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  1. Brilliant, evocative photos, great effort- thanks 666
  2. Doesn’t necessarily mean Viney is not co-captain, I don’t know that.
  3. Just heard, Max is captain 2020. confirmed
  4. Be good when this fashion of bad facial hair ends
  5. Listening to the interview this morning, I gained more of an appreciation of what went on within the 4 walls of the club this year. “Players doubting the game plan”, “players losing confidence”, “players questioning the football department ‘s whole strategy” Meanwhile, Goodwin a young coach is worried about the team’s ability to get it together at round 3. As the year progresses, he’s needing to keep the faith, the motivation and belief of the players, publicly provide explanations for every loss, and cop un-censored criticism from traditional media and of course social media, of which, we are part. Imagine the experience of those underperforming players this year, those that came off pre season surgery and inadequate preparation; imagine the experience of Oscar MacDonald. The fact that the club has retained 100% of their required players, traded on those that weren’t (Frost was a bad influence), attracted Langdon and Tomlinson, beat others to secure 1st refusal on Harley Bennell, is quite astonishing. Certainly not something that would have happened in the recent past. I hated last season as much as anyone, but feel admiration for the players and staff and a growing confidence in where our club is heading.
  6. Not least of whom was the person responsible for the cowardly attack on Oscar McDonald. Very poor form.
  7. KLV

    Jack Martin

    Another reason to despise that smelly club
  8. Be proud Grey wolf, I’m no retired hippie, but equally hard in my world to explain my demon passion
  9. It was a very long lunch, I assume, Pro Dee
  10. To be fair usually a Nonna’s pasta is hard to resist.
  11. KLV

    Jack Martin

    Yeah, I agree with your post mr 39. Where’s the advantage in being a free agent, if you can get to the club you want, simply by refusing to sign a new contract with your current club?
  12. KLV

    Jack Martin

    I think they needed pick 9 for papley. Bad luck Carlton, you missed out on both.😄
  13. Rejection hurts Even when it's by a perpetually injured, Collingwood bogan
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