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  1. They certainly shouldn't be complaining but you do realize they can't be thrown out until they do their time.
  2. Maybe some of the know alls on demonland can handle this situation better than the present Government and I am not talking party politics here , i would say the same if another party were in Government.
  3. I am not saying things are not bad, but the media in general are experts in creating hysteria and panic in most situations. Calm heads are needed to provide stability and a sense of direction.
  4. The media spent weeks panicking us and continue their hardest to do so.
  5. Your not telling me that items in those 2 mags. aren't true are you? You just stuffed my day up.
  6. It was more a general statement regarding people who take everything that is on facebook as gospel. Why the hell would I waste time going on that site. My daughter said that they told members that they would prefer the instalments be made rather than must be made.
  7. Too many people/fools believe the s..t on facebook
  8. Just lie back on your bed and admire that moniker of yours o your bedroom ceiling and dream away.
  9. Thought about throwing them in the bin but then I thought some sadist might actually want to have a look at them.
  10. For those inclined to a bit of wrist slashing I got a video copy of the 1988 hawks. v demons grand final and a video copy of the 2000 bombers. v demons grand final at the Salvo's store today. Happy to send them to anyone interested.
  11. I don't care that they haven't released anything to the members as yet, I do not want to sold some false hope. I would rather wait until the dust settles and then be told EXACTLY what is happening.
  12. Don't think you are going to win too many friends with that post.
  13. I am with you both on this and would like to see something organised sooner rather than later.
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