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  1. Probably gives some credence to Jeff's comments that the security hired don't really understand the game and what is deemed acceptable or not!
  2. Agree, never really had any major issues other than the occasional Richmond or Essendon feral. As long as they aren't barracking "at you", I generally have no issue. Then again I probably choose to sit in areas where I know the likelihood of running into ferals from the opposition is unlikely, because I don't want to deal with them. The nanny police, well that is just where the universe is heading sadly.
  3. I'll just boo the security guards and the behavioural awareness officers this Saturday. Might get a life ban which may save me from further pain and suffering watching Melbourne get flogged for years to come. It will be like AFL Euthanasia!!
  4. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-06-06/neales-message-to-the-red-and-blue If you can't get motivated from that, you're not human! Man is a living legend.
  5. 25 up at 1/2and really that was flattering to Adelaide. We dominated the 3rd but actually had the margin reduced to 16. We kicked the first of the last. Really we didn't try to slow things, but honestly I think Adelaide looked more dangerous when they went slow!! The picked holes in us, when they went quick, apart from iMac onn Jenkins, they didn't really look like breaking through regularly!
  6. Yes I wish I had of watched sing instead of us again haha!
  7. Haha beat me to it! Good post.
  8. That's the problem though. They did on the most part play well. They should have won. But it's just so often. Even last year, Geelong by 2, port Adelaide, Sydney, we were the better side in all games and lost and it cost us a top 4 spot and possibly a flag? Not once did we really steal a game where we just hung around and got over the top late. Tonight just continues the theme, we may dominate, but it doesn't mean we'll get the chocolates! the W.C effort & tonight are better efforts, but if you lose when you shouldn't, there is still something NQR!
  9. I would if I could. Thanks for asking though Doc!!
  10. How long will we all get for our OMac comments?
  11. Haha owe my balls! Idiocracy the greatest documentary/ movie ever made haha!
  12. The sad part 31 points in front to start , we then have2 more shots at goal than the Crows in the remaining time and still lose!! Wow, only Melbourne.
  13. Weid missed, Gawn missed, smith missed, Jeffry dropped a sitter, spargo dropped a sitter. We choked completely again. Can't blame NT should have been over at 3/4 time and counting point and money. oscar was towelled by a complete Elmer Fudd. Frost did well on Walker but Jenkins killed OMac. Lynch starred, but at least he is a gun, Jenkins though wow that it is just awful. OMacshould be traded for anything available. I'd take a pack of samboy salt & Vinegar chips and samboy have been out of business 10 years+!!
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