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  1. Merry Christmas to all on demonland. May all of our wishes come true for the red and blue. Wishing you all health, luck and making good decisions. From Kev
  2. Having a tough run at it. I am a bit philosophical and warm fussy about it. The body reacts to what it needs. Perhaps his body some how knows it was not yet ready, so it broke. Another year out of the game and with plenty of gym work, his body will mature. With stronger muscles and bones, he will be better suited to the seniors. Though he will lose the learning curve and be well behind in experience. Hoping he picks lots up in an intellectual way and can apply it when he returns.
  3. What a leap! Is that the ruck/goal kicking coach Stafford underneath him? Wow!
  4. I thought his training was going well when I observed him. Reading the play beautifully. Experience will help him in decision making. Like ball disposal to the right area, turning into space and evading the tackler, and structuring and leading the defensive team. I believe his achilles problems are behind him now. This could give him confidence to push his body to a higher limit.
  5. Anyone know about how Kade Kolodjasni is going?
  6. He was in runners last week as well. Slipping when turning sharply. Must be foot management.
  7. Jackson, looks like he will fit in. As he matures I expect him to be a difficult match up. Would love to see him kick goals. Picket looks like he wants to play and pressures the opposition. Great that he has family at the club, with Neville. Our indigenous program, is it led by Wonaeamirri? Anyway, it will make a difference within the group and the wider communities, welfare and acknowledgments. Can see May, Neville, Bennell and Picket forming a strong bond, and bringing others with them. Hope he can make goals out of nothing. Rivers will be a dream for Crossy (I rate as the best kick in club), Lewis and Vince with his accurate style of kicking, if they mentor him. Hope he can break lines with his precision and footy IQ.
  8. Thank you Dieter, With Andy, it was more about his open house and the eclectic mix of people at the 'factory.' Lou and JJ Cale, made for the time and the changes into the 80's and 90's.
  9. Aye yes, laughing. No pain, no gain, the sins of the past, in suffering we unite. As the Shia ashura, or the matryed saints, we carry Norm, Barassi and the board. Till the curse is broken we hurt.
  10. I think your right! Got caught up in the boom.
  11. Yes, I am probably more influenced by Americans and Central and eastern Europeans. Not much from Australia other than our impressionists painters and scientific endeavors. There is probably lots I don't know about. I am bad about acknowledging those from Australia. Berlin and New York, I'm told were amazing. Most British stuff for me is a bit funny. I've got a bit of a block in the old brain. The country kicked my family out then some came here and got the tenures in the influential position within Australia. A bit like MFC. Wished we were better at developing the draft selections.
  12. Yes, not much humour in my lot. Closest is the quirkyness of some. Talk about Quirky, Milligan's name just makes me laugh. His part in my downfall.
  13. Miller and White, tough stuff. Talk about open minded, though quite patriarchal in perspective. Love Heller, Nietschke I'm still wading through. I think if they really want to get into the heads of Boomers then it is PJ O'Rourke or wade through 'the factory', Warhol. Did Patrick White have some of his books censored? Haven't really read much of his. So retract the tough stuff and patriarchal label.
  14. Hendrix and Beefheart, what dreams are made of! All that is needed is to sit around with Ginsberg, kerouac, Hunter, Baldwin and Burroughs. Or Robbins, Vonnegut, O'Rourke, Toole, Wolfe, Hesse. Would also love some Satre, Rouseau, Dostoevsky and Kafta (other generations). Entertainment, the opium of the masses.
  15. Agree, the times are so, so interesting. The good, the bad and the inbetween.
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