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  1. It was showing signs of improvement and TMac got injured, then Weideman also injured. Melksham, JSmith, Garlett, T Smith all out makes it difficult!!
  2. JWagner on average every 2nd possession he gets, stuffs it and generates an Eagles goal! VFL only!
  3. It was one of the great days at the footy, he kicked something like 11-8, he was spectacular. i like the suggestion to stick Petracca in the goalsquare and just go for it! Would be fantastic if he could deliver half what Jakovich did in that purple patch!
  4. Playing with zero confidence, wouldn’t believe it’s almost the same team as last year!!
  5. Forget the frees. Fritsch misses from 15 metres out, disgraceful!
  6. Jetta way out of touch.....should have a full week in vfl!!
  7. Dees not clean, some players zero confidence! ANB gone totally backwards this year.
  8. Seems the right balance against a smaller Dogs team. Hannah lucky as he isn’t doing much, and over his career seems like one great game, two okay, one bad and two shockers, needs to find some consistency.
  9. We beat GWS, Geelong, Hawthorn and West Coast who made the 8 last year. Operations, Injuries and many players not having good pre seasons make a huge difference. Brisbane had two players out of their total list unavailable for selection on the weekend. Remove five players from their team and see how much it impacts them. Yes, we’ve had a really bad season, players injured, no confidence, and even recruits injured. Most likely we end up bottom 4, we get a good draft pick, probably capable of playing firsts next year, get any operations out of the way early, pre season for team starts early, we get a good draw next year. Pick up someone with speed and someone who can crumb in the forward line, and 2020 we’re back in business. 2014-18 we improved each year, this ones a downer, but we can be in a position to go for top 4 in 2020.
  10. Frost has definitely improved and does a lot more right than wrong. Where as Hore has been praised by many, but fumbles a lot, disposal is average and is slow. Cost a few goals with errors today.
  11. Agree with your ins, also add one small defender willing to stay down and crumb, rather than trying to go up for a mark or punch!
  12. Lions 2 injuries, means you field your best team. We’re playing guys like Hore, Hannan, T Smith, Baker, Petty who just aren’t good enough at the moment. Also why do so Melbourne players fly for the mark both ends and nobody roves the pack!
  13. Very hard to believe we are favourites! Still going to front up and shout for the Dees!!
  14. While our wins and losses column is very bad at 3-9, the tragic figure is percentage 76%. Last year it was 131%, so we are effectively 9 goals per game worse than last year. That is a huge gap. Forget the 8, let’s win more matches than we lose in the last 10 and over that period get back to a 100+ percentage! Get players operated on who need them and finish the season strongly and be ready for the pre season campaign. We will likely finish 13-18, so will get one top five and top 25 pick, and should end up with a good draw in 2020!
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