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  1. Unbelievably disappointing end to our best effort of the season
  2. This is making me sick. We have played better than the eagles, except for our goal kicking. They will win by 2 or 3 goals, with the help of th umpires
  3. How completely predictable, they snap accurately, repeatedly
  4. Still Melbourne supporters are the biggest group of MCC members, about 24%. But MCC don’t play any part in advocating with government on our behalf, that is not their duty. I want to know what pert is doing, I just hope that mfc board and exec are working their backsides off on this
  5. Not in my house Nasher, we are all celebrating the win, awesome 49 seconds! From absolute disgust to absolute elation, quite exhausting really
  6. I’m with you Cassie, I’m surprised at the negativity here, imagine if we had lost! That last 49 seconds showed huge growth with our group, we stole a win, go Dees! Flag’s up 2 weeks in a row
  7. Me too, a very depressing thread. I too hoped there might be some positive news
  8. I read yesterday that Labor have promised them $20 mill
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