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  1. so sad ,will be missed at bossy boots for morning breaky with buckets loewe
  2. and elvis has left the building.GOOD GRIEF
  3. and elvis has left the building.GOOD GRIEF
  4. the cricket umpires look good compared to this mob
  5. if you are one up on me what year was that ,was it 54,if so are you about a very young 70
  6. fasinates me why they did kill the vfa great breeding ground for young players
  7. on the more positive side ,go dees we can do it
  8. you think you are doing it tough,Iwas born 1952 and was mfc supporter from then on,mfc member ,redlegs member,chucked so much money into this club and here I sit wondering WHY ,just to watch us fail time and time again
  9. there is a few blokes in that era with a few personal issues to deal with
  10. I remember LJ being terrific but watching the highlites he was even better than i recall ,imagin him and Austin i the same forward half for a decade,my mind just boggles at the thought
  11. trac always had that rdb about him just needs walk past their coach and say GO AND GET STUFFED
  12. credit where its due ,lewis is best forward today,except for kicking,then fritter
  13. our new star forward line fritter and lewis,good grief
  14. normally dont worry about umps but really this is terrible peuss spun him 360 so that is a free
  15. scotch just kicked in go dees you good things
  16. After watching the mfc for many decades looking forward to every game with hope and anticapation,I find now there is little to enthuse aboutanymore just another game of despair and disappointment.Think i will give one of the ex wives a call just to top my day off
  17. I never usually worry about the umpires influence,but really ,destroyed us
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