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  1. I think he could develop as a good full forward for us if we were to select him
  2. If you were influenced by Chisel into drinking that drop at that time ( “paper bag, brandivino”) then I’d suggest you must be around 55 years of age PD.
  3. And what, he’s going to get that at Melbourne? Im wondering what May is actually thinking. He left a rabble thinking he was joining a premiership bound team. He must be kicking himself.
  4. Saty. I admire your red and blue blood through-and-through attitude, but a guy is allowed to express an opinion without it being construed as a knock (“negativity”) on every player on our list, surely.
  5. Thanks for the great memory recall. camping on Philip Island in the middle of winter, pouring with rain, and necking SGG to keep warm. The good ol days.
  6. You are not alone Ding. All of us on here are hurting - you just have to read the posts submitted to know that. Some express their anger. Others, like you, display their hurt. Passion for a great club is expressed in many forms. I say again, you are not alone.
  7. If we review two players in similar stages of their careers at MFC, Jones and Lewis, and compare how we are reacting to the finish, or potential finish , to their careers, we appear to have different standards. Lewis is a 4 time premiership player who has played over 300 games, an all Australian, whose skills and football brain have always been well above those of Jones - and still are. Jones has been a heart and soul player for us through many bleak years. He has earned our respect and gratitude. However, while he still bleeds red and blue, his skill set is now second rate, if we are being honest. Lewis, a large number of us here has said he should stay at Casey, and not play in the ones again. Jones, a large number here are saying we should keep him on to play 300 games - at least one and a half seasons away. Naturally there is a lot more love for Jones than Lewis - one is Melbournes heart and the other is an outsider. But perhaps we need to take a tough leaf out of Clarkson’s book, and take the emotion out of any decision regarding Jones, and do what’s best for the teams development - when the time comes.
  8. Lower draft picks generally take more time to develop, if they are going to develop. Therefore I agree that the jury is still out on some of more recent picks. However, we have an excellent record IMO in later draft picks. Not sure how many of these are due to Taylor, but I would have thought that Harmes (2014 rookie), Hannan (pick 46 2016), Hunt (57 2013), Joel Smith (rookie 2016), AVB (rookie 2015), Fritsch (31 2017), Gawn (34 2009), TMac (53, 2010) and Frost (83 2012) are some examples of good selections. Of course there are many that haven’t made it, but that is football. Hore (56 2018) has already shown he will make it. Your comment that “Taylor needs to produce more quality from our later draft picks if he is going to be there for another 5 years” is at very best, uninformed. Firstly, lower draft picks are picked on potential - or they would be high draft picks. It’s then up to the player himself and the FD to develop that potential - not Taylor. The examples above show that he has a great eye for potential, particularly the 3 rookie picks. Secondly, most later draft picks take a few years to develop therefore Taylor already has the runs on the board to be there for “ the next 5 years”. By your own admission, he cannot and should not yet be judged on later draft picks of the last year or two - although players like Baker (48 2017), Dunkley (mid season draft 2019), and Lockhart (2019 supplementary selection) would appear to me as though Taylor still has what it takes. Just for once MB, I’m sure we would all like to see you come up with something constructive on this site.
  9. Best team we’ve put onto the park all season and you still complain. Just once I’d like to read something positive from you Picket - and not that you are “positive” that Oscar will be back in the ones next week.
  10. Unfortunately I need to wait for the GF (gluten free) version
  11. I wish someone had told me there was twitter back in the 70’s
  12. Modesty forbids me from saying that I was the hero that day.
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