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  1. Don’t be Jumbo. He wouldn’t have played out the game if it was serious.
  2. This is exactly what I’m talking about.
  3. The Jones reversal is what is turning me off the game. You can charge someone (see Walters on Viney just as that melee started) while they’re not looking, yet you can’t do what Jones did. Even the remonstration that Jones copped from the Freo boys after that incident could’ve been reversed. If you’re going to pay one, then pay the next is all I’m saying. I’m sick of the umpires nitpicking what is paid a free and what is not.
  4. I thought Jones should got the free kick. In my eyes Walters attempted to head but Jones shoulder
  5. Heart says yes, head says no. Win next week, generate some confidence and momentum and anything can happen. This could be the year where 11 wins will get you in.
  6. No. Everyone who was potting him for most of the game saying we’re a player down when he’s on the field
  7. Or could it have been when someone (can’t remember who) ran across his leg in an attempt to smother the ball, on QB?
  8. That’s a pretty big jump in about a week especially this late in the year. Imagine if we started the year better.
  9. Haha yep sure was. His nose was at right angles
  10. A broken nose would do that to ya.
  11. Hang on. On that logic, preliminary finalists last year would then suggest we don’t. And the fact we had to move Hogan on to get May suggest to me not only was it picks we needed to get the deal done, it was also salary cap relief.
  12. Yeah I understand that but at what point does it become too much to fit into our cap. If it cost us Oliver and Harmes/Gus/Tmac or any other player of significant importance is it really worth it? To gain one gun we could lose 2. I’m not sure I want that, but if it doesn’t then yeah by all means get him. Thats part of list management I guess.
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