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  1. I think Saty spoke directly to him, mentioning that it was a sprained ankle and indicating it was not too serious. Hopefully that means the boot is purely to stop the ankle moving, quicken the healing and on for only a short time.
  2. He has dropped some weight, looks ready to go (fittness) and I also think he glides. May appears surprisingly quick over 10 meters, good closing speed. He is very determined to get to a contest and I can see him putting some fear into the oppositions forwards with his physicality.
  3. I think Saty or others would have a better idea than me. I was following somewhere in the middle of the pack, so only noticed a few of them. The others may have watched from the home stretch. In the recovery period, most were struggling for relief. Indicating they pushed hard.
  4. Whatever his motivation I hope he helps drag us into the finals. I am sure his more motivated by success and improvement. You can see his anxiety rise when he doesn't live up to his and others expectations. I believe that part of his psyche is more important to him than dollars.
  5. I didn't see the head of the group so can't comment on their running efforts, nor the stick carrying part. Normally Gus would out-run Trac. Trac has begun his training earlier than Gus and appears to have lost weight. He has definitely put more pace and endurance on. Where as, Gus being very professional, I expect him to build into his pre-season and be primed ready for gameday. Trac is doing everything right so as to set himself for his biggest year.
  6. He is always there. Placed himself about 700 meters from the finish. Encouraging his players and I assume evaluating for strained, effortless or relaxed running.
  7. I was at the back of the first pack. Sparrow and Lockart both struggled from the start but kept in contact, Jake Lever out ran the second group by 40 meters.
  8. Sorry didn't see much of him. What I did notice was he glides elegantly across the field and has not bulked up.
  9. It was the stab pass, grass cutters. Oh, but without the old fashion drop.
  10. Yes, both did everything but the contact work. They are looking in good condition. Great to see them out there.
  11. It's on, day one under a beautiful Melbourne morning. They trained from 9 to 12 o'clock. 10 to fifteen support staff wait for the 8 to 10 coaches who are led to the field by Goody. No Bernie Vince or Jordan Lewis yet. The committee members including Barrett are also there and are making themselves available to discussions. The squad come out as one, 5 minutes later. They are brought together by Burgess who gives them the run down to today's work. He is a good communicator and all get his message and an opportunity to respond. In the rehab is Sam Wiedeman, Josh Wagner, Austin Bradke, Mitch Hannan, Aaron Vandenberg, Harrison Petty, Kade Kolodjasni and Neville Jetta. Some participated in the Tan run and the non-contact drills. Missing from today were Joel Smith, Oskar Baker and I think Kade Chandler. Adam Tomlinson was in kit but didn't train. Charlie Spargo in a moon boot and on crutches. Ed Langdon wearing number 15, he looked a bit nervous, struggling with skills though understandable as he gets comfortable with his new club. They start with running drills that stretch the legs. Then there off to a 3/4 lap of the Tan. They set of a startling pace. I was on bike and could just keep up. Probably gliding off at above 20 km/hr. The times are about 10.30 minutes. I followed at the back of the first pack with Jay Lockart and Tom Sparrow. Jake Lever led the second pack over the line. Back on the paddock, and they are into drills and simulations. Bayley Fritsch and Christian Salem setting up with great stab passes. A lot of the drills performed without much defensive pressure. The squad was divided into two groups for simulations. One in a confined area developing the short, congested game and the other working on defensive spread and zoning with offensive midfield turnovers to kick to the leading forwards. the two groups moved between both stations. It appears the positions for players arn't set yet as they all seemed to rotate with different plays. I would suggest that Tom Sparrow given his youth and being down on endurance at the moment is looking to be an attacking back flanker who can break the lines and deliver a good release. I believe Nathan Jones will play back flanker as well, he is also being very vocal out there. Could Marty Hore be used up forward? Thought he is also developing as a leader. Jake Melksham received a welcome back to training by Steven May. A hard fair collision. They finished the session with several 80 meter sprints in 17 – 18 seconds. A few stayed on the track. Braydon Preuss working Corey Wagner, Jack Viney kicking goals and Christian Salem working with James Jordan and I think Kyle Dunkley.
  12. @Satyriconhome I thank you for dedication and resilience @satyricon
  13. I'm out for 6-7 months. Not exactly long service leave but I'll take it when I can get it. See you after the bye.
  14. Paid. Actually I'm off overseas in a couple of weeks and thought I'd encourage the most regular track watcher and his posts.
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