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  1. platers wont change their habits ,goodwin wont change his,make a move or 2 you idiot
  2. turned the telly off how bad is that to watch ,you can stick moden day footy,
  3. who does fritter think he is ,dont get to big headed kid
  4. Cant believe those to boys could make a mistake like that so close to an afl game.Still think we will win comfortably,ANB is a good competator but would love to have seen the excitement Pickett would bring
  5. idiot, your dog is smarter than you
  6. what the hel is a waleed ali. a racist i guess against normal australians
  7. Everyone seems against Omac and weid but they are young big blokes who take time to mature ,the games they play now are great for experience down the track.Tom Hawkins is a great example at geelong ,was bagged early in his career now they love him
  8. Remember Frankie very well one game at the G Jack Dyer stated it was the best game he had seen a player play i was at the game and the ball followed him up the race at half time.Jack Dyer used to call the reserves game way back in the days of great footy claimed he saw a new champion in kelvin clark ,he never got to be that but his brother denis was very handy
  9. it appears we have no control of ball movement when we have it,goodwins game plan is nonexistant players seem to have no direction.All down to the coach.He must be on thin ice,dont tell me wasnt invoved with Dank
  10. Brayshaw needs a rocket or maybe he is not as good as people think ,had plenty of mates going half pace ,oliver ,anb etc
  11. so sad to watch this club implode,i played a lot of footy but not as bad as this mob
  12. a sad day for footy and even sader for the mfc shocking performance
  13. i didnt post that rubbish,i just responded to it ,get you facts right befroe you post
  14. cart going past home,yelling bring out your dead
  15. terrible if true,why bother playing a pointless game
  16. surely the afl cant let this game on,what would it prove,govt has annouced only essential services to be open after the next 48 hrs dont think footy fits in there
  17. ripper of a reply,good grief so sad for you
  18. yes he does thats footy clubs are about,loyalty
  19. surprised not a lot of support for hore thought he played well last year under difficult times without much support
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