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  1. My two cents worth. Could be the problem of the modern organisation? Working hard, ambition, entitlement, desire, aspiration are not the same as skill. For me the naturally skilled will always come through as superior. Being lazy does not mean you get the lower hanging fruit, though the ambitious expect it to be so. As soon as motivation falls off so does the outcome. Skills create the magic. Alex Neal-Bullen is a prime example, always working hard at it. Compared to Clayton Oliver who is quite often lazy and going through the motions. Clayton will take a game apart whereas Alex can become a liability when his energy is depleted. Organisations are always failing us unless the insider have a vested interest in serving. I don't trust the ambitious, I trust those with heart and altruism. Those that care about the other more than themselves. I believe it is more about group cohesion and sharing than the avarice getting to the apple tree first, controlling the distribution and then saying how they are unsatisfied. A whip merely causes separation. George Orwells book animal farm, “we are equal, but some are more equal than others”. I don't trust our education system (hierarchical utilitarianism) and class system in creating a functioning society. I see hard-working students unable to live up to their resume. So the majority barely get any fruit as the power waste what is there and the society fails through a dysfunctional dystopia. Two billion hungry, 70 million displaced, 40 million enslaved, the majority have no access to medical help, 5% own more than 60% of the assets, etcetera, etcetera. Base the collective around the skilled and those with high emotional intelligence and not the ambitious. That way we get caring, sharing and commitment. The hard workers will always overestimate their abilities. I find them the unhappiest people and that effects the group. Players need connection and the support of each other and only then will we get close to the holy grail.
  2. Is Austin Bradke a chance, 204 cm? Training with a group of 8 forwards this morning. Declan Keilty was with the backs.
  3. Goody and Plapp talking and waiting in the middle for the players to turn up. A bit windy, otherwise good conditions. Rehab out first, Aaron Nietschke doing a bit of ball work, Tom Sparrow getting time tested, Jeff Garlett running laps, Tim Smith walking laps. The light duties had Max Gawn and Nathan Jones in the rehab for a while, both joining the main squad after warm-ups. Also on light duties was Christian Salem and Michael Hibberd who both stayed in the rehab group, but we're running laps strongly together. Out with the rehab was Jordan Lewis, when the squad came out he joined them. He was thanking everyone and being congratulated. After warm-ups, they were straight into drills; blocking, handballs and hit ups by foot. They had two groups drilling a game of keepings off with handball and tackling. Very slick with good skills on show. The simulations were done with some solid tackling and pressure, they were hard at it. Bayley Fritsch cleaning up James Jordan leaving him with a corked hip. Plenty of spoils, one on one contest, blocking, with forwards switching on the opponent and midfield structuring to create overlap. Jack Viney and Nathan Jones leading by example. Goody was looking for the players to create isolation. After the hard hit out they went into their line groups. Backline had Sam Frost, James Harmes and Charlie Spargo in it. Forwards included Austin Bradke, Billy Stretch and Corey Wagner. Max did minimal ruck work but did some leading in the forward area. Most of the ruck craft drills were done by Braydon Preuss with Clayton Oliver the recipient Jay Kennedy-Harris and Oskar Baker with the mids, as well as Clayton Oliver, Christian Pettraca and Angus Brayshaw who were training well. One of the drills was slotting passes at a target. Training ended with the entire squad goal kicking and then they broke off into small group and individual practice. Last on the track Alex Neal-Bullen and Billy Stretch kicking running goals, Braydon marking and a few taking high marks off the bag (including Clayton Oliver and James Harmes ) Tom Mcdonald out on the field wearing a coaches vest and later walking laps with Steven May. No Petty Harrison, Oscar Mcdonald or Kade Chandler. Also, haven't seen Satyricon for some time. The team was boisterous, supportive and generally up and about.
  4. The young players have not taken any game apart in three years! Are they playing roles and not their natural game, are the older listed ones not supporting them? Maybe there is a pecking order problem, MFC a land of hierarchy and knowing your place. The recruitment team can't be that bad, not one of the new selections in three years has had a champion of a game. Let's hope the coaching and support staff can get the best out of some of our young group. Is mediocrity what MFC settle for? Hope we get rid of list fillers and get more stars in the mix.
