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  1. Love how Crossy still gets acknowledged now and then from the members side next to the interchange, you'll still occasionally hear someone yell out to him then a little bit of applause afterwards lol
  2. Yeah i get that, no tex no sloan is like us having no jones and no hogan. Our lesser knowns have certainly stepped up, nibbler & chompers to name 2. If i do look into their injury list it certainly looks like they aren't that terribly effect so lets remove "severely injury depleted" and replace it with lost a few good players.
  3. While our last month of footy has been exceptional for us to watch, I still feel like we haven't beaten a full strength up and running team. I know Adelaide are last years grand final runner ups but severely injury depleted. Id love to come up against North or Wet Toast right now to see how the boys handle a team that has just as much confidence as we do.
  4. They still need development, work on their flaws to balance out their game.
  5. IF we picked up Wines, at the time who says we would have developed him properly anyway!?
  6. Im going with the old man, got free tickets, thought may as well check it out.
  7. Just started ST2, finding it very slow.
  8. You are both wrong, ^ is far superior.
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