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  1. I check mine at least twice a day, can't be too safe!
  2. Hey guys, anyone know whether we have a chance to meet the players before tomorrow's game? Thanks.
  3. Shhh, Coles will be bringing out a set of collectables soon.
  4. OMG, just watched the Titans v Eagles game, can't believe we got up, especially after quite possibly the most boring game I've ever seen last week against the Jags. Titan Up!
  5. Oh haha, going to say, I didn't know Baby John was on board.
  6. Perhaps he should have kept Pedo around for advice then?
  7. This is [censored], wish I could enjoy the moment, but I'm not even going to watch, I'm going to sleep through it, just can't take it.
  8. Nice ad haha, wonder if they've stopped the printing of the 2018 edition yet?
  9. Hate to say it, but I think I actually like Cox.
  10. "Cox, Cox, Cox"! Is Bruce auditioning for a commentary gig at next year's Mardi Gras?
  11. And it'll take a fair bit out of the Tiges you'd imagine.
  12. Imagine Bruce..... "Durka, Durka, durrrrrrrrka"!
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