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  1. Sun came up this morning...☀️ Wasn't expecting that!
  2. Agreed. Call it how it is! We've had some draft success, but with low round picks. We've not had anything but "average" results from the rest. Backslapping requires more than that!
  3. I felt tonight was a good performance from a bottom 4 side looking to make a mark Unfortunately that's not where we want to be OR think we are I sat with 2 former (recent) players, both solid in their MFC contribution, it was fairly well unanimously agreed that we lack kicking skills, and that this is a drafted skill, not a taught skill We need to drafy some good kicks We butchered the ball tonight, there's no arguing that!
  4. We were there and there abouts a lot We are missing good first-touch ball users, too often we fumble and fudge good opportunities We're not far off, but far enough
  5. 5 changes, some speed/endurance and forward pressure Tim Smith, hope he can take his chance this time
  6. What is the source of the May news? I haven't seen anything anywhere except here
  7. I'd like to see the Fwd line spread more from the set-up (rather than bunching and all getting to the same spots), spread the Tall targets out more. FF - Garlett Preuss Petracca HF - TMac Melksham Weid Playing Tmac and Weid up higher and wider with Melk circling and our mids hitting the contests, and Preuss deeper with Garlett roving and Petracca lurking or providing a second lead
  8. Good observation! We are nowhere when the ball hits the deck, which is often btw Even when we are there, the opposition have a simple ring set up around the contest and we inevitably have zero players on the attacking side of the contest allowing an easy handball chain out You'd think if our game plan is to bomb it in long then we'd at least be organised around the fall of the ball... or does that require speed/fitness to get to the contest??
  9. So Viney has injury concerns apparently... Hand Far out, nothing going right!
  10. Yes, You get to eat the bag of tish our team served up tonight! Congratulations... Bon appetite 💩
  11. We all saw the Saints speed from defense as a massive danger... Why didn't they do anything about it!!
  12. Autocorrect!! I meant to say... We can't do this It's time for a rebuild!!
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