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  1. Christ. These injury reports actually hurt my soul.
  2. Nice. Pretty much a free pick for sliding from 8-10. Well done Dees.
  3. Is there any vision of Jackson online? I’m scratching my head a bit at us taking him, but I also trust Taylor/have barely seen any vision of him.
  4. Have heard this might be the case , strong hand in an even top 10 is a pretty good result.
  5. For what it’s worth I think we are going to give this guy a chance. Good speed and run but iffy disposal obviously.
  6. There's some talk that Angus' father may take over Fremantle's vacant CEO position. Would be the worst possible time to sell Gus, as we obviously won't be getting Freo's two top 10 picks
  7. Ricky Nixon i believe is the report that Collingwood have trumped up 500k per year over 3. Interestingly he has also tweeted that Gus Brayshaw toured Freo today. Hopefully he is 0/2 there.
  8. Yeah also just thought of this, would undoubtedly be weird
  9. Damn, have a feeling Brisbane will pip us
  10. Agree. Stretch just does not have a single AFL level trait that sets him apart. Good endurance runner but doesn't cover the ground with speed. Poor kick, slight frame, average at everything else.
  11. I'd still get Tomlinson in and then work out the Whitfield offer when that comes around. No good missing out on a player who could hypothetically help us in 2020 to save money, and then Whitfield signs after round 11 next year. We can do some financial manoeuvring if it seems we are in with a sniff. Players of note out of contract 2020 Fritsch Petracca Petty Viney Harmes Hunt Hibberd Jones
  12. What does pick 2 have anything to do with Tomlinson or Whitfield??? They would both be free agents. And since you are so prophetic over coaching careers, would you mind imparting some of your divine wisdom on whether Goodwin will work out?
  13. Seeing Burgess' influence on the list. Full seasons from Melksham (almost our most important player and one of the best half forwards in the comp, can actually hit a target going inside 50 and one of the best goal assisters in the league) Full seasons from Lever and a tuned up May Ed Langdon (and to a lesser extent KK) tearing down the wings Bouncebacks from Guy Brayshaw, Sam Weideman and Tom McDonald (who had just started hitting his straps prior to going down) Petty with a full offseason working as a forward Fritsch full season as a forward Whoever we pick up in the first round (speed and kicking skills a must) Jetta May Lever Salem Frost Hibberd Langdon Brayshaw KK Petracca Tmac Melksham XXX Fritsch XXX Gawn Oliver Petracca Viney Harmes Vandenberg XXX I have faith.
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