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  1. Sorry MFM, I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say. Please try again
  2. Hi Andrew, I'm starting to see a lot of adds on my pages today, which i thought membership stopped. Is there a reason for this please? Cheers
  3. I think that's as close to an apology as you are going to get Happy Jack - I'd take it
  4. I've just lost a major DL contributor - and i feel less stressed already.
  5. Unfortunately i don't believe Round 2 will be till next year, if we are lucky. Listening to the PM last night, it was inferred that the current restrictions (and worse) will be around for a long long time. The Spanish Flu pandemic lasted 2 years from January 1918 to December 1920.
  6. Thank you for putting me first. I guess I am the only real hero from the last 55 years haha
  7. Quote from Fox: “The Dees certainly never lacked for forward entries last year. Against the Eagles, they had 45 of them - 10 more than their opponents. But they still lost by almost five goals. For some reason, Melbourne thought kicking it high and long into West Coast’s vacuum-like intercept defenders time after time would work. Weirdly, it never did, to absolutely no-one’s surprise. It’s fair enough to be frustrated with a team when it doesn’t have enough talent; but when it does, yet keeps doing the same silly things, that’s a different kettle of fish”. So either the players are following orders in continuously bombing it in long - which is an indictment on the coach; or the players are not listening to the coach and doing what they want - which is an indictment on the coach.
  8. Anybody seen this? - interesting hypothesis
  9. An experienced Captain would have known how to answer this question without possibly getting teammates offside, A good Captain will learn from this and think of a team-first response in future rather than giving the reporter the answer that he wants.
  10. Jeremy Howe made an off the cuff comment - which, given the circumstances, I thought was a pretty funny one-liner. To now suggest that the Melbourne players will want to extract some sort of revenge for this comment is just absurd. While the players will already have an opinion of Howe following his departure a few years back, I bet if you now asked the players about this comment, they would probably just laugh. To suggest that Howe is a "germ" and a host of other insults is, in my opinion, just disgraceful. His character assassination in this thread by people who most likely have never even met him is something we should be ashamed of. The guy possess the one single trait that excites all fans - no matter what team they follow - and he does this week after week - he is a once in a generation player for that skill alone. So the guy wanted to leave the MFC - get over it - I'm sure his ex-teammates have.
  11. Did anyone else think it significant that Fritsch and Melksham kicked 9 goals between them? Our key forwards in TMac and Weideman were simply mobbed every time they went near the ball - which left Fritsch and Melksham either on there own, or one on one. And for once we adjusted our game plan to take advantage of this situation. The Weid and TMac can become decoys every week if we get these sort of results.
  12. I believe we should play both of them. Having Jackson in the side allows the Weid to concentrate on the role we signed him up for - a KPF. Personally i don't want to see Weideman as a back up ruck, and the longer we use him in that role, the longer it will take for him to develop his KPF skills. Just look at what we did to Fritsch last year playing him down back, when he is a natural forward. Necessity last year? maybe, but with Jackson available, we don't need to do that to the Weid. Jackson is so raw, but even so, I think this kid is special. Agree with Wayne and BBO that the kid was learning and adapting and eventually winning last night. It was like watching your kid successfully learn to ride a bike for the first time - it was great to watch. Happy to allow this kid to develop his skills among the big boys.
  13. Last year we were at relatively full strength (injuries aside).
  14. Agree with you Wiseblood on Bedford, but I think our depth has improved considerably this year. And because of that I think selecting a best 22 come round 1 will be a headache. Baring the injured players, I think there could be 31 players vying for 22 spots - and I cannot remember the last time we were in such a good shape.
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