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  1. Still uses the ball better than a lot of his team mates.
  2. Yes, I’m tired of the BS coachspeak after every game.
  3. Most coaches “out coach” Goody!
  4. MFC players...overpaid and underwhelming.
  5. I’m surprised Goodwin is not getting the same scrutiny as Richardson at StKilda.
  6. Is there any chance Petracca, Harmes and TMac can take an uncontested mark in our forward 50???
  7. Frank Adams Don Williams The Cordners then... Stan Alves Gary Hardeman Garry Lyon from other clubs who are still not inducted John Dugdale (Legend of NMFC) David McKay Brent Crosswell Thorold Merrett Geoff Raines.....
  8. Agree. Staggering some of the names that have NOT been inducted when you cast your eye over some of the recent inducteees.
  9. Goodwin is in his 5th year at MFC. We are way past the “jury being out” on his coaching ability. Time for a total review of ALL coaches for 2020. The skills and forward coaches need to be shown the door for a start.
  10. 6.13 to 10.6 since quarter time.
  11. The one thing that wins football matches is kicking goals. Why is it then that clubs spend very little time on teaching players to kick. Get someone down to MFC and teach these guys how to bloody kick!
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