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  1. Touche... But in fairness I've not been critical of the site's administrators
  2. Perhaps acknowledgement he is VFL standard? He must take ultimate responsibility for this year's [censored]
  3. I renewed a month ago, wouldn't think twice about it For those not renewing, are you going stop whingeing on DL? I think it's only fitting you do
  4. I watched last year's winning finals today for a bit of relief Jack was just great Sure he needs to tweak his game, and improve like everyone else, but he's a gun and should play his career at Melbourne ❤💙
  5. Yes The bloke wearing the Camera called it from 40m away... completely wrong call
  6. She was overruled by the bloke wearing the camera (again, 4th time tonight) for the Fritsch push
  7. Some forward pressure results in a goal, who'd have thought??
  8. Here's Goody!! Just a bit more flow inside 50... A little bit stronger around the footy... Hallelujah!
  9. Yep, and Roaming Brian before game was a bit of a giveaway
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