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  1. Bar Gawn, did anyone deserve a 5 year deal? I don’t think so. On the other hand I’m not fazed as I doubt he is on big coin.
  2. Has this been announced as I can’t find anything on AFL website
  3. Without another KF, one who can kick goals then I can’t see us making top 8. I just don’t thing Weid is up to it just yet
  4. That would be a massive get. But I don’t think he is worth the 900k per season.
  5. I’m thinking he will announce his new contract with the Pies at the B&F tonight
  6. Correct. I think it was all May.
  7. For some reason I still think he will stay with the Pies as they will be able to squeeze him in. I would love him in a demons jumper though, does know how to find the goals on a regular basis.
  8. He may be quick but he does turn the ball over. I think if we could get a 2nd round pick which is what the so called experts are saying, then I would take this and run.
  9. If he gets to the Suns I doubt we would get anything more than a 3rd round pick at absolute best.
  10. Thumbs up from me. We are way to conservative which may be why we haven’t had success for a decent period. Time for a change up. If he can get on the park he is super elite. Used to love watching him play.
  11. Thought I heard on trade radio today that he is a restricted free agent. I could be wrong though.
  12. Why didn’t we give it to Craig Jennings since this is what he wants to do?
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