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  1. 6. Jones 5. Salem 4. Frost 3. Oliver 2. Harmes 1. T Mac
  2. Yes and they would cross to the trots during the show.
  3. Couldn’t agree more. The 80’s and 90’s were the best era of football. Too American now. No more big key forwards kicking bags of goals. No more specialist wingmen. I’ve lost interest in the game too. Used to love it. AFL are clueless.
  4. How long until AVB is available?
  5. Agree. Same applies to the Coach, support coaches and the CEO.
  6. He gets paid to write. He has to write something!
  7. How did 2019 turn out like this after last year or are there “other” problems at MFC that are not apprarent yet?
  8. He is not a defender. Should be played on a wing with his height and speed. When Lever and May return Goodwin might actually work it out.
  9. This is Goodwin’s 5th year as coach/coach in waiting. No idea!!
  10. Step Martin enjoying his football in Brisbane.
  11. Are we missing Peter Jackson in the CEO role?
  12. When will Goodwin run out of stupid press conference quotes?
  13. It started a fortnight ago after the Essendon loss!
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