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  1. I was there, so not just reading the stats I'd just like to have seen a couple more stick, like his form of last year's finals Granted there were bombs on his head, there were also a couple to advantage side that were spilled - one in particular where he had some separation
  2. Sadly he touched the prune about 20 times - only managing to mark it 4 times, otherwise just flat-handing it down to ground
  3. He's always had it, along with core strength and physical presence. He's a real bullock around contests He was just struggling to find his confidence and rhythm but has put several games together now which is great
  4. Thank Christ Spargo has been dropped Still can't understand why Pruess's enormous frame isn't parked in the goalsquare...🤷‍♂️
  5. Would Jade Rawlings be in the hunt at North?
  6. About flipping time Now hire a Goalkicking coach!!!
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