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  1. Just keep adding to your 38,000 posts SWYL and you will survive.
  2. Sorry, But I am the same in real life, In fact I am probably more constrained on here.
  3. What, don't like meeting people face to face you would rather waffle on on an internet site,typical, it amazes me that people who bang on and on about certain things usually know the least about the subject.
  4. Some supporters are a bit on the hysterical side is more apt.
  5. We can actually meet up sometime and talk face to face in a quiet manner about the game if you prefer, but in the meantime I will meet your trash with my own.
  6. Your all raving on about Goodwin's no plan B, teams get beaten that's the way it works sometimes, there are are no plan B"s
  7. In your eyes only, just admit you want to sink the boots into the club at every opportunity.Just another keyboard cowboy who wouldn't know crap from mud.
  8. It was great to see Buckley's plan B come into effect tonight to lead the pies record a great victory over the bombers.
  9. I reckon if I wanted to waste some of my life by going thru topics of a few years ago and beyond I would find some real gems from the same "experts" that showcase their talents now.
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