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  1. I heard this too, and while I don’t think we’ll trade him, it was nice to think, that for once, we brought in a player cheaply that could have a high trade value
  2. Thanks Percy, a very enjoyable read. I hope you dust of the old underwood more often
  3. Great initiative thanks Andy
  4. Very amusing mr onion. And yes M Hore is not bad at all
  5. KLV

    Alan Richardson

    Oh thank you LH, exactly what I was going to say.
  6. So... did Goody have anything else to say?
  7. No not an opportunity missed, but a courageous speech which spoke to the essence of the experience of indigenous Australians since Cook hoisted that flag.
  8. Exactly. Generally the afl community loves the indigenous players while they weave their magic on the field, but get political like Adam Goodes did on receiving Australian of the year putting voice to the unfortunate truth of inherent racism in Australian society, and he is rising above his station. He made that award a platform for highlighting the plight , the miserable reality for much of the indigenous population of Australia, much like Rosie batty did for domestic violence. Courageous, both of them. im not indigenous, but the reason the booing was happening in those years, particularly at hawthorn and west Coast games, to me was blatantly obvious. I heard Patrick Dangerfield on 3aw today, saying that the docos helped the afl understand the experience of Goodes. Oh please. The afl community led by gill McLaughlin, was weak and gutless in their response at the time. Pathetic and leader-less. Embarrassing
  9. Picket fence, I think you need a hug.
  10. I’m afraid so. I tend to look at the positives, and have thought Oscar too often has been unfairly targeted. Tonight, though he was not up to it, his net effect was negative.
  11. Also josh Mahoney said the passing of brad Green’s wife had affected him significantly
  12. After they had won 3 flags.
  13. Good! mean spirited, I know, but really barracking for Melbourne, surely that’s an excuse
  14. AFL Football wasn’t meant to be for Paddy
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