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  1. I have been informed the SAS are manning the entries.
  2. No they are not, he plays at his best when moving. Preuss will not be traded, he is at least insurance on the list, I expect him to improve significantly over the next couple of years'
  3. Fully agree with that, stood out like dogs .alls
  4. I'm sure the footy dept. will be relieved to hear that
  5. Speak for yourself, just because people don't bag the club does not mean they accept the performances of the club
  6. Better than bagging the club at every opportunity.
  7. You appear always to turn things into an opportunity to bag the MFC
  8. If you go back to the start of this thread you might find the answers you are looking for, or the short answer is we would want more,gws first round pick next year will be worth jacksh.
  9. Thanks old dee, I always like to get straight to the point.
  10. It has nothing to do with winning games at training, it is information for those supporters who cannot attend training to have some insight on how the team is tracking.
  11. If you can go along to training and give reports, show photos, maybe you could have a swipe until then button it.
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