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  1. You haven't worked for 30 years at a place whose boss is a Croatian Collingwood supporting _ _ _ _. Wanna buy a Vowel. I just wanna win occasionally. But your right, a little positivity is better than all the negativity.
  2. Yet we made how many changes this week. 5 again I think it was. Nobody has a clue, me included.
  3. Seems to me he's going from potato to pumpkin.
  4. Don't see much differences between the two games, we had a shocking first quarter and that was the difference. The Boos had a poor first half and stopped Richmond from giving them a belting. I'm hoping tho that we can do what Richmond did in the end and that was win the game. That's all that matters.
  5. Couldn't agree with you more in relation to the blazers. They really were a shocker.
  6. I'm sorry Old Fella, I'm an Old Fella too but I wore the shield version on my cap for many a moon. Now my sister wears it. I guess I'm one of the few who liked that design.
  7. Can someone tell me how does the Gameplay feel like. And also do people prefer Pro Evolution or Fifa Soccer. Previous Footy games have been shocking.
  8. Melksham or AVB. I reckon your on the money.
  9. Jacky Boy was a great kick and very good decision maker, problem was he didn't get it enough. Sorry for stating the obvious. My Favourite and Top5 kicks for Us in no order were, Adem Yze, Brad Green, Travis Johnson, Aaron Davey and Allen Jakovich. From the other Mobs, Darren Jarman and Nathan Buckley and Gary Ablett Senior were the best kicks I've seen.
  10. Seems quick with his decision making but what stands out the most are those Red boots. I preferred the Black Pumas when I played. Congrats and Welcome Trent.
  11. So why did we Pick Pickett he ain't gonna get a sniff with Lukey J in the forward line. 😋
  12. At least make the bid, and if they match then take the alternative. Personally I want Green. Another player similar to Oliver, Yes Thanx.
  13. How could getting Green be making our side worse?
  14. Nothing wrong with having an opinion so here's mine on Cornes, he's staggered and he hasn't even had a drink or two, what's his excuse.
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