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  1. Yarra Park was placed on the Victorian Heritage registry in 2010 - with special emphasis on the layout and the tree planting - with an emphasis that this should not be altered. As no oval of a size suitable for our training could be provided in the Park without removing historic pathways and trees; and as the proposed 6 storey development proposed over the rail line would effectively block existing views into the park, good luck with trying to get anything approved within the park. I just don’t believe it would happen. Hence my thoughts on the area covered by Goshs Paddock Ovals 1 and 2. None of the above restrictions would apply.
  2. SD you must have sportsmen knocking your door down to achieve such miraculous results. Don’t know how you even have the time to post on here.
  3. I am not up to date with what has and has not been proposed, but from my professional experience I would be astounded if any Yarra Park proposal would get up, as much as we all may want it to. Taking over historic, heritage parkland, changing the historic layout, removing trees and blocking existing views into the parkland from outside are just a few of the key problems a proposal would face and thus would undoubtably fail. I think the only location close by that would have a chance of succeeding IMO would be proposing a development on Goshs Paddock ovals 1 and 2. It’s an area that is already a sporting precinct, does not have the heritage issues and any tall development would not block public views. Obviously there are still issues to be faced, including relocating the current tenants of GP Oval 1. However,I don’t expect we will hear anything about our new home until a formal proposal is prepared and lodged with the relevant Authorities. I hope it is soon.
  4. Sorry OD, I misinterpreted your statement - makes more sense now.
  5. OD, don’t we have to actually have to put a valid proposal forward to the Govt to be reviewed and then money is perhaps allocated if the proposal is valid? I’m not aware we have been proactive enough to do this formally as yet - or at least recently.
  6. Something to smile about at last. We may have lost on Friday night, but the good news is that our percentage actually increased! (0.5%!)
  7. Luv this site. Even when the content is not much chop, there is always the pleasure of trying to guess what the poster's (censored) word is.
  8. I don’t think we should be so hard on Stretch. He is really only playing because we have so many injuries. He has played 40 odd games at AFL level which is an achievement not too many on here have done, and despite his limitations he always gives 110% and is noted as a very professional footballer, attitude wise. To call him a “hopeless AFL footballer” is just disrespectful IMO.
  9. We were expected to be flogged. But I saw a great game of football last night where the Dees played a vastly improved brand of footy for almost 3 quarters. Sure there were skill errors but we deserved to be in the lead at 3/4 time. Our forward line functioned by leading to the oncoming player more than I’ve seen so far this year, and for once our mids hit their targets. We lapsed back to our old ways in the 4th, but all in all we should have won the match. If we’d kicked the gettable goals (and I mean just the easy ones) we still would have won - even with an error ridden 4th quarter. so we may be 3 and 6 but I am confident that last night has shown that we will be a force for the rest of the year. As for the umps, they didn’t lose us the game - we did. ( free kick count 22 to 21 in our favour).
  10. If Jack has long term injury concerns and his playing time has to be continually managed, I’d hope he would step down from the captaincy at the end of the year. Jack is still trying to play as if he were 100% fit, and trying to do too much when he gets the ball, when he should be playing to his injury limitations. Unless he is 100%, he is no longer an inspiring captain playing this way. He may well need a push in this regard because I don’t think he is smart enough to realise this fact.
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