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  1. I think we should have always been aligned with Port Melbourne. Same song same colours and not half way to Gippsland where most of our supporters can't or wont get to.
  2. Great news ! Let's hope he's had some kind of solid realisation of where he is in life because this could be his last football chance. I wish him well.
  3. Maybe the club could look at Jarmaine Jones a small forward just delisted by the Cats.
  4. Goodwin may not be the right ' guy' but he might be the right bloke.
  5. So we abandon the MCG and leave it to collingwood and go half way to Gippsland ?
  6. How come Essendon gets to play on every so called significant 'day' on the calendar ?
  7. Gold Diggers Newtown, The Cremorne Newtown, The Valley inn South Geelong.
  8. I was watching the Keys and Gray show on bein sports the other morning and Richard Keys stated that the Notts County football club ( 1862 ) is the oldest football club in the world. I tweeted them and set them straight.
  9. That means we have dumb umpires then doesn't it.
  10. I agree, he got away with a lot with that particular dog act. There should be a thorough review of umpiring. Even though there's more umpires there's a lot that they either don't see or don't bother to officiate on.
  11. Well another ex Fitzroy person at Melbourne. There's a lot of us up in the Redlegs,. His father Brian played 125 games with the dear old FFC. And after Roosy coached our wonderful club I'm starting to feel really at home .
  12. Look the people that run our game are obsessed with american culture and sport. Sheedy is one of the culprits and was probably behind naming one of our clubs the giants. Our game is uniquely Australian in the way it looks and the way it's played and why they want to make it look and feel american is beyond me.
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