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  1. It was the junction oval, how often did you go to training there?
  2. Finally a bit of sense, not the hyperbole of some other poster's
  3. Instead of all the anonymous blowhard rhetoric that yourselves and others post why not make your way down to training during the week and voice your concerns with the football department in person. You never know you could actually learn something
  4. They know more about it than you or anyone else who posts on this site, they are not and will not act the way of disgruntled and hysterical supporters
  5. It is amazing how some people try to come up with a conspiracy theory.
  6. Fully agree and that's all it would be, only a weak club would sack a coach at this stage
  7. This site has a fair amount of hysterical schoolkid posters.
  8. I can foresee multiple pages of hysterical posts coming in this thread.
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