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  1. Give the umpires a rest. Sick of hearing about them. They are not causing us to lose games. If we are first to the ball we don’t give away frees. We have pathetic skills - that’s the problem.
  2. Well at least one positive. It’s obvious none of our players are on performance enhancing drugs.
  3. Given the skill levels of our VFL players, I don’t think it’s going to make too much difference whoever we bring in - but I would like to see Fritta and Hunt play full time on the wings - and certainly not Lewis and Jones.
  4. Agee LH But I’d also say that no game plan will work if the players cannot employ the basic skills of modern football. I’m not saying our game plan doesn’t need altering but when we cannot hit a target, drop marks, refuse to two way run, cannot pick up loose men, continue to have 3 up and no one down, continue to show no on field intelligence or leadership, etc then, as I said, no game will work. The players are making our coaching look bad. Therefore the suggestions on here by some of bringing in players of even lessor skills - such as Stretch and ANB, just because they can run - frightens me. But playing Lewis and Jones on the wing is a joke. Having a dysfunctional forward line is a joke. And having a backline that refuses to have one player goal side of any attacking move is a joke - and a poor reflection on our coaching staff. So yes LH the blame needs to be shared.
  5. OMac needs a stint in the 2's for his own good. He is hopelessly out of form and totally bereft of one shred of confidence, and at present, he is a complete liability down back - even his kicking is letting him down.
  6. Given Werridee's comment on Hore last week in his VFL game summary that "HORE - Worst player in the league" - and he was referring to the VFL league - I felt i must be watching a different player last night, but he really stood up and played an impressive game. To be kind, perhaps Werridee got his players mixed up last weekend.
  7. From what I saw, Jones had 3 inspirational possessions just when we needed them the most- and if he could do that in every game, we'd all be happy. However it seemed to me that all the rest of his possessions were typical of his last few games - either directed to the opposition, or really of no advantage to our team. If he had other good efforts, then I missed them, and I'm sure i'll be corrected on here if that be the case. His disposal is poor, and whether its because he is under more pressure because he is slowing down, I don't know, but too often his good efforts in winning a ball are wasted. The clock is ticking unfortunately.
  8. Wanted to go out and have a few celebration drinks on the back of a good win. Then I remembered it’s a school night. Bloody Thursday night football!
  9. Turns out the reports were wrong. Wasn’t 17 tackles it was 17 handballs. Not sure anyone has been promoted based on 17 handballs. But agree with your comments.
  10. The last time a player at Casey had 17 tackles he was selected in the AFL side the next week. AVB
  11. I have a feeling that the lack of disposal skills, by foot, of our midfield, and their lack of their two way running / defensive pressure, is a major cause of our problems all over the field. Why would one of our forwards even bother to create a lead when the likes of Jones, Brayshaw, Harmes, Viney, ANB, and to a lessor extent Oliver kick into the 50? They couldn't hit a target if they tried, and they continually bomb it in long to a pack. Then after they kick into the 50, they do not defend. As sure as [censored], the bombed kick is killed by the defense, and sling-shot out of the back line to the opposition midfielders standing by themselves.; and into the opposition forward line at break neck speed that no defender has a chance of defending. I think this is why we leak goals like a sieve. What is seen as our major strength - our mid-field - is actually a major weakness for our game plan.. They are great at getting the ball into our 50 - hence the extraordinary inside 50's we do have - but they waste it most of the time. Unless Salem, Lewis, Weiderman or Melksham had the ball in hand, I wouldn't bother to lead either. (its no wonder Hogan had the [censored]). Until our midfield can improve their kicking and defensive skills, we will continue to disappoint.
  12. Apologies RIP if you took offence. Last night i read through umpteen pages of game day and post match comments of understandably disappointed posters - it was not a good performance. The posters I were most disappointed in were the ones that said they would tear up their memberships, or never support the team or be seen on DL again. Your initial post was the first i had read this morning of a similar nature - so i posted a smart [censored] comment. I'm lucky RIP in that I was able to be at the ground to see the MFC win the 64 premiership - not many on here have had that experience and, after showing so much promise last year, can readily understand the disappointment in our team so far this year. I've had 54 years of disappointment since then - and I'm on record as saying that I thought we would win the premiership this year - so stand in the queue when it comes to wanting success again. The one thing I have never done is give up on our team, so I'm disappointed in those that have.
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