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  1. JKH been good in close, played well so far apart from that one bad turn over. If you want to write him off for a mistake like that send most of this team on their way as well.
  2. I've recently rediscovered Stone’s Green Ginger. Does a fine job at clearing the throat etc. In my hitching days got picked up in remote western Victoria and had to clear a space for my feet amongst the SGG empties carpeting the floor. Fortunately it turned out the driver had become immune to the 13.9%.
  3. Hear hear. It will be known as the era of The Saltimate.
  4. Such a person exists? I barrack for MFC and BHA, so …. the existence of such a complete and utter loser is entirely possible. The universe is a wondrous place.
  5. Even the concrete has a hard time surviving up there. Concrete cancer. Corruption rules. Could future sea level rise be the ultimate cleanser and also force the AFL’s hand? Hopefully we don’t have to wait that long.
  6. Reminds me of the 2007 Grand Final party I went to. Nearly everyone had lost interest after half time and retired to the rear deck. Sometime in the last quarter they were surprised when one of the few still watching the TV let out a massive joyous holler. I was celebrating. Port had just acquired the biggest losing grand final margin of all time. ’88 could sink a little further into the depths of history.
  7. Agree with you about the Bombers, but the Pies are right up there in the good lovin' the umps dish out. Not many teams go to Perth and end up plus 3 for frees. Both Ess and Coll are very much part of the AFL's agenda.
  8. Sorry, I meant to say Bald Headed F*** - four letter f word of your choosing
  9. Does this info help to clarify the definition of Bald Headed [censored]?
  10. At a bar the other night and they played Tom Petty’s Freefallin’, Very apt for the year we’ve had. Maybe could play that song as Melbourne run onto the ground. Was a good club, back in the heyday Loved winning, and the cups with it too Then Barassi, took off to the Bluebags A curse set in, and then we were screwed And it’s a long day, sittin at the footy There’s a freeway, runnin’ through the backs And I’m a sad boy, for ever believin’ Those bad boys, keep breakin’ our hearts And we’re free, free fallin’ Yeah we’re free, free fallin’
  11. Only watched the second half, thanks to Dee Zephyr’s son, but Spargo was really poor. Hard to believe he’s regressed so far from the positive signs of last year. At best it’s second year blues but it seems to be worse than that. If we still had a Development League, that’s where he’d be heading. It looks like he’ll get another year to prove himself regardless of his form this year. I thought the standard contract for a new draftee was 2 years, but according to Footywire he’s not out of contract until 2020. Was his contract extended by a year? Is it another case of premature extension?
  12. Yet another blunder from the selection committee, it’s just about a weekly event. How does JKH not get a gig after his game last weekend? Did anyone outside of the selection committee see a particular reason amongst his 23 disposals and three goals that would be the justification for denying him promotion? Whatever that reason is, it seems the Casey coach didn’t pick up on it. “Kennedy Harris was just so clean in difficult conditions… so clean with the ball, and his finishing was outstanding.” Yeah no, can’t have someone like that in the seniors. Jeez, he might show some of them up.
  13. A number of consolations for the Pie supporters, not that I should trying to comfort them, but… 1) Round 16 2017, Richmond totally embarrassed by the Saints, kicked up the backside all the way to a flag. 2) Despite losing nearly every other stat against the Roos last night, they win the free kick count 27 to 11! The umps have made it clear how much they love Collingwood this year, and no matter what happens, the Pies can always count on them. The umps took the Bulldogs to a flag in 2016, they’ll do the same for the Pies this year. (And if it wasn’t for that disgraceful display by the BHF and his mates in the Thursday night game, GWS would now be second, Collingwood third).
  14. I think JKH is a much better option than Hannan, ANB, Garlett and Spargo. Those players get numerous chances to play rubbish games for consecutive weeks before the penny finally drops with our selectors and they drop them. JKH can have a run of games where he contributes and then has one game where he’s quiet, next week he’s dropped. He’s got good evasive skills in close, good speed, finds space, and generally has good disposal. Given a fair go to build his confidence, I think he’d add an important element to what we miss so badly, providing outside options and speed, whilst at the same time able to do well on the inside. Being able to handle wet conditions is a good indicator as well. If the club let him go I think he’ll establish himself somewhere else.
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