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  1. We need a new policy. Anyone who gets injured gets dropped!
  2. I'm sure that by now, after 6 pages on here, Demonlanders have recommended /covered every permutation of draft selections possible. So someone on here has probably nailed it. Congrats. Personally i'd keep 3 and 8 and pick the best available. Splitting picks, to me, would generally imply choosing players with lesser perceived ability, or at least players possibly requiring longer periods before they are AFL ready. But I'm happy to leave the selection to our experts, as I am certainly not one. However, I am sorry that we still have about 3 weeks left of this speculation before we are put out of our misery.
  3. looks like he hasn't eaten since round 23. Hope its not anorexia
  4. If he is so good, why are Collingwood letting him go?
  5. I think your point is valid DS up to a point. Most young ruckmen take 3 or more years to develop to a point where they could be worthy of consistent AFL game time, and Max could well be retired by then. Even Grundy took a few years before his stats improved. Under your scenario, if we want someone to assist Max over the next 3 years, then we need a ready made ruckman now. That’s not to say Jackson won’t be a good player. I have no idea on that. But it won’t be for about 3 years hence if he is.
  6. I have a huge bias towards Joel because I think if we can get him fit, keep him fit, and get game time into him, there is just so much upside to this kid. With so much time spend off the paddock, his skill set will take time to develop, so I don’t expect an immediate strong impact once he plays. But he showed glimpses of what he could potentially bring to our forward line this past pre-season. We’ve seen glimpses of his defensive skills and his second and third efforts down back. I also think he could, in the future, have a huge impact through the middle. While I don’t like the term swingman, I think if I had a choice between Smith and Tomlinson, I know who I’d want. Best wishes to him.
  7. If Harley is able to fully recover from his injury, with the talent he possesses, I'm happy for him to take as long as it takes to get him back on the park.
  8. It may have been thin before but its now invisible
  9. You seem to forget that it was the MFC that correctly assessed that Howe was a backman, and not a forward, where Howe wanted to play. The black and white offered him a forward role and he left. He has bloomed in the role we wanted for him, proving our initial assessment. And while I wish Frosty every success at the brown and yellow, I think our decision will also be proven to be the correct one for our team. I think the Club has agreed with your assessment of our medicos, and has made significant changes in that department accordingly. However I fail to see where any of your last 2 or 3 comments has anything to do with the Harley Bennell thread.
  10. I wonder if they consider getting Viney down there. Particularly if his foot needs to be constantly managed.
  11. This post sounds a lot like my dating history back in the day. I wanted her but she didn’t want me - and I was too dumb(?) to not realise and accept that and just let her go.
  12. I am absolutely sick of certain posters who continually want to put the boot in when there is no need or possible upside for doing so. FFS they have been delisted - there is nothing more that needs to be said. Especially about 2 players who have absolutely given 100% and have been so admired in the club for their attitude. So they didn’t make it. It wasn’t through the want of trying - and they certainly achieved so much more in their careers as AFL footballers then virtually all of us at Demonland, especially me. What I would have given to have played 40 games for the MFC. Most posters have been appreciative of their efforts and wished them well. As it should be. As for the other F wits, to use some of your own language, you are simply Demonland list cloggers, and we should get rid of you.
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