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  1. tom mac laughing with moore after the siren ,thats why are [censored] shocking attitude
  2. going to put a movie on this disgusting performance ifeel embarrsed to support this team for 60 years
  3. no update on team on our web site ,hopless
  4. should have been forward all season
  5. must beat them to many filth friends who bag me until this time next year
  6. Glad Cox is playing,under done and slippery ball will not help him
  7. Ithink a win is there to be taken today,wet weather should help nulify Grundy around the ground and Cox in the air when he is forward.Our mob fumble in the dry so the wet will just make a normal day out
  8. i have worked whats wrong with the mcdonald brothers ,they are both [censored] in the head
  9. charlie still looks like mickey rooney to me ,hope he plays a blinder to stop all the bagging of a second year player who was terrific in our finals last year
  10. you had to put your beak in didnt you
  11. is this some sought of pathetic joke,what shocking bunch of tossers
  12. i just cant believe what i am watching goodbye billy and spargo
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