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  1. From Friday this was one of the reports: AVB - Our most physical player. Bashed and crashed his way around, including bringing down the non-contact Neitschke. Love having him back. Generally very involved; a full year of him on the park will make us so much better, as we all saw during our 18 finals run. Hope that didn't cause it!!
  2. "He's just no good for you why are you going back, you deserve a whole lot better than that!! Sounds like each preseason to me... Greedy Smith and the Mentals - Pretty apt today!!
  3. Happy Joel Smith has resigned. Lockhart and Dunkley ok as rookies, the rest don't inspire much confidence.
  4. Go back and check Alex Rance first 4-5 years and Dylan Grimes first 4-5 years and what the Richmond supporters said about those 2, I can tell you first hand it was similar to the things many have said about Frost on here. This year has been the first year of greater consistency. They too (in particular Rance) made horrific skill errors at times between some terrific athletic defence in their first half dozen years in the system (Rance too was tried forward and on a wing in his first 3-4 years at times as they were worried about his brain implosions and horrible skill errors). I think like those 2, Frost will continue to improve his skills and decision making as he works out what he can and cant do well and his role in the team becomes clear with May and Lever.
  5. Gil got his wish. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-08-27/star-giant-rejects-bigmoney-offers-to-sign-massive-sevenyear-deal Carlton and Hawthorn now to have a crack at Langdon, Amon and Papley, players MFC should/are also targeting. Burgoyne will take 3 years at GCS in a Hodge/Mitchell like role.
  6. Stokes luckiest bloke around. Could easily still be sitting in a prison cell, got lucky with the court system. Absolutely fluked the world cup final, anything that was needed that has never happened before in such circumstances occurred and now today so much luck despite the fact it was a good innings. Still very much luck got him over the line again. He shouldn't bother with lotto, surely he has used it all up by now.
  7. For us oldies (I was only 7) but this now smells of 1981 when we had it won before Botham pulled the test out his backside ( Lillee and Marsh won a small fortune on the punt). If we won that test we retained the ashes and after losing we just imploded, can see it happening here as they are on paper pretty even.
  8. Seriously professional umpire should be able to see the bleeding obvious. Yes we choked, we stuffed up royal, but still, so did the umpire as that was just plum even on the tv. Just awful all round.
  9. Apparently he is good at fund raising? As for Jesus H Christ I thought he played full back at Jerusalem?
  10. or Attended both games, both awesome days at the footy but 87 still just about the best day ever!!
  11. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-08-20/lewis-says-farewell Not one for reading the Tea leaves and conspiracy crapola, but the handshake didn't really appear to be too warm from Lewis? At the end, BV, TV and I wish another person with a V surname (think it was Gary Pert and Chaplin though) were around talking to him, but no Goodwin. Wondering if he actually did want to go around again? His comments and those of Goodwin don't have me thinking he will be at Melbourne in a coaching capacity next year. Anyway, he had a great career and came across when no one else would, trying to get us to take the next step. Still in our best 22 at the minute and giving more effort than most, despite him being almost done. Maybe he can Iron out Goldstein again (lets say legally this time) for old times sake to help us win Saturday! His efforts have been underrated by many since joining and he has been our best recruit up since Bernie Vince in my view.
  12. Been a member 25 years and bought family memberships for the past 15 years when the wife has no interest and never attends and the kids tickets are shuffled between nephews and nieces. After this year, I will definitely downgrade to just a ticket for myself and forget the effective donation of an extra $200-$300 for the other tickets. Similar to @beetle, I feel compelled to contribute in the unlikely event we are ever any good, but the finances can't keep donating as much to rubbish. I might even get back into local footy coaching to ensure I can't ruin my weekends watching them!
  13. Stokes and Bairstow are their fighters. Wont feel like we will rush through the rest until we get one or both of these two.
  14. Ian Chappell was just before my time, I only caught the very end of his career in 79/80. I have certainly heard he was someone to bat for your life. Hussey was great too, probably just didn't have the lifespan of the others having started his place in the Aust team late in career, only reason though I'd have him a peg below.
  15. Haha beat me to the submit button!! Agree
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