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  1. Looking at Google maps , it is about 170 × 170 m (with tennis court area add another 50 meters). Just enough room to put a field without spectators at the goal ends. Could incorporate the tennis courts next to it in a multi level sport, admin, hospital and parking area. Only a thought, especially as the MCC may be more accommodating to MFC than councils. Close to Fawkner or albert park fields during cricket season.
  2. Fawkner Park: Build with The Alfred hospital, sports medicine and concussion specialists department and three level underground car park. Assist South Yarra soccer, rugby union, cricket club and other sporting groups in the area. Create social club that can be utilised by hospital staff, patients and others. Or develope the; MCC Albert Ground on the corner of St.Kilda Rd and Roy st. Also close enough as well to partner with The Alfred hospital.
  3. They ran out of steam. Even when they tried to lift they could not get it to run their way. A young team in the headlights of a hardened, mature group with a ruthless game. The energy of the spectators sat heavily on them. They just couldn't stop the momentum. No alternative plan. Couldn’t handle the ball, the surface of the field, or noise levels. They failed at performing the basics (too many clangers). Feel for them, couldn’t get a break, as shown by the bounce of the ball. In their last four games, they played good football. I was expecting a whole lot more. They weren't prepared for war, need some mongrel. Mainly they looked tired.
  4. Fritsch didn't set it alight in the last couple of games, so I was expecting more from him this week. Well that won't happen, unless at Casey. Unlucky for him and a few others who are close to our best 22, JKH and Bernie. They should all feel part of our success and I imagine the MFC will do everything to enforce that sentiment. Great for Joel. He has been working hard and they love the way he goes about it. Hope he runs hard, gets to contests, does the intercepts well and doesn't do any clangers. The MFC have been good at balancing our teams. In MFC I trust.
  5. Thought I saw a group of Casey players gather for a short time at training on Wednesday. They included Joel Smith. I hope it is a rumour. Need the cohesion in the backline, Bayley Fritsch is reasonably tall and has had his position locked down for a while. Rumour or MFC "fugazi" at play. In a couple of hours we will know.
  6. Another good September training. Hope this our pattern for the next few seasons. We are looking the part. Counted 36 in the main squad. Great to see so many ready to go at this time of the year. Lachlan Filipovic and Corey Maynard working with Crossy and Oskar Baker walking laps in the rehab squad. Pat Mckenna with the main squad as was Mitch King. The atmosphere seemed to be subdued with focus. Some joviality but mainly the session was taken seriously, by the players and coaching staff. The support crew tell me they are up and about in the “sheds”. The drills were done in the normal way. The emphasis appeared to be tackling then snapping goals and clean ball handling and disposal. The backs were kicking to short targets and moving the ball wide. The forwards were finding the player around the stick men, with some marking drills and leads across the front of the pack. The mids, quick hands, fast ball movement and talk. Plenty of goal kicking practice was done, snaps, sets and one step shots. Also some cumbing drills for our smalls. Noticed some players were encouraged to run hard and fast, linking together and creating fast ball movement through a corridor. During simulations, when the first mistake in offence happened, Goody pulled them together for a chat. As soon as we became a bit ferocious with our tackling the simulations ended (decision to minimise injuries). Watched Alex Neal-Bullen and Bailey Fritsch getting extra instructions at tackling. The marking bags were used by lots of the players as was some contested high balls encouraging spoils and marks. Sam Frost getting some great barrels out of the goal square (hit 5-6 in a row). I thought the players looked in good condition. There is a push for selection with Jay Kennedy-Harris, Bernie Vince, Joel Smith, Jeff Garlett and Cam Pederson training well. I didn't notice any of the niggles in our squad. Though read that others saw that Oscar McDonald and Tom Bugg had something. The crowd was large with lots of red and blue about, thanks for the atmosphere created by the supporters. The staff and volunteers put a good day on for us, thank you for your efforts. Hoping for our best game of the season. Go Dees. From Kev Martin
  7. How sad for our AFL community. They really have to stomp out hate on those levels.
  8. Another week of excitement, nerves, apprehension and nothing else in the world really matters. What a great ride are we getting. How's Viney's will. Loved his pressure at Gunston (when he was running into open goal and hit the post). Gunston couldn't step to open up the goal with his curling kick, great perceived pressure. We then go down town and score a running goal ourselves. The commentators saying it was one Gunston always kicks. I think it was Viney, determined, courageous and will power.
