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  1. Ted Fidge; I have a memory vs Richmond, ball down Punt Rd end, Ted on the members wing (right in front of me), when a Richmond player pointed to his chin and asked Ted to have a go....gee there was alot of blood. Anyway back on topic what about Jamie Duursma...played on Dermot 2 weeks running and did the job, did a job on Kernahan in a final; not a great player but played some great games
  2. I also remember Big Carl throwing a wild back hander and collecting one of our own, Kelly O'Donnell
  3. Didn't we hire Northey simply because he was the cheapest. Northey for mine considering our recruiting was tripe.
  4. The original measure was borrowed from Collingwood
  5. I used to like? 3GL.... Ump bounces the ball, big tap by Polly, Goggin charging through, Walker gets to it, great spoil by West..... Goal to Melbourne Bad luck cats, 2 free kicks missed.....
  6. Might be getting the shows mixed up but Jack Edwards, Ted Whitten, Allan Aylett come to mind, Potter from the pies?
  7. Oh bother...should have asked the fella himself when I saw him in that new cafe in Murrumbeena before Xmas...(made my day)
  8. I think Hibberd, the Weid, ANB and Jones may struggle for a game. OMc would prefer on 3rd tall. I like Petty because he plays with some niggle. If Joel or Aaron get fit we should play them because they can get injured looking in the mirror. Hore and Lockhart should force their way in somehow.
  9. I am quoting from schoolboy memory 'Oh judgement thou art fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason' JC by Will
  10. If you go again tonight, I would suggest Smokey
  11. I thought we sold Leighoak for ethical reasons. Companies do not own properties because it is a poor use of capital and like said not core business; there are tax advantages to leasing I believe. Furthermore a company with too many assests opens itself up to vulture takeover from likes of Bond/Elliott/HolmesaCourt. Anyway it is MFC policy not to make a profit otherwise AFL will turn off life support?
  12. 5. What a miserable set of questions.
  13. To me it means we definitely want Weightman as our second pick, who is currently rated as mid teens pick. So why waste pick 8 on him?
  14. Chosen because he is cost effective - 2 coaches in one; think of the travel $$$ savings.
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