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  1. Agree with most of dazzledavey36 player summary. I think Jordon showed a bit. Didn’t do a lot but what he did was good, good kick, some important touches and a really gutsy going back with the flight into oncoming traffic. Petty had a horror second quarter. Started when his team mate tried to kick it clear and the ball slammed into his face for that clanger-falcon turnover goal. I know he had very little time to react but there didn’t seem to be any reflex reaction or awareness of the situation. Then I suspect the impact might have concussed or disoriented him to some degree, because it went rapidly downhill from there. A smothered kick in the goal square which almost led to another goal. Then badly misjudged flight of the ball in the air to give opponent an easy mark. A couple of mis-kicks. And he looked slow. If not a mild concussion, I just hope it was ‘one of those days’, given the positive reports on his previous performances. Hore only brought on in second quarter so maybe could be playing Thursday but I hope not, loose too many times, fumbles, too many long bombs to no one. As an indication of how much we have deteriorated, Mitch White looked like he should be comfortably back on our list. Whilst watching it occurred that the Box Hill coach would be a good addition to the MFC coaching staff, because he obviously knows and implements Clarko’s style. Looked it up - Chris Newman - VFL premiership in 2018 and formerly served as an assistant coach at Hawthorn. He has a classic pedigree for a successful coach - the medium sized defender who made the most of his talents.
  2. Hard to believe that just two weeks ago I woke with some hope in my heart. Although I did have some trepidation. That pre-season talk of how finishing fourth wouldn’t be good enough this year was rather unsettling, whiffs of the classic MFC trait of getting ahead of themselves. Maybe what they were meaning to say was that finishing fourth wasn’t good enough this year when it comes to the end of season draft, bottom four would far better. If that was what they meant, so far every post has been a ‘winner’.
  3. Salem - lone class act Weeds - not a ruckman Spargo- not forward target Viney - why selected? Preuss - why not selected? ANB - blew up early Hibberd- shanky left foot Hore - better second half Frost - frequent cognitive dysfunction Petracca -slow muscle man. Jones - retirement looming MFC - recruit outside run
  4. Spargo, with his weak kicking very lucky to stay in. 10 disposals at 60% efficiency, so 6 effective disposals. JKH 14 disposals at 100% efficiency so 14 effective disposals, a big difference. He did some good things, can provide a good link, and was a long way from our worst (see ANB and or Garlett). I think he’s mostly done his bit since he came back in. He seems to be the selector’s whipping boy, given little leeway compared to others like Hannan and Garlett who until recently had to play a whole string of poor games before they got the chop. For a change, Garlett’s game v Sydney was so bad that in itself it brought about his omission. Of JKH and Spargo, Spargo should have been given a rest, but I’d prefer either of them to Hannan. I think Hannan’s busy running style creates an impression that he’s fast, but then see the foot race with Lynden Dunne on Queen’s Birthday. Regarding tackling pressure, the last game the three of them played together was v the Dogs, Spargo 7 tackles, JKH 8, Hannan zero.
  5. re Friday training - impressed by Balic, good decisions and disposal by foot. Has the hand moves in tight that can send opponents the wrong way. Oskar Baker is a smooth mover and liked what I saw of his kicking. At the AGM he said that when he was cut by the Brisbane Academy he was only 160cm, so no wonder they let him go.
  6. I don’t have a problem with the players going through the AFLPA. Even if the players were to directly confront the FD as a group, they would still need one of the players to start the talking. It’s a big ask for someone to be the spokesperson then risk making themselves a future target for the ire of the FD. Going through the PA means no one player has to raise his head above the parapet. Interesting that Ben Guthrie posted his article at 5.58pm and accurately quoted what was said at the AGM about the boot camp cancellation. Except it wasn’t said until at least 7.30 pm. That’s a very impressive crystal ball Ben Guthrie is lugging around. Can I have one of those? My betting account is especially in need. (As DeeSpencer posted- ‘Story clearly leaked …’ But I prefer the crystal balls explanation.)
  7. I noticed that the draftee height and weight stats in this post are the same as those given on the AFL draft hub page with one exception, Fritsch. As above, from Inside Football -187cm, 80kg. AFL draft hub page - 186cm 74kg. That’s a fair difference in his weight. Given that he will probably (hopefully) be bulking up from his current physique, it’d be interesting to know what the starting point actually is. MFC website is yet to include the latest draftees on their list of senior players, so can’t access their height and weight stats for Fritsch. May have to wait and see what reading their scales give.
  8. How is it that we didn’t have a rookie draft pick? We currently have four rookies but are allowed up to six.
  9. Does anyone know why we didn't select Stefan Giro as a rookie? I don’t know much about him other than what I’ve read on the net. Prior to the rookie draft there was an article suggesting we were one of three clubs (including Freo) who had in-depth talks with him. He has great possession stats, apparently had an excellent game against Vic Country in the U18 champs, has elite endurance and 2.93 secs for 20m. His highlights package shows an accurate left foot kick, but no right foot disposal on display. Is this his main weakness? Or he doesn’t tackle enough? Or is it that he’s only 175cm and MFC think they have enough young prospects of that size? But Dion Johnstone doesn’t seem to have shown much, and who knows with Spargo, given his shoulder issue. JKH may or may not make it. I thought the rookie draft is supposed to be a relatively low cost punt, and was surprised we ‘passed’ on our one rookie pick.
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