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  1. I would have thought that if we had any notion of signing him up, he should be going to Maroochydore. One of the great aspects of the Qld training camp is the bonding that occurs - and IMV would be worth going for that alone.
  2. So in a thread about our last training session, you have been able to detect an underlying, deep-seated aversion - which is what "subliminal antipathy" basically means - to Jeffy by some on here? Are you f' ing serious? Why would you even raise such a thing about a player - a much loved player - no longer at the club? Are you trying to stir up trouble?, infer racial issues? what? I normally read your comments with interest Dieter, but this last one absolutely astounds me.
  3. I think you have misplaced your comment. This thread is called "Unexpected Best 22 Player". Better you look for the "Not Expected Best 22 Thread" to place your comment.
  4. From a business perspective you are probably right Steve - might be an early call, but that may well be the smart thing to do. The feel-good approach would be to sign him up and allow him one year to come good (on the basis that there are always going to be hiccups in his recovery) and see if this pays off. if it does, we are a mile in front. If not, we are the value of a rookie contract out of pocket. I'm hoping for the feel good approach - but I was never great at business.
  5. OK Red, I'd like to nominate myself for the position of half-full-on-the-fence. I am actually getting better at this role as the years go by. Like a good wine actually.
  6. Surely real qualifications won’t get you a role in this team Red.
  7. thanks Jontee - must be blind
  8. Thanks for correcting me Jontee
  9. Thank F. The sky isn't falling in after all.
  10. IMV, defining success in 2020 has to be measured against the 2018 season. The 2019 season was clearly an aberration for all the reasons previously discussed at length. In 2018 we lost a preliminary final - and therefore, for me, a successful year in 2020 will be achieved if we go at least one step better - ie winning a prelim final. Anything less should be viewed by the Club - and certainly will be by me - as a failed season. Can we do it? That is the question. While there may be some psychological scares from 2019 to overcome, I believe we should be a better team this year than in 2018, for the following reasons: - a better list of players - a more experienced list - more experienced coach and coaching staff - a better fitness coach - considerably more competition for places in the team. With all these advantages over 2018, the issue will be how well the coach and his staff can heal the scares of 2019 and gel this group of individual players into a well oiled team. If they cannot do that, then, given the above, I will see this as a coaching failure.
  11. haha, you are one sick puppy Demonstone
  12. I used to play football with Mr Woodman - the b astard would never even shout a drink, let alone offer me money!
  13. Has he shrunk 2cm since coming to Melbourne? That’d be right!
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