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  1. No it is not, he will get a 1 year contract
  2. I moved to Drysdale from Kensington in 2011 so I didn't know anything what may have have occurred with Thompson or GFC.
  3. As I posted before maybe too many alcoholic drinks today for you, bit of dutch courage eh
  4. Not sure what you mean by that fella.
  5. Maybe too many alcohol products today
  6. 11 years at collingwood and a flag to go along with it, I hope he reaches the same level of toxicity at the MFC then.
  7. They were monitored and there was security there at all times but the players had a gutful of copping the abuse. For the last few years a couple of injured players come into the redlegs area prior to the game and questions are asked of them by one of the redlegs committee personal.
  8. Players use to come into the redlegs area after games but it stopped quite a few years ago because of the hero's who used to abuse them at times.
  9. If the so called info you have is that detrimental to the club I would be revealing it for all to see regardless of the outcome and who's toes I stood on.
  10. Some people just can't help themselves Pennant. Full of it
  11. I wasn't trying to bait you. You made a statement which now appears to be only an opinion of yours.
  12. Can't back it up eh, thought so.
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