  5. Looking back on our rising star nominations. Could only find four from 2016, Clayton Oliver, Christian Pettraca, James Harmes and Oscar Mcdonald. None in 2017, 2018 or this year. Is this an indication of our problems? Is it selection and/or development problems our of young players?
  6. Buying players hasn't worked in the past. Tilbrook, Carmen, Ditterich and many more, none took us to finals. My guess is, May and Lever's big salaries have fractured the group. Not much joy out there for each other. Where is our camaraderie and gel? Seems it is manufactured by coaches saying great mates win games. I think respect needs to be genuine, that has disappeared. There seems to be groups within groups as they aren't doing the 1% nor helping each other to be better footballers. Delivery of the football needs to be to the team-mates advantage. So many times we put the receiver under pressure or it is a clanger. No trust in each other. Where are the natural footballers, who is taking the game on, where is our creativity and magic. Perhaps scrutiny of the mistakes at the review has shot their confidence. Too much finger pointing and complicated solutions. Coaches are not getting the best out of the players. We looked scared to get the ball or take the game on. Confidence is shot. Sometimes outward display of anger and frustration, is better than an intellectual response that gets in the head. They are full of anxiety. Better to be the passenger. Players who don't have an impact are getting games, must be doing a role set by the coach. Let's hope this brand of football changes to a culture of winning.
  7. I was there about the same time (9.30). They must have been out from 9 o'clock. Just as dissatisfied, the captains runs and the cancelling of the two Wednesday trainings. They must have there reasons.
  8. I don't subscribe to the idea that these elite sports people are tanking. They have a mind set of wanting to win otherwise they wouldn't be in the top tiers of AFL. The club would have plans much more complicated than my interpretations. Giving players a go at this time of the year and given our predicament on the ladder, I can see the benefits of the shuffles. Especially on a Friday night. It is good for them and I hope they play well. They want to feel good with a win and I think they hurt more than us spectators when they lose. (Basic psychology). Ps. I enjoy the humour.
  9. It's what I interpreted from training this morning, (I added the run part). Drills of the backline palming low balls down. Slow simulations (to set up structures) then getting them to transition quickly from one wing to the other.
  10. Protect the front and centre of packs and bring the ball to the ground. Plenty of switching of play and run, run, run!
  11. Only watched the last ten minutes of training. They must have started early. Noticed they empathised communication and structure. Billy Stretch, Charlie Spargo, Alex Neal-Bullen, Marty Hore and Kade Chandler with the squad. No Harrison Petty, and I can't remember seeing Oskar Baker, Jayden Hunt or Oscar Mcdonald (could be wrong). It was good to see Jeff Garlett running laps.
  12. Last year our midfield would swarm at the ball or the opponent with the ball. They caused fear, panic, intensiy and were able to put two or more goals on in a row. I've barely seen back-to-back goals this year (except at the start of a game, when we are 'fired up'). We just don't seem to scare teams this year. We lost our fight. The pressure we used to apply kept the ball locked down or created goals. Without the goal scoring this year, we aren't in the heads of the opponent. Our basic problems were there last year (turnovers, going missing for quarters and the other team scoring back-to-back, to-back goals without a reply) it is just amplified because of our lack of scoreboard pressure this year, and we seem to be always chasing. We used to score well in the time-on period, but can barely score heavily at anytime this year. We lack confidence. Even when we get out in front, usually with our good starts we let them back in. Teams used to get us on the spread. Now they just punch it into the spaces we create within our zones. Need to play accountable football with shoulder to shoulder defense, contesting/controlling the ball with a pack mentality and trusting each other. Without our pack mentality and trust we can't get the ball back, lock it down or score. Some outside run would also help. Stop the turnovers by improving our angles with better kicks/ handball to advantage. Looks like we are too straight with our delivery and leads. Works at training but in hard situations it is a method for turnovers. Need ruthlessness (to hammer teams when we are in front), stronger will power (to stop the oppositions back-to-back goals) and some improvement in footy IQ (to maintain possession, get it back, score goals and control the tempo).
  13. Wandered over to Gosh's this morning. Appears training was cancelled. The rehab squad was out there. Joel Smith running straight lines with a tracker. Looks strong and has bulked up around the hip area. Aaron Nietschke and Tom Sparrow walking and running laps. Jake Lever was doing lots of ball work with two trainers. Appeared to be moving without restrictions.
  14. I can't remember seeing him on the paddock this morning.
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