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  1. Haha beat me to it. Thought the exact same thing when I saw the thread.
  2. As much as I can’t stand Derrwayne he is well connected to people in Geelong, so I reckon there is merit here.
  3. Are you suggesting he’s only had one head knock which is causing him to miss this amount of time?
  4. That’s what no pre season does to ya. He and many others just haven’t got going. 2 years ago before the foot blew up we were talking about him winning the Brownlow. He was influential, tough and racking them up. The final wins we had last year demonstrated how important he is when in form. Let’s wait and see after he gets a full preseason in and then judge him.
  5. Go and hide mate, coz after a comment like that this place isn’t going to be good for you mentally.
  6. In the forward line. Where the ball hasn’t been. Dont you even think about start laying into him.
  7. Selective reading my friend? I’d suggest you read EXACTLY what Nudge said, then comment.
  8. Didn’t Oscar play his school footy as a forward? Why not throw him down there and May back if he’s back in. May as well coz his confidence is shot as a defender at the moment. Goody said in his presser that he’s throwing some players around to see what flexibility they may have to offer.
  9. Young, inexperienced and developing?
  10. Why don’t u sack yourself from this site?
  11. I’ve seen him play like this more than once. I believe he tore us a new one when we played them. In fact he’s done it to us numerous times. Today’s just another example of the quality player he is.
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