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  1. Be proud Grey wolf, I’m no retired hippie, but equally hard in my world to explain my demon passion
  2. It was a very long lunch, I assume, Pro Dee
  3. To be fair usually a Nonna’s pasta is hard to resist.
  4. Yeah, I agree with your post mr 39. Where’s the advantage in being a free agent, if you can get to the club you want, simply by refusing to sign a new contract with your current club?
  5. I think they needed pick 9 for papley. Bad luck Carlton, you missed out on both.😄
  6. Rejection hurts Even when it's by a perpetually injured, Collingwood bogan
  7. I’ll start... he’ll play only 16 games over the next 2 seasons, just like he has over the last 2. Dodged a bullet demonlanders
  8. Sums it up exactly, the pies can’t win, that’s all that matters
  9. What’s with Geelong’s jumpers? Trimming the back of the shoulders almost to a razorback, less to grab. Bending the rules again. Meanwhile tigers are kicking to regain the lead
  10. Dangerfield is a smug basta*d, can’t stand him. The definition of a smart ar*e
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