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  1. Weid missed, Gawn missed, smith missed, Jeffry dropped a sitter, spargo dropped a sitter. We choked completely again. Can't blame NT should have been over at 3/4 time and counting point and money. oscar was towelled by a complete Elmer Fudd. Frost did well on Walker but Jenkins killed OMac. Lynch starred, but at least he is a gun, Jenkins though wow that it is just awful. OMacshould be traded for anything available. I'd take a pack of samboy salt & Vinegar chips and samboy have been out of business 10 years+!!
  2. he is a baker, not a butcher!
  3. Most of the reason for the accuracy is most of the goals are from the goal line after getting out the back. Even against the hawks their goals early were largely the outnumber behind the footy, even though we have implemented a back stop, which has made us harder to score against in the past 3 games.
  4. Probably the best win by MFC in my lifetime, had no right to get within 10 goals after the two 15 goal thrashings the weeks before from the saints and Geelong. We got rolling after that win and were clearly the 2nd best side in the comp by seasons end, the best side North who knocked us out, lost to about the 5th side Adelaide in the GF though after kicking 2.12 in the 2nd quarter!! I fear that may have been our best chance for a flag in 98!
  5. Phil Gilbert! We did get Jeff White and the prince Scott Chisholm from Freo!
  6. Actually, if he is fat as everyone makes out, he should have floated!!
  7. The last team to win a Pink Lady game. Most of the team is long retired, sadly one no more. Godfrey did kick a goal, so it may have been the goal you refer to Praha. Led by 2 points at 3/4 time and won by 24 so spot on DZ! Adelaide from memory finished on top in 2005?
  8. Had forgotten about the original's almost got them a premiership with Goddard, Ball, Kosi and Riewoldt, plus the trade advantages to get Hamill, Gehrig, Powell etc...
  9. It was one of the original cause games so I do think it has a bit more meaning than most and knowing a number of BC survivors who attend it clearly has meaning for them and their family and friends. The country game on Sunday however (even though I lived in the country for the past 16 years) is proof of the never ending cause game!
  10. Haha, I agree every week there is a "cause" game. Save the Bilby can't be too far away and if Tassie get a side, it will be "Devil appreciation week" every week with the exception of "remember the tiger round"! I was more curious as we don't like to play in Pink (could argue we don't like playing much in red & blue either I guess!).
  11. I note that it's the Pink lady breast cancer awareness game again this week. Wonderful cause and not trying to denigrate the occasion, but has Melbourne ever won one of these games? I know we were close against the bulldogs in 2010 when the umpires wearing pink socks probably cost us the game and a couple of other times, but I don't remember us ever winning any of these matches? Just wondering if anyone can confirm if we have?
  12. Yeah I have used that also, but like yourself I've found just using the Vroom vroom site generally finds a cheaper alternative.
  13. Yep, agree they didn't play Holland and Hay but to the media this didn't happen, the kreuzer cup never happened and the fact Hawthorn got buddy and roughy was irrelevant. Collingwood tanking the last 9 games from memory in 2005 to get Thomas and Pendlebury never happened! They forget even our tanking to get Sylvia and Mclean in 2003. I wont even start with Carlton…. Only Scully and Trengove were obtained by tanking according to the media! Such tools I guess though some coaches have been near the bottom, irrespective of the approach and reason for being there and have still won a flag soon after. Collingwood only had 5 wins in 2005 also under Malthouse and were second last only a drawn game above Carlton, similar to the hawks that year.
  14. Haha, if your brave enough to admit it, here is a link to various discounts etc... including the sporting globe with MFC membership. I generally recoup most of the cost of membership from New Balance discounts! https://www.melbournefc.com.au/fans/offers/sponsor-offers Cheers
  15. Clarkson was .5 off the bottom in 2005. They only won 5 games that year, won the flag 3 years later!
  16. Martin Pike was also good in the second half of the year, kicked 4 in the Quali against Carlton, we then shipped him off at the end of the year because of his fondness for turning up at training smelling like duff man!
  17. WTF, We are in from $3 into $2.60 in the past few hours. Either the tiges have someone decent as a late out that insiders know about or there are people who hate their money and wish to donate to betting agencies, instead of buying Anzac badges! I'm hoping Richmond backed us to win for their end of season footy trip!
  18. still butchered a few kicks especially in the first half, but showed an ability to read the ball and the courage to get across and mark under pressure. Surprised me, against Port I thought Tom Gillies was back in number 34!! Good gutsy effort, hope that becomes his norm!
  19. Still zoned but were able to transition across a lot better to effectively become more like a man on man scenario. The first half they still just ran in waves with no accountability. They worked hard. Not a brilliant display, plenty of errors, but willed themselves over the line. hope it builds belief to go on from here.
  20. Hore's debut was the least promising I've seen, from another club recruit since Tom Gillies in rd 1 2013. Hope he is better 2nd time around. I'd more faith in Petty (I'll forgive his shocker debut as he is young and has upside) or Spargo!
  21. Have to say, it's pretty close! Even Charlie being out! Weird, but accurate!
  22. This time last year, Buckley was about to get fired with Collingwood 0-2 in 16th spot and instead grew a beard in readiness for his impending life as a hermit! Now he is coaching the side seemingly most likely to win a flag and keeps the beard as his lucky charm! Lets just wait and keep the shrinks office free for at least a little while longer. Maybe Goody should grow a beard?
  23. I know its not footy related, but anyone who grew up in the late 70's early eighties loved roo. A sad day with his passing. https://thenewdaily.com.au/sport/cricket/2019/03/27/australian-test-spinner-bruce-yardley-dies/
  24. To be honest his limp looked like a corkie and struggling to bend his knee properly. That also may explain why he didn't get involved as much physically as another knock could have exacerbated the injury. Sometimes corkies free up when running, other times they move and get worse, he may have guessed or felt at training it had freed up, but game day, it did the opposite. While he may still very well have feet issues, he looked like someone with a bad corkie to me. Have had and seen plenty of blokes with bad corkies in my playing days and his restricted movement looked upper leg. The comparison of his movement would be to Dusty in the Prelim last year when he had the corkie v pies.
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