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  1. After listening to the Glen Bartlett 1st July podcast, and particularly his statement that our new home base will be within the MCG precinct together with additional facilities at Casey, would anyone now, other than me, consider the above prediction to be accurate?
  2. i think i knew her mother dl4e. I went to the 1970 grand final - Collingwood Carlton. I think I bought a ticket from a scalper at the ground. Unfortunately I was seated behind the goals at the punt road end - among the pies cheer squad of all places. Wanted Carlton to win, but had this little old lady with a brolley "tap" me on the shoulder whenever I cheered for Carlton. Although to be fair up until half time i copped a lot of abuse from many others around me. Fortunately Carltons miraculous third quarter comeback put a gag on the rabble around me and i didn't get too many more taps from that brolley. But I will never forget the look of horror on their faces when the final siren sounded. And I simply smiled at that little old lady.
  3. I think you are selling yourself short BBO. I would have considered a "good thrashing" to be the exercise of choice for a gentleman like you with er "refined" tastes. The benefits of course will depend on the level of gusto with which it is performed .How many times a week would you participate?
  4. Besides Gawn, name one other of our players that does consistently take contested marks FD? Agree he should, but he is not alone there by any means.
  5. BBO - the modern day William Shakespeare! A few of us here appreciate your talents mate - do not despair.
  6. Dear Demonland - I have a problem I hope you can help me with: THE CAUSE: I’ve read this discussion and I don’t know if I am in the 3% astute category or the 97% non-astute group, and it’s worrying me. If I call myself astute, then I am possibly labelling myself as arrogant or elitist. If I say I am not astute, then surely I’m belittling myself, perhaps unfairly (although maybe not). Can you please help?
  7. If Weideman is picked - as I hope he will be- he needs to play as a permanent forward, and not a part time ruck. For that reason, and the size of the Dons backs, I’d also retain Jackson. id like Smith to be given a couple more games before wiping him as a player. After nearly a year and a half out of the game, it is likely to take a game or two for him to find his feet. As with Wiseblood, I think there is footballer inside the current athlete. If there is room, I’d like to also see Lockhart, Kossie and AVB come into our side sooner rather than later.
  8. I agree HT. If he’s fit he should be picked IMO. I’d like to see him tag and place a few good tackles on Cripps.
  9. If it helps, happy to leave the adds there for this season.
  10. I would pay to see a life size picture of Neal Daniher with a beanie on his head for the big freeze round. Imagine 40k ND’s watching us play!
  11. Back in June last year i read an article about a planned acquisition by Mirvac of the Boral PGH brick pit land at Wantirna South for a huge residential development. The article said that it would need State Government approval because the land is covered by a parks acquisition overlay, giving the state the right to purchase it for parkland. I don't know if there are any further developments on this, but a section of this land would make an excellent training base IMO. Anyone know the outcome of Mirvac's application?
  12. A multi tool would be too dangerous in my hands DC. I’ll stick with the grinder thanks.
  13. Your editorials are wasted on here MFM. I don’t think anyone is getting a full perspective of what you are all about, and understanding what you have to say - especially DD. Can I suggest saving all these nuggets and writing a book instead. Then we’d have the whole picture. If written under your current nom de plume it could possibly be titled “ The MFC - the view from Mars”. If written under your previous incarnation perhaps it could be called “The MFC - a Dee -luded view”. Just a suggestion.
  14. I think you have just solved one of my problems DC. Constantly having thongs on my feet during these covid days spent at home, I am regularly reminded visually at just how long my toe nails are getting. I have a problem bending all that way to cut them. And, unlike BBO, I don’t have a slave to cut them for me. But I reckon I could bend far enough to reach them with an angle grinder in my hands. Problem solved. Thanks DC. And to BBO, I had a grandfather who also suffered from bad tinea. I seem to remember he swore by ( or swore at, I cannot remember) the pouring of peroxide on his infliction. Perhaps you could let me know which one it was.
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