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  1. Do many players wear a watch at training? At 186cm/80kg thats a nothing size. Too be honest, until he does something I haven't got a clue.
  2. I thought Nathan Jones was high up the 'Fine' list for current players...but he is getting close to 300 games
  3. This decision - was it due to an external review?
  4. You could see him getting better and stronger as the year went on. Kick a few more goals mate
  5. Hope so....and he still knows how to rove to Gawn
  6. Well done Nathan. Has been a great servant of the club.
  7. For such a big fella he didn't seem very strong...
  8. it could be the Argument Thread but I suspect it might be Abuse...stupid gits
  9. In Robbies day the club had a policy of sharing the B&F around....
  10. I don't think we need a party organiser.
  11. Surely that is an over reaction. How about looking green and bilious in his general direction....
  12. Yes we need a small forward, and pace and flair and skill. There is no boom recruit on the list developing nicely, no back up talls. Last year we drafted short...we need everything except inside mids...
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