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  1. Champion Data also over-rated the list. According to Channel 7 we were top ranked at the start of the season. Lots of explaining all round
  2. Tis early days. But Jack Viney must have a broken leg to play such a no-influence game. Would not have believed it without seeing it.
  3. Awful first half should not detract from good year. As Richmond also found out, in prelim week you are always one bad game from disaster. A good mate who's a Swans supporter says he envies our list - i reckon he's right. Now, if only we could add a solid key defender...
  4. Gawn's miss cancelled out Menzell's. so that was a wash. Otherwise, a stirling game from Max. I assume the many long bombs forward were to exploit Harry's absence, but it did get a bit predictable. Would love to see the stats on inside 50 marks
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