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  1. there is a few blokes in that era with a few personal issues to deal with
  2. I remember LJ being terrific but watching the highlites he was even better than i recall ,imagin him and Austin i the same forward half for a decade,my mind just boggles at the thought
  3. trac always had that rdb about him just needs walk past their coach and say GO AND GET STUFFED
  4. credit where its due ,lewis is best forward today,except for kicking,then fritter
  5. our new star forward line fritter and lewis,good grief
  6. normally dont worry about umps but really this is terrible peuss spun him 360 so that is a free
  7. scotch just kicked in go dees you good things
  8. After watching the mfc for many decades looking forward to every game with hope and anticapation,I find now there is little to enthuse aboutanymore just another game of despair and disappointment.Think i will give one of the ex wives a call just to top my day off
  9. I never usually worry about the umpires influence,but really ,destroyed us
  10. c wagner great game ,we got beat but showed great effort ,very proud to watch them try so hard .they never gav up
  11. c magner reminds of Col sylvia when he burst thru and goaled ,jkh is never going to play afl again or omc
  12. I can feel a win comeing on us by 5 goals the big bloke to kick 5
  13. Brandavino, ah memories.Used to take bottle of stones to the footy nd tip it into that horrible white can carlton draught beer to kill the taste and to keep warm standing in bay 17,ah the good old days at the footy.Plus the jam donuts as a peace offering when home to wmbo,after a session at connelys tavern on way home.Still got a bottle of stones will have sip or two during todays win
  14. in time i would not be surprised to see frost become a ggreat midfielder,big body strong and fast.If he improves his agilty and aroebics he would be a real handful in centre clearances
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