, Hunt, Tmac, and JSmith, AVB when fit as our forward 6 and rotations. If we can settle our forward 6 and they click defensively then we will be very very hard to beat from July on. Love Spargo but he needs time to build strength so his tackles stick. Preuss is really important. He stopped the leakage from forward 50 stoppages last night.
  12. I missed a bit of the game, but what I did see we looked a lot better team with Preuss contesting stoppages in the forward 50. We won stoppage clearances by a mile tonight, and looked like we could have scored from most of the ones I saw. Contrast last 3 weeks where our forward 50 stoppages were more likely to result in goals at the other end.
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