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  1. Highlight reel makes you remember how good he was, two good knees and he’s a superstar! What a pity!
  2. Yes, he was a gun, pity only for a few years. He was just electric in that game, and so often would just go get the ball, rarely put on a plate for him. It would be brilliant to find another player like him!!
  3. Other than playing every team twice, playing each team once is the most balanced draw since the AFL commenced! Also you could argue with all Teams having the 3-5 month break, the teams start from effectively the same position re preparation. So do I want the flag, YESssssssssssssssss!
  4. Unusually was in a Corp box that day! Managed to drink my way through the loss!! Deadened the pain!!
  5. Thanks for responding. How did Langdon, Hibberd, & Spargo go during training, we’re they executing successfully, or do they just not have the skills? I’ve read they were the major culprits Re poor disposal into the forward line in round one.
  6. Thank you, I’m sure the forward line at training is very open at present! As probably only allowed two players on each end of the ground! Rephrasing my question to get a more definitive response! Not that I don’t appreciate your creativity! Over preseason did any of the track watchers (K Martin, Saty etc.) notice what we were practicing in regards to improving entry to the forward line!
  7. I’m still interested to hear from someone who goes to training on what they practice, and level of execution?
  8. We get some great training reports from a few track watchers. After poor delivery of the ball into the forward line against the Weagles, I’m interested to know what they do at training to improve this aspect of our game, and does it look like it’s working when they practice it? If we improve this one aspect 10-20 percent we should increase number of goals kicked per game by 2.5 - 6 plus, if we’re averaging 50-60 entries, that’s 5-6 extra shots at 10% and 10-12 shots at 20%.
  9. Hope your info is correct. Would be great to have a fit and healthy Hogan back at the Demons! Ignore the negative feedback, just part of the fun on Demonland (some posters vitriol is hilarious if you can view it the way that a lot of social media should be treated!)
  10. Following on from my post above, you then listen to Craig Williams speak on the radio about Coronavirus! Massive difference, caring about his whole industry and community, and to be seen as a challenge faced by everyone together. The big difference is Craig’s 41, married, 4 kids, lived in other countries, has a lot of worldly experiences to put things in perspective. Our footballers just don’t!
  11. I remember hearing a Richmond player back in 2017 say beating Melbourne Anzac eve after being down at 3/4 time was a big turning point in building their belief. I remember the game really well as Melbourne was 2 or 3 goals up going into the last, with 3 or 4 players sitting injured on the bench, and 3 minutes into the last quarter could see the Demons had no run, as a few players had been off injured since 1st and 2nd quarter. Beating the 9th team with players injured on the bench was the win that gave the Tigers belief!!!! All I hope for is that a win like that builds the belief for the Demons! Remember Richmond we’re hammered for no leaders, failed under pressure etc etc. Gawn, Oliver, Petracca, May and our top 16 players aren’t that far away! Something that builds belief and that X factor that gets the ball being delivered well into the forward line could make the difference for the Demons.
  12. Don’t be to harsh on the players, majority are 25 & under, so haven’t lived through difficult times and are still maturing as people. I’ve seen it over last 15 years running a company bringing on 10-20 grads a year, they are still young and have a lot to learn about life in general! But large majority are really good people, if perhaps living with great expectations. AFL players live in a bubble, not many really seem to understand the day to day world most people live in! Over the next 3,6 maybe 18 months they will! It’s better we band together and support one another in this time of crisis, and perhaps help educate the AFL players who don’t get it, rather than crucify them!
  13. 17 rounds, play each team once, when aside from limited home away benefit due to lack of crowd involvement influencing the result & particularly umpires, actually gives the fairest top 8 in any year of the AFL! If we then go onto win a flag, would actually be the best to win! Go Demons!
  14. I feel like they should delay the season start! However would love to see the above happen - would be happy for up to 8-10 week break if got to see this result!
  15. An empty Optus stadium in round one would be a sight to behold! If the game could also be umpire free even better! Then you’ve removed two massive Eagle advantages!
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