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  1. Love Bailey Fritsch and feel very comfortable when the ball is in his hands. Think he’s our most composed player.
  2. I feel sick about tonight. Hopefully we have gone over and over inside 50 entries both on track and in the film room. If we get the same amount of inside 50's with just slightly better entry, we should have this comfortably, but who knows.
  3. Bloke at work who plays VFL reckons Marty Hore is an absolute jet and will fit in seamlessly to the AFL game. Hopefully can hold down Lever's spot until he returns and then who knows.
  4. I'm certainly not JKH's biggest fan but thought he has almost been our best today. Bobbing up everywhere and really clean.
  5. Apparently I am technologically disabled and cannot post a picture in here, but check out Clarry's Instagram story for some interesting looks at the Tracc's "chubby" physique.
  6. Do we take Hill if he slides to us? Thought West Coast would take him but they traded their pick.
  7. Welcome Wags! Seemed to dominate at Casey this season and probably would have got a game if he was on our list.
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