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  1. Harden up princess. Have you read the story?
  2. Bar Gawn, did anyone deserve a 5 year deal? I don’t think so. On the other hand I’m not fazed as I doubt he is on big coin.
  3. Has this been announced as I can’t find anything on AFL website
  4. Without another KF, one who can kick goals then I can’t see us making top 8. I just don’t thing Weid is up to it just yet
  5. That would be a massive get. But I don’t think he is worth the 900k per season.
  6. Yes, but not for the 900k a year he has asked for.
  7. I’m thinking he will announce his new contract with the Pies at the B&F tonight
  8. Correct. I think it was all May.
  9. For some reason I still think he will stay with the Pies as they will be able to squeeze him in. I would love him in a demons jumper though, does know how to find the goals on a regular basis.
  10. He may be quick but he does turn the ball over. I think if we could get a 2nd round pick which is what the so called experts are saying, then I would take this and run.
  11. If he gets to the Suns I doubt we would get anything more than a 3rd round pick at absolute best.
  12. Thumbs up from me. We are way to conservative which may be why we haven’t had success for a decent period. Time for a change up. If he can get on the park he is super elite. Used to love watching him play.
  13. Thought I heard on trade radio today that he is a restricted free agent. I could be wrong though.
  14. Why didn’t we give it to Craig Jennings since this is what he wants to do?
  15. I think my hate for the AFL Giants is over. I think the tigers will win but won’t be too upset if the Giants win.
  16. I think he will be a good pick up. He is not a star but if he can replace someone in our starting 22 then what harm could it do. I believe we need to keep turning the list over till we get it right.
  17. I would like him at the Demons. I think he brings that bit of X factor I fear we don’t have.
  18. This trade period has me intrigued. It will be interesting in who comes in and who departs. I am in 2 minds.....did we over achieve in 2018 or is this year just a combination of bad luck, bad coaching etc (yes all coaches still have learning curves especially when they are new to the job). I know for sure I won’t be making a judgment on our trade period till the dust has settled.
  19. Could the commentators be barracking any harder for the pies?
  20. Tigers will win the flag. Plain and simple.
  21. I like him. He has that bit of x-factor.
  22. Same feeling here. I think we need a few young players coming through either this year or next
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