  9. He has been working hard on it. Just can't seem to get it right. Even at training he is inconsistent and he knows it, as he gets frustrated. Could some Demonlanders give some analysis? I think he hangs his head too far over the ball on his approach, he therefore tends to lay back when he kicks. If he would use a normal posture position with his head he could then drive over the ball with his follow through. Also think his arms are too stiff through the elbows, so slight adjustments with the ball drop can't be made.
  10. Saw him train on Tuesday. Started with being tested with short sprint runs by rehab coaches. He joined the main group after that. So the injury is probably a niggle that won't go away. Let's hope he gets up for the GF (if we win tomorrow) as he has had such a bad run with injuries.
  11. Lovely morning for a hit out. It was again short and sweet. Jack Viney in runners, except for a little ball work, was mainly watching. Michael Hibberd had a short running test at the start, he then joined the main group. He looked unhampered. Aaron vandenBerg was not on the field. Jordan Lewis wearing kenty’s number 16 and Jake Melksham (I think) wearing Bernie‘s number 23. 24 players on the field including Jack. After warm ups they split into two groups, backs and forwards/mids. The backs had 9 players in the group, including Joel Smith, Jayden Hunt and Bailey Fritsch. After kicking drills along the boundary line then bringing the ball inside they gathered for an extended chat led by the coach Chaplin. The mids/forwards did some short drills, with the mids from a ball up, linking to half forwards who would link with full forwards. They ended with lots of goal kicking. Jay Kennedy-Harris training with mids/forwards and was last to leave the track. In the words of Brendan McCartney, “attack the ball”. Go Dees. from Kev Martin
  12. It is their arrogance that will undo them. If they don't take us serious they will be hammered. We are ready for them. Hoping they see us as easy beats and probably believe tbey have won already. We are a different team to how we started the season. We have learnt how to win and play smart, hard football. They should fear us. As for their fans. The most arrogant of the lot. Most other teams want us to "do them". Lets take the smirk off Sicily, Smith, Breust, Roughy and Clarkson. Oh yea and Fawley.
  13. He was running the straight lines well. Probably only a little discomfort when turning. Precautionary management in my opinion.
  14. Woo hoo, they were looking good. Clean and doing the basics well in challenging conditions with a gusty wind a-blowing. Rehab had Lachlan Filopovic and Corey Maynard. Michael Hibberd was late on the track. He was running laps with effort, then did a little ball work but finished early. No sight of Dean Kent or Oskar Baker. The emphasis for the drill work was definitely goal kicking, with some tackling thrown in. The basics during ball work was very good, clean by foot and hand as well as decision making. No surprises for the line squads (Cam Pederson remains with the forwards). The simulations were based around rebounds off the halfback. Angus was a bit out of sorts. Goody dragged him and when he participated again he was switched on (responded well), Simulations included Joel Smith, Jayden Hunt and Jay Kennedy-Harris. After simulations the players gathered around with Jordan Lewis leading the talk. Bernie Vince on track. Stayed with the Casey Squad when they split during simulations, as did Jeff Garlett, Cam Pederson, Tom Bugg and Josh Wagner. A little physio on the field for Oscar McDonald and Angus Brayshaw, they will be right to go. Jack Viney, fitting in as if he had been there all year. Aaron vandenBerg, vocal and training well. Max Gawn doing everything right. Sam Wiedeman kicking beautifully, getting to the ball, marking and crumbing well. Christian Petracca at last kicking goals at practice (the coaches putting some extra time into helping him). Last to leave were Tom Mcdonald (kicking goals) and some backs including Neville Jetta (working with Dion Johnstone). Go Dees. From Kev Martin
  15. I don't think Kenty will be ready, he is not over his injury.
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