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  1. Knock back offers from Carlton and Hawthorn and stay at GW$. Gil has to resign. Destroyed the game.
  2. Allowing co-tenants at the MCG has cost us home ground advantage. Let all the other victorian teams play at their suburban [censored] holes.
  3. Yes. There's a good chance we'll all be upset tonight.
  4. Another fantastic coup for the Podcast @Demonland. Neita was by boyhood idol. I had number 9 on my back throughout my career. The Dees should get him back to the club to work out it's goal kicking woes.
  5. I'm not sure whether we can win this one but I don't think they will thrash us. I hate the description but it will likely be an honourable loss.
  6. Trac's set shot goal kicking needs to be seriously addressed by the club. It's simply not good enough. I can't just be a confidence thing. He has a beautiful kick on the run.
  7. I guess I'll preface this by saying (lest I offend anyone) that it is never ok to hit someone in the head in retaliation unless in self defence. However something doesn't sit right with the quoted interview (minutes?) after the incident and the terrified lad the next day.
  8. Hogan picked the right ship.
  9. I've had a few issues with the club over the years and this year in particular. I have had a issue with my families memberships that has not been sorted out in a timely or satisfactory manner and I do not know what to do. It's almost impossible to speak with or get someone with some authority to speak with or call back. Anybody else had issues with poor communication from the club and did you get it resolved?
  10. Prepare yourselves for Demonland Week 4
  11. True. Eddie forcing us to pay overs is a win for Eddie too.
  12. Pathetic effort today. 4 goals to 1 up and then ........ Too much bath water consumed in the offseason.
  13. You'd think port have a bigger traveling fan base than the orange militia.
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