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  1. Remind me again why he is the senior coach...
  2. Agree. Jack’s had his time.
  3. Agree totally re Collingwood, Hawthorn, Richmond and Essendon. It’s basically an 8 point game down there for us. Geelong are the only club in Victoria that has a true home ground advantage and we get scheduled there every year.
  4. No they won’t - it’s the MFC.
  5. Finishing 3rd in the B & F days a lot about MFC and the 2019 season.
  6. Sounds like the current Hong Kong
  7. Not sure how he addresses the playing group either!
  8. Very similar average disposal number to Nathan Jones and a lot on DL calked for Jones to retire. Where to from here for Jack? Gets caught way too often.
  9. This is blatantly obvious. You win games by kicking goals and so many of today’s players have poor technique. They have succeeded in junior football because they were athletes, not necessarily footballers with the the basic skills. How many times have seen set shots dead in front 30 metres out miss?
  10. Jack should follow his lead and let Max captain on his own.
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