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  1. Just gave up. Can’t mark, can’t defend, can’t kick a goal without them kicking one back. Another win we just [censored] away. I’m cooking dinner now. Not eating late to witness this pitiful effort really hope lessons are learned.
  2. No be trying to mark, always trying to punch it even in critical nes in front of their goal
  3. They can get back to back goals, we can’t every time we get a goal, they get one in response, now they have back to back.
  4. How many goals have we lost because we can’t mark?
  5. If he’d marked that would have been a certain goal
  6. So a player can be reported for contact when going for a mark? This is weaker than soccer
  7. Woke up this morning feeling something tickling my shoulder. Brushed it away. Came back. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was an iPad shoved in my face with the last two minutes playing. All me and my brother talked about was what a thrilling end it was. When his wife and kids came to pick him up the first thing they asked was if I watched the game. A enjoyable result. Must have watched the last two minute 8 times already. Glad for once it was us who snatched the win, not the opponent. I’m pretty sure this will be ranked game of the round. It will go down as a highlight in an otherwise forgettable season.
  8. Regardless of our season, this will be the type of game that shows up on our magic memories DVDs. A win out of nowhere. It’s certainly a win I’ll remember and one of our best comebacks ever. No matter what team you follow, it’s a game that most supporters would have enjoyed watching. Full of pizza and bit tipsy now, so I hope someone takes these words to heart and enjoys the game for what it was, a comeback win.
  9. I’m not expecting finals, but seriously if you think we don’t deserve any support, why go in here? Go on the opponents forums or go on Facebook to do negativity comments. I understand for a loss, but a win? What other fans would do this?
  10. Gold Coast did give them a run for their money, though. You never know
  11. I watched it with my younger brother. We were literally holding each other, trembling, the last minute. In all seriousness, it’s taken me so long to post because we’ve only just let go. My heart is still pounding. What a win! It’s usually games like this we throw away. So many games I’ve seen the past few years where we were in front and the other team caught up and managed to steal a win. Its usually the opponents who steal a win like that. Thought it was over when GC kicked that goal, but for once, we stood up where it counted and never gave up. One of the best finishes I’ve ever seen to what was a mostly average game. Great to see Jones back in firm. Now we’re ordering pizza and going to have celebration drinks. Go Dees!
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