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  1. Fritch looks good up forward. Now to kick it
  2. 100+ point flogging coming up 😂. This side is a complete joke.
  3. I think less whinging about the umpires and more whinging about our player poor skills
  4. I still remember the game Neitz was on a lead and cleaned up some Hawthorn player then I’m pretty sure he turned and snapped a goal......brilliant!!!!
  5. If they don’t I’ll be drinking some sort of spirit.
  6. I was a member but unfortunately I have fallen on hard times. A membership is like a luxury item at present.
  7. Let’s hope Casey can name a captain with a bit of leadership. Not sure if Hutchins was injured but he was [censored] hopeless come finals.
  8. For some reason I hope we pick up Jake Neade. Another small forward that creates pressure
  9. If hogan didn’t get traded this year he would have went home the following year. What you said is a [censored] statement.
  10. Had a look at the fixture. Super excited with the extra exposure. If we are good enough we have nothing to fear. Those on here having a whinge about the difficulty of the draw get a life. If we are good enough then we will win most of them.
  11. Any news on what happened? All I’ve heard is motor accident
  12. How did you hear about the accident and knew it was Col?